Monday, December 31, 2007

Ice Bowl - 40th Anniversary

As I was walking my dog it dawned on me that today is the 40th anniversary of maybe the greatest NFL game ever played - the Ice Bowl between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.....the game was played on December 31, 1967 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay....the actual game time temperature at kick-off was 13 below zero with windchills hovering around 40 below.....the game pitted two of the greatest coaches Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry.....including Lombardi, there were 8 future Hall of Famers for the Packers who were involved in that game while there were five future Hall of Famers for the was so cold, the referees could not use their whistles.....

Below are some pictures and various links to this great game....

Green Bay Packers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17
GB - Dowler 8 pass from Starr (Chandler kick)
GB - Dowler 46 pass from Starr (Chandler kick)
DAL - Andrie 7 fumble return (Villanueva kick)
DAL - FG Villanueva 21
DAL - Rentzel 50 pass from Reeves (Villanueva kick)
GB - Starr 1 run (Chandler kick)

  • NFL - Ice Bowl

  • South Endzone Blog

  • New Year's Day Bowl Tidbits

    Cotton Bowl - Missouri vs. Arkansas - January 1 - Fox 11:00 a.m.
    Dallas Morning News sports columnist Kevin Sherrington writes how the Cotton Bowl will be the last game that Frank Broyles will serve as Arkansas athletic director..... "But don't let the white hair and silver tongue fool you. His coaches did so at their own peril. Since confirming in February that he'd retire at the end of the year, Broyles has outlasted two of the Razorbacks coaches that showed up in honor of his announcement." .....
  • Kevin Sherrington

  • Missourian sports reporter Drew Schemenner writes how Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel is a rarity among college coaches.... "Pinkel and his coaching staff are tortoises in a profession full of hares. While other coaches have quickly hopped from job to job in the frantic chase for success, Pinkel has remained faithful to his teams, gradually emerging from his shell in order for the Tigers to reach uncommon heights." .....
  • Drew Schemenner

  • Capital One Bowl - Michigan vs. Florida - January 1 - ABC 1:00
    Detroit Free Press reports that Urban Meyer is not interested in becoming the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.....
  • Detroit Free Press

  • Detroit Free Press reporter Mark Snyder writes about Jake Long's last game as a Wolverine.... "Long, who made his first start as a Wolverine against San Diego State in 2004, has set a standard at Michigan rarely matched in the program's illustrious history. His achievements place him among the all-time greats." ....
  • Mark Snyder

  • Orlando Sentinel sports reporter Dave Curtis writes how Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English was surprised how well Tim Tebow could throw the ball..... "The comments bring full circle the "Can Tebow throw?" fun of 2007. Tebow doubters popped up throughout the country in the spring, and Coach Urban Meyer joked this summer that the Gators might run the ball on every play." ....
  • Dave Curtis

  • Rose Bowl - Illinois vs. Southern Cal - January 1 - ABC 4:30
    Chicago Sun-Times sports reporter Herb Gould writes how Illinois needs to work through the mental side of playing in the Rose Bowl..... "The Illini -- two-touchdown underdogs, the biggest of this bowl season -- are playing not only to validate themselves. They also are carrying the hopes of a supposedly down Big Ten and an Illini Nation that wants to atone for a 45-9 drubbing by UCLA in the 1983 season, Illinois' only other Rose Bowl trip since 1963." ....
  • Herb Gould

  • Los Angeles Times sports reporter Gary Klein writes how Trojan linebacker Keith Rivers wants to uphold the honor of wearing number 55..... "Tatupu was referring to the No. 55 jersey that USC coaches bestowed upon Rivers when he arrived on campus in 2004 from Lake Mary, Fla. Trojans linebackers such as Junior Seau, Willie McGinest and Chris Claiborne, all of who were top 10 NFL draft picks, had worn 55." .....
  • Gary Klein

  • Sugar Bowl - Hawaii vs. Georgia - January 1 - Fox 8:00
    Honolulu Sun Bulletin sports reporter Gary Chun writes how New Orleans is fast becoming green..... "Mostly wearing forest green and black shirts and jackets, a good number of the Hawaii fans were also bedecked with special Warrior green beads and the occasional green-and-white feather boa." ....
  • Gary Chun

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports reporter Carter Strickland writes how Georgia head coach Mark Richt has learned that running the ball is the key to win the SEC..... "Yes, but Georgia may be better set up to win in the future because it has built, quite literally, from the ground game up this season. Never before under Richt has Georgia rushed for more yards than it did this season." .....
  • Carter Strickland
  • Sunday, December 30, 2007

    Odds on Presidential Race

    Here are the latest odds on who will win their party's nomination....all of these are based on what you would win on a $10.00 bet

    Hillary Clinton - $3.64
    Barak Obama - $22.50
    John Edwards - $100.00

    Rudy Giuliani - $16.00
    Mitt Romney - $25.00
    John McCain - $35.00
    Mike Huckabee - $50.00
    Ron Paul - $100.00
    Fred Thompson - $160.00

    Tidbits from around the league

    Boston Globe sports columnist Jackie MacMullen writes how Tom Brady and Randy Moss stepped up when the Patriots perfect season looked bleak..... "The Patriots, quite frankly, were in trouble. Their defense was unable to contain Manning and his receivers. Brandon Jacobs literally ran over some of New England's top personnel, including team leader Rodney Harrison." ....
  • Jackie MacMullen

  • Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes how some within the Dolphins organization question if Ted Ginn Jr., will ever become a number one receiver..... "Becoming a legitimate, long-term No. 1 receiver isn't too much to expect from the No. 9 draft pick." .....
  • Barry Jackson

  • Miami Herald sports reporter Armando Salguero writes how Bill Parcells is quickly learning how bad the Dolphins really are..... "Sure, he knew the Dolphins were bad. But now, as he studies and watches more closely, he will come to understand that they are truly this bad. And he will come to understand why." .....
  • Armando Salguero

  • Washington Post sports reporter Jason La Canfora writes how the Redskins have been down this road before.... "In 2005, a previously pedestrian Redskins team found a way to reel off five straight wins to close the regular season, then defeat Tampa Bay in its playoff opener before losing a close second-round contest to Seattle." ....
  • Jason La Canfora

  • Tennessean sports reporter Jim Wyatt writes how, in college, Vince Young always played his best when the national spotlight was on him..... "The national television spotlight blinds some players, but so far Vince Young isn't one of them." ....
  • Jim Wyatt

  • Minnesota Star-Tribune sports reporter Kevin Seifert writes how the Vikings may not be sold on Tarvaris Jackson as its quarterback in 2008.... "On Monday, a day after Jackson threw two interceptions in a 32-21 loss to Washington, coach Brad Childress used the word "decent" to describe Jackson's decision-making, making clear that 14 turnovers in 11 starts is too high of a number." ....
  • Kevin Seifert

  • Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke writes how Rick Neuheisel needs to do the right thing now that he got his dream job..... "After spending a month apparently trying to talk themselves out of it, UCLA officials have finally sighed and wiped their palms and handed their football program to Rick Neuheisel, boy wonder turned boy blunder turned . . . new man?" ....
  • Bill Plaschke
  • Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Michigan Man Sets NFL Record



    Liberty and Alamo Bowl Previews & Giants-Pats Preview

    Liberty Bowl - Mississippi State vs. Central Florida - 4:30 ESPN
    Jackson (Miss) Clarion-Ledger sports reporter Kyle Veazey writes how Mississippi State is motivated to keep up the SEC dominance..... "Soon comes the inevitable question, the one that asks about UCF, the Conference USA champion, playing a team out of the big, bad Southeastern Conference." ....
  • Kyle Veazey

  • Orlando Sentinel sports reporter Kyle Hightower writes how Central Florida had 1 goal when they broke camp back in August..... "Back in August when UCF broke its first team huddle to end a practice, they did it with a simple cadence: "One blood, one heart, one mission: To the champs." ......
  • Kyle Hightower

  • Alamo Bowl - Penn State vs. Texas A&M - 8:00 ESPN
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports reporter Ron Musselman writes how Penn State is focused on putting pressure on Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee..... "Several Penn State defensive players said McGee's scrambling ability is similar to that of Illinois quarterback Juice Williams. They agreed, however, that McGee is a much better passer." ....

  • Ron Musselman

  • San Antonio Express-News sports reporter Tim Griffin writes how Texas A&M can upset Penn State.... "The Aggies' biggest challenge will test their offensive strength. A&M's mammoth offensive line will be challenged to push Penn State's athletic defensive front." ...
  • Tim Griffin

  • New England Patriots vs. New York Giants - 8:00 NFL Network, NBC, CBS
    Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan writes how Bill Belichick does not want people to think that he knows how big tonight's game is against the Giants.... "And, that done, he will remind one and all that 16-0 is nice, but it won't be worth a book of 1963 game plans if his team doesn't win three playoff games." ....
  • Bob Ryan

  • New York Daily News sports columnist Lisa Olson writes the Giants are dreaming of an upset.... "Here is how the Giants envision the final seconds on Saturday night in the Meadowlands, as the clock creeps toward midnight: New York's defense, exhausted but as healthy as it can be after surviving the 16th game of the season, a game that has been far more punishing mentally and physically than any of the 15 games that came before it, sacks Tom Brady, aka the prince, one last time." ....
  • Lisa Olson
  • Friday, December 28, 2007

    Stu Nahan Dies - Announcer in the Rocky series

    Longtime sports announcer Stu Nahan died this week....he may best be remembered as the ringside announcer in the Rocky series

  • Stu Nahan
  • Dream Playoff - National Title Game - Southern Cal vs. Oklahoma

    We are down to the last game - the National Title Game between Southern Cal and Oklahoma.....therefore, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles Points.....

    Semi-Final Game USC Trojans vs. Oklahoma Sooners
    USC favored by 2.5
    Game to be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    USC comes in riding high. After upsetting LSU in the first round, they easily dispatched Virginia Tech to secure their spot in the title game. For Oklahoma, it's been a tough road, as they eeked out a win against Georgia before upsetting top-ranked Ohio St. in the semfinals. Both teams are playing well. However, while this one won't be as lopsided as the national title game between these teams a few years ago, I think the result will be the same. USC might have just a little too much firepower offensively and too much speed defensively. Oklahoma will have to effectively run the ball and control the clock, but I don't think they're quite good enough to do it for 60 minutes.
    USC 27 Oklahoma 17

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    Two of the richest histories in college football get together to decide our champion. Both teams have fierce and physical defenses. Both teams have two-headed monsters at running back. Both have good but inconsistent quarterbacks. Both have great coaches who have won a title before. So who the hell is the difference maker if both of these teams are virtually the same? The Oklahoma offensive line. They have one of the biggest and best that college football has seen over the past few decades. I think that USC could hang with them for the most part, but that gargantuan O-line wears them down in the second half. Having beaten a very physical LSU team in the semifinals still lingers for the Trojans. So I'm putting on my Jim Ross cowboy hat and screaming "Boomer Sooners", baby!
    Oklahoma 23 USC 21

    Virgil of
    The Ship of Fools
    How we ended up with this matchup of two-loss disappointments in the finals is beyond me. But here they are. In my opinion, the key to this game will be the propensity of USC quarterback John David Booty to make mistakes. Booty threw at least one interception in four of the Trojans' first five games, including four INTs in the loss against Stanford. OU QB Sam Bradford, on the other hand, threw 34 TD passes and only 7 INTs. I think that the steady play of Bradford, along with the Sooner running game, will be the difference.
    Oklahoma 21 USC 10

    Rick of Stiles Points
    A few years back these two faced off for the national title in the Orange Bowl and USC destroyed Oklahoma.....Bradford and OU are playing well, but to me, Southern Cal has too much talent, especially on would not be a blow out this time, but in the end, USC wins again....
    USC 24 Oklahoma 21

    So with the Kings tied at 2 apiece and Zach not responding, I once again had to go to my 76-year-old father, Ignatius to break the tie.....after a few minutes of pondering the decision, he chose Southern Cal because they came on strong at the end of the year and are rolling.....he also said these two teams should be playing in the BCS Title game, not LSU-Ohio State.....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 3-2 in favor of Southern Cal winning our Dream Playoff.....I want to thank my fellow bloggers for was much appreciated......I leave you with a few photos of the lovely Southern Cal Song Girls.....

    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Holiday Bowl and other Bowl News

    For the last week or so I have been a bit lazy on my blog....but starting today, I will provide links to the various upcoming bowl, tomorrow will be the predictions in our Dream National Title Game between Oklahoma and Southern Cal....

    Holiday Bowl - Texas vs. Arizona State - Thursday 8:00 p.m. (EST)
    Suzanne Haliburton of the Austin American-Statesman writes how Texas head coach Mack Brown worked his team hard before this year's Holiday Bowl..... "Four years ago — the last time his Longhorns played in the Holiday Bowl — Texas coach Mack Brown knew something was wrong two days before the team took on Washington State. Practice was void of emotion." .....

  • Suzanne Haliburton

  • Jeff Metcalfe of the Arizona Republic offers a preview of tonight's Holiday Bowl.... "It's not where you play a bowl game, Texas coach Mack Brown said, but who you play. Arizona State has plenty of respect for Texas, its opponent in Thursday's 30th annual Holiday Bowl. The Longhorns were national champions two years ago and are trying for their seventh consecutive 10-win-or-better season and a school-record fourth consecutive bowl victory." ....
  • Jeff Metcalfe

  • College Football News's Pete Fiutak previews tonight's Texas-Arizona State game....
  • College Football News

  • Champs Sports Bowl - Michigan State vs. Boston College - Friday 5:00 p.m. (EST)
    Spartan beat reporter Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal writes how Michigan State will be without their top sack master..... "Senior defensive end Jonal Saint-Dic, a first-team All-Big Ten selection and second team All-American, is academically ineligible for Friday's Champs Sports Bowl." ....

  • Joe Rexrode

  • The Boston Globe's Matt Blaudschun writes about how the Boston College seniors will be ending a good era in BC football.... "Twelve of the 17 started for the Eagles, comprising the bulk of a senior class that compiled a 38-12 record, the best in school history. The group has never lost a bowl game, part of an NCAA-best seven straight bowl victories." ....
  • Matt Blaudschun

  • BCS Title Game - #2 LSU vs. #1 Ohio State - January 7
    Columbus Dispatch reporter Garrett Downing writes about what swag the Buckeye players will be taking home with them from the BCS title game.... "When the Ohio State University football team earned a bid to the national championship game, the players could cross some items off their Christmas wish lists." ....

  • Garrett Downing

  • New Orleans Times Picayune's James Varney writes about LSU defense coordinator Bo Pelini and his days as a Buckeye..... "He said this week he remembers the atmosphere at Tiger Stadium in 1987, when No. 7 Ohio State and No. 4 LSU battled to a 13-13 tie, and he remembered LSU defensive end Karl Dunbar deflecting a 47-yard field-goal attempt in the final seconds that would have won the game for the Buckeyes. The next year in Ohio Stadium, when Ohio State scored 16 points in the final 1:56 to shock the No. 9 Tigers, Pelini said, "We probably shouldn't have won that game." ....
  • James Varney

  • Strip clubs in Texas
    If you plan on going to a strip club in Texas, starting in 2008, you will have a $5.00 tax added to your admission.... "The group of Texas strip clubs fighting an upcoming $5-per-customer fee is focusing on what it calls an unconstitutional tax, and, at least for now, is setting aside its First Amendment argument." .....

  • Texas Strip Club Tax
  • Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Semi-Final Game - USC vs. Virginia Tech

    We are down to the last semi-final game - Southern Cal vs. Virginia Tech - with the winner playing Oklahoma....therefore, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles, only 4 Kings give their views...

    Semi-Final Game
    #3 Virginia Tech (11-2) vs. #7 USC Trojans (11-2)
    USC favored by 7.5
    Game to be played at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans

    The Big Picture
    SC is hot, hot, hot. Throw out the loss to Stanford and we don't have any doubt who the top team in the country is. USC has a solid QB, 800 solid running backs and good receiver. And Sed Ellis on defense is about as good as they get. Va Tech's D is impressive as well, and Beamer Ball could always lead to some unexpected points. But Sean Glenn will look like a Pee Wee football passer against this vaunted Trojan defense.
    USC 35 Virginia Tech 20

    Craig of
    Money Shot
    The second semifinal features two of the best coached teams in the nation. This one will not be for the faint of heart as both teams successes are due to their strong defenses. John David Booty will have to make plays as the Hokie defense will be looking to stop the Trojan run game first. Pete Carroll has beaten Beamer Ball before and will find a way to stop the duo of QB's Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor. In the end, the Trojans' talent shines and gets them into the finals.
    USC 26 Virginia Tech

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    Virginia Tech might have the best defense that USC has faced all year, but they will have a hard time slowing down a Trojans offense that is starting to click. With John David Booty back and healthy, along with the talent at the skill positions (especially in the backfield), the Trojans have lots of options. Oh yeah, and they're pretty good defensively. Virginia Tech keeps it close for a while because of the defense, but they simply don't have the firepower for USC.
    USC 31 Virginia Tech 14

    Rick of Stiles Points
    If you remember a few years back these two teams opened the season and Tech almost pulled the upset....not this time people...Tech has a solid defense, but they will not be able to slow down USC
    USC 35 Virginia Tech 14

    A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-0 in favor of Southern Cal advancing to the Title Game to play Oklahoma in the Rose check back on Christmas Eve for our thoughts on that game...

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Random Thoughts

    Just some random thoughts about random things.....

    I believe Carolina was trying to tank some games this year to help their draft position....why would you start Vinny Testaverde for all those mean there wasn’t any other quarterback out there?......

    Is it me or did Katie Couric put on some weight.....

    Does Scott Boras still get a percentage of Arod’s new contract?.....

    The new slogan in Ann Arbor - In Rod We Trust.....

    I think there is always going to be a suspicion of steroid use whenever any baseball player does something out of the ordinary....

    During the course of your day today, smile and tell someone Merry Christmas....

    Was I the only person wanting to see the Dolphins lose all their games?.....

    Am I the only person wanting to see the Patriots win all their games?.....

    Not so fast Dallas fans, you better not be making your reservations for Glendale just yet.....

    Isn’t it funny how the Cleveland Plain Dealer is so in love with LeBron James....but when he was in high school they smashed him because some store owner gave him a Wes Unseld throwback jersey.....

    Talking about The Plain Dealer - love Bill Livingston’s columnn.....

    Marvin Lewis has to be let go after the season....I believe he has taken the Bengals as far as he could - they need new leadership......

    Mike Singletary deserves to be the next head coach in Atlanta....

    Whatever happened to Forrest Gregg?....

    I think Carolina will hold on to John Fox one more year.....then if he has another bad season - it is Bill Cowher’s job.....

    Will Matt Millen finally be shown the door since the Lions have melted down over the last half of the season?....

    And if anyone sees my girl from CNBC - Maria Bartiromo - tell her I said Hi.....

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    Semi-Final Game - Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

    We are down to the Final Four - Ohio State vs. Oklahoma and Southern Cal vs. Virginia Tech....therefore, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles we breakdown the Ohio State-Oklahoma to our thoughts on today's match-up.....

    Semi-Final Game
    #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) vs. #4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-2)
    Ohio State favored by 1.5
    Game to be played at the old Orange Bowl in Little Havanna

    Jon of Complete Sports
    Once again, Ohio St. will need to rely on their defense and running game against a very talented Oklahoma team. Chris Wells will see the ball a lot. However, I think Oklahoma's firepower on offense will be a little too much to overcome for the Buckeyes. Sam Bradford leads the offense, and he has a bevy of options, including guys like DeMarco Murray, Allen Patrick, and Malcolm Kelly. They'll make just enough big plays to sneak by and into the championship game.
    Oklahoma 24, Ohio St. 20

    Zach of
    The Big Picture
    Ohio State plays solid football. Hard-nosed, dull, Big 10 football. Key word: dull. Oklahoma, meanwhile, isn't the most entertaining team in the world, but an exciting, y
    oung QB could be what this team needs to win another big game. Who knows, maybe they'll put a hook and ladder in the playbook, too.
    Oklahoma 28 Ohio State 24

    Virgil of
    The Ship of Fools
    Both teams are very strong up front, both are led by stud running backs (Allen Patrick and DeMarco Murray for OU, Chris Wells for OSU) and both have efficient game-managers at quarterback (Sam Bradford for the Sooners, and Todd Boeckmann for the Buckeyes). In many ways, these teams are mirror-images of each other. I think that will make for a close, low-scoring game. In the end, I think that the strength that the Buckeyes have in the front seven will be the difference. Oklahoma did not face anyone of the caliber of DE Vernon Gholston, or MLB James Laurenitis in the Big 12, and I think that will be the difference.
    Ohio State 17 Oklahoma 14

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    This one should be physical. Both teams feature power running games and stout run defenses. The key to the game will be whether Todd Boeckman will able to move the ball downfield against the best and quickest defense that he's ever seen. Sam Bradford should be able to make a few plays off of play-action after the Sooners establish the running game. In the end, the Sooners defense has too much talent for Todd Boeckman and will force a few turnovers that to points for the Big 12 champions.
    Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 17

    Rick of Stiles Points
    This is th
    e Battle of Youngstown, Ohio....Bob Stoops was born and bred in Youngstown vs. the city's adopted favorite son - Jim Tressel....Oklahoma was playing as well as anyone at the end of the season.....Sam Bradford has various weapons to utilize which will challenge the Buckeye defense....look what Illinois did....the Sooners will put the heat on Boeckman like no other team has this year....this will show his weaknessed....Ohio State will not go down easy, but in the end, Boomer Sooner prevails....
    Oklahoma 24 Ohio State 13

    A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-1 in favor of Oklahoma advancing to the Title Game in the Rose Bowl and playing the winner of the Southern Cal-Virginia Tech check back Wednesday for our thoughts on that game...

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    NCAA Playoff Game - First Round - USC vs. LSU

    Here we go for the final first round game.... I officially call to order the Kings of the we breakdown maybe the best first round game.....

    First round playoff game
    #2 LSU Tigers (11-2) vs. #7 Southern Cal Trojans (10-2)
    LSU favored by 1.5
    Game to be played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas

    Zach of
    The Big Picture
    Tough D vs. Tough D. Really tough to call. Based on LSU being mildly convincing and USC being solid, I'll give the Trojans the nod. Could be a faux national title.

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    Sorry... not gonna be able to get a writeup... been studying for a test all day and I have to go take it (I will leave literally right after I hit send). But my pick:
    USC 31 LSU 30

    Money Shot
    Ah ye
    s, the best first round matchup. LSU has all the talent in the world but tend to not rise to the occasion each week. No matter which QB is back there, the offense is just average. The defense has underachieved all year as they should NEVER be allowing 43 and 50 points in a game. USC has also been underwhelming. They should be mauling teams each and every week but have also had the propensity to play down to the competition every week. However, USC can run and run and run with Joe McKnight and others. The deciding factor in this game will be Pete Carroll outmaneuvering the overrated and often crazy, Les Miles, in every facet of the game. This one won't be pretty with the defenses dominating...but that's the way the Trojans have played all year.
    USC 20 LSU 16

    Virgil of
    The Ship of Fools
    Finally, we get these teams on the same (hypothetical) field! The best in the west against the best from down south.

    Anyone that knows me knows that I have always thought that the Pac-10 was a little overrated. As it turned out, Arizona St. wasn't very good, Oregon fell apart without Dennis Dixon, and Cal proved to be a complete fraud. So I do not have as much respect for a USC team with two conference losses as others might. I think that the Trojans' defense is inconsistent, and John David Booty showed a lot of warts now that he isn't throwing to All-America WRs. LSU on the other hand, looked like the best team in the nation for much of the season. They had two triple OT losses, a couple more close wins (Florida & Auburn) and pretty much blew everyone else out in a very tough SEC. USC's strength is speed, and LSU's is power. I think that LSU has the speed to match up with the Trojans, but USC doesn't have nearly enough power to match up with the Tigers.
    LSU 31 USC 17

    Rick of Stiles Points
    This is flat out the best first round fact, I have seen other playoffs scenarios where either LSU or USC were the a Michigan Man, I love Les Miles and dream of him to be wearing Maize and Blue.....I think he brings that edge to the game....LSU is talented as heck even though they lost twice this year....but my pick is going to be Southern Cal.....USC is the hottest team in the country right now.....yeh, yeh, they lost to Stanford - that was back in October, if this game were to be played in the first round, LSU's defense and quarterback are banged up.....Dorsey and Flynn would not be healthy for this game against USC.....that also has to be taken into factor....
    Southern Cal 38 LSU 27

    A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-1 in favor of USC advancing and playing Virginia Tech in the check back Monday for our thoughts on the one semi-final between Ohio State and Oklahoma.....that game will be played in the Orange Bowl in Miami.....the winner advances on to the National Title Game....

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Dream Playoffs - First Round - Missouri vs. Virginia Tech

    Here we go again, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles we breakdown the third of the four first round games in our Dream 8-team playoff to determine this year's National to our thoughts on today's match-up.....

    First round playoff game

    #6 Missouri Tigers (11-2) vs. #3 Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2)
    Virginia Tech favored by 1.5
    Game to be played at the Peach Bowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    One of the great mysteries that no one is discussing is the fact that Va Tech was ranked #1 in 3 of the 6 computer polls yet were not given an opportunity to play in the BCS title game. After the week 2 pounding in Baton Rouge, the Hokies have played great football and had it not been for the crazy Matt Ryan comeback, would only have that one loss. Frank Beamer's utilization of playing both Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor at QB has infused a ton of life in the offense. While Missouri is led by Heisman candidate Chase Daniel and talented freshman Jeremy Maclin, Oklahoma showed how to beat them. If you play physical and keep everything in front of you on defense, you can beat the Tigers. I think that the Hokie defense continues to play great football and Beamer Ball gets big special teams play. In the end, the Tigers settle for FG's instead of TD's and lose to the ACC champs.
    Virginia Tech 27 Missouri 19

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    It's a matchup between a very talented offense for Missouri and a very talented defense of Virginia Tech. For the Hokies, as always they have a lot of talent and speed defensively, as they gave up only 15.5 PPG on the season. Offensively, they are not very explosive, but they can move the ball with Sean Glennon and Brandon Ore. On the Missouri side, the offense has been excellent while the defense has been suspect at times. They are led by Chase Daniel, who makes quick decisions and gets the ball to where it needs to be. But the offense is not just Daniel, as there are playmakers all around. Martin Rucker is surehanded as a TE, Jeremy Macklin makes plays in every aspect of the game, and Tony Temple is a solid option running the football. Virginia Tech's defense is very good, but I think they'd have some troubles with the playmakers of Missouri.
    Missouri 31 Virginia Tech 20

    Zach of
    The Big Picture
    Missouri was exposed as a fraud in the Big XII title game. The Tigers aren't good, never were good, and the fact that we thought they were shows how little we know. Michael Vick behind bars could win this one for the Hokies.
    Virginia Tech

    Virgil of The Ship of Fools
    Two teams that seemed to end their seasons on completely different notes: The Hokies with the satisfaction of an ACC title and a solid two-loss season, and the Tigers with a loss in the conference title game, and the disappointment of losing after finally attaining the #1 ranking. Never have two identical 11-2 records seemed so different.

    Virginia Tech seemed to flourish once they adopted the two quarterback system, with Tyrod Taylor providing a good change of pace from Sean Glennon. They were also a team, like most Frank Beamer coached teams, that was built around stingy defense and solid special teams. Defense was the weakness of the Mizzou Tigers, who basically rode the arm of Heisman candidate QB Chase Daniel all season. I think that the fast aggressive defense that VT plays will be like nothing that Missouri saw in a Big 12 conference replete with soft-as-charmin defenses. Its tough for me to pick against Chase Daniel, who I trumpeted for the Heisman all season, but I think the Hokies are just too fast and too strong.

    Virginia Tech 24 Missouri 14

    Rick of Stiles Points
    We all know that so far this season, Mizzou can beat anyone except Oklahoma. We also know that Chase Daniel has been a solid quarterback. On the Hokie side, we know that Virginia Tech has an agressive defense that could put a wrench in any good team's offense. We also know that Beamer Ball usually shows up in big games. Missouri is a good team, but there will be too much Beamer Ball as the Hokies bring a punt back for a touchdown and slow down the Tigers offense.
    Virginia Tech 24 Missouri 13

    A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-1 in favor of Virginia Tech advancing and playing the winner of the Southern Cal-LSU game...check back Friday for our thoughts on that game....

    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    NCAA Playoff - Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Once again, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles we breakdown the second of the four first round games in our Dream 8-team playoff to determine this year's National to our thoughts on today's match-up.....

    First round playoff game

    #5 Georgia Bulldogs (10-2) vs. #4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-2)
    Oklahoma favored by 6.5
    Game to be played at the Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale

    Virgil of
    The Ship of Fools
    Two of the best, and most inconsistent, teams in the nation match-up in the second game of the tournament. Both of these teams have looked dominant for long stretches of the season, but both have inexplicable losses to inferior teams, with Oklahoma losing to Colorado and Texas Tech, and Georgia losing to South Carolina and Tennessee. Both teams favor the ground game, so this will be a tough match-up between UGA's Knowshon Moreno and Oklahoma's tandem of DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick. In the end, I favor Matthew Stafford, who has the experience of two full seasons under center in the tough SEC over redshirt OU frosh QB Sam Bradford. Stafford's experience and ability not to make mistakes ends up being the difference. Georgia wins a close one.
    Georgia 20 Oklahoma 17

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    This sounds a little funny to say since they are ranked #4, but I think Georgia has flown under the radar a bit this year. I mean, despite being a 2-loss team in the SEC, hardly anyone talked about these guys in the National Championship talk. Yes, South Carolina and @ Tennessee aren't great losses, but look at who they beat: They won at Florida, they stomped Auburn, they beat Kentucky (who happened to beat LSU). This is a talented football team. Matthew Stafford is enormously talented, and Knowshon Moreno and Thomas Brown are an excellent 1-2 duo at RB. They have playmakers offensively, and they're talented defensively. Oklahoma is obviously a very good team, but I like Georgia to be able to pressure Sam Bradford, cause some turnovers, and then allow some of the playmakers offensively to make plays.
    Georgia 27 Oklahoma 24

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    This is a very interesting matchup as these are two of the most storied programs in college football. I like Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno making plays for the Bulldog offense. However, young guys tend to make mistakes when the spotlight is on them. The way Oklahoma came out and dismantled Missouri in the Big 12 championship game makes me think that the big, physical Sooner defense frustrates the young kids from Georgia. Sam Bradford doesn't turn the ball over and the OU ground game mauls the Georgia front 7. This game won't be that close.
    Oklahoma 38 Georgia 16

    Rick of Stiles Points
    Gosh darn, this may be the toughest game to pick....the Dawgs were playing some great ball at the end of the season...Knowshon Moreno is one dynamic back and defensive coordinator Willie Martinez has the defense playing well....the Sooners were one concussion away from playing for the national title....if Sam Bradford does not get hurt against Texas Tech, they would have won that game.....this will be a back-and-forth game, but in the end, Oklahoma wins real close....
    Oklahoma 24 Georgia 23

    Well, there is a tie and Zach must have still been partying from The Big Picture's birthday party on, I went to a higher source to break the tie - my 76-year-old dad, Ignatius....he didn't give a reason, he didn't give a score - all he said was a decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 3-2 in favor of Oklahoma advancing and playing Ohio State in the one semi-final...check back Wednesday for our thoughts on the Virginia Tech-Missouri game....

    Friday, December 07, 2007

    Pearl Harbor Day - Let us not forget those who died

    PEARL HARBOR - December 7, 1941

    As a kid, this day was recognized....but as time has moved forward and veterans from that great generation have died, today's kids do not understand the impact of this day.....just like September 11, 2001, December 7, 1941 should never be forgotten....a total of 2,403 died that day....God Bless America and God Bless those who died on this horrific day....

    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    NCAA Playoff - Ohio State vs. Kansas

    Once again, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles we begin our Dream 8-team playoff to determine this year's National Champion....the seedings were determined by the final BCS rankins.....enough gibberish, now to our thoughts on today's match-up.....

    First round playoff game - #8 Kansas Jayhawks (11-1) vs. #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) - Ohio State - 8.5
    Game to be played at the Motor City Bowl at Ford Field in Detroit

    Zach of
    The Big Picture
    Hello, Kansas. Welcome to a game with a real football team. The Jayhawks' schedule had enough cupcakes for a successful bake sale. When KU actually meets a solid team, with real coaches, real players and real fans, things aren't gonna go so well. Ohio State's defense will be too much for Todd Reesing and co. to put points up on. And Beanie Wells is gonna run all day over Kansas' D. All OSU in this one.
    Ohio State 28 Kansas 7

    Virgil of
    The Ship of Fools
    The two one-loss teams that have taken the most flack for the weakness of their schedules match-up. To be honest, I was never a big believer in Kansas. I think if this team had to face Texas OR Oklahoma (or Texas Tech for that matter) in conference play, they would have been exposed earlier than they were by Mizzou. Couple that with the fact that defense was barely a rumor this year in the Big 12, and you have a team that would be at a serious disadvantage. I think that Chris Wells and the OSU offensive line would simply be too strong for a Kansas team that really only played one power-running team all year (Texas A&M).
    Ohio State 31 Kansas 17

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    The first thing that jumps out at me regarding this matchup is the homefield advantage. While Kansas has been a great story this year, the fact remains that in their biggest game of the year, with the crowd noise in their favor, they laid an egg. What are they going to do in Detroit when 90% of the crowd is wearing scarlet and gray? I think Jim Tressel will find a defensive package that confuses Todd Reesing and forces him to turn the ball over. While Todd Boeckman isn't necessarily going to light the sky on fire, the power running of Beanie Wells will be too much for the Jayhawks defense. The big offesnive line for the Buckeyes will wear down the Jayhawk defensive front seven and be able to chew up a lot of clock in the second half. The Fightin' Mangino's may get a junk touchdown or two at the end but I expect Tressel's Boys to end the dream season for Kansas
    Ohio State 34 Kansas 17

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    With Hawaii missing out on the BCS top 8, Kansas is the closest thing that we have to an underdog, "Cinderella" type team. With an explosive offense led by QB Todd Reesing and RB Brandon McAnderson, they'd pose a legitimate threat to knock off the top seed. However, Kansas hasn't played a defense like the Buckeye's this year. Led by James Laurinities, they're fast, and they're really talented. Reesing would be able to make some plays and move the ball, but it would be imperative that they get off to a fast start. I project Ohio St. to be able to stake claim to an early lead, and then just give the ball to Chris Wells. The Buckeyes will use that combination, stout defense and running the football, which has worked so well for them this year.
    Ohio State 27 Kansas 17

    Rick of Stiles Points
    This is a match-up of teacher vs. student....many don’t know that Bear Mangino was a graduate assistant under Jim Tressel at Youngstown State thing for sure, Bear will be well prepared for this game as he is one of the diligent planners....the Fighting Manginos are ready for the big stage after playing that Missouri game on national television.....I could see this game being close early on....Tressel knows that he could outmuscle the Fighting Manginos and wear them down as the game goes would be a battle of field goals early on with the halftime score being 13-6 OSU.....Kansas will have use some trick plays and make sure the ball gets in the hands of Aqib Talib when he is on offense....but in the end, OSU will wear this team the fourth quarter Chris Wells will take over and finish with 170 yards....I love the Bear, but Tressel and Ohio State are the way better team....
    Ohio State 26 Kansas 13

    So a decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules in favor of Ohio State advancing and playing the winner of Georgia-Oklahoma.....check back Monday for our thoughts on that game....

    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Kings of the Roundtable - The DREAM National Title Playoff

    Starting Thursday, the Kings of the Roundtable will be participating in a true Division I-A football a perfect world, outside the money hungry bastards (aka NCAA, university presidents, and bowl chairs), this is how the Division I-A college football champion should be determined.....

    Basically I used the final BCS poll to determine who would participate in the 8-team tournament (personally I would rather have a 16-team tournament, but because of time constraints I decided to go with an 8-team tourney).....The seven games will be held at neutral bowl sites.....these bowls are as follows: Rose (title game); Orange and Sugar (semi-finals); Fiesta, Cotton, Peach, and Motor City (first round games).....

    Let me explain this, I added the Cotton Bowl into the mix because within a few years, that bowl game will be held at the new luxurious Dallas Cowboys Stadium in, the Cotton Bowl was once an elite bowl game.....the Peach Bowl is held in a big time city, Atlanta - however, it has to go back to its original name - the Peach Bowl, not this Chick-Fil-A Bowl.....

    Finally, I decided it would be nice to have a game up better place than Ford Field in Detroit which hosted a Super that is the bowl set-up....this way all these major bowl bigwigs will not be crying about the money they would be losing.....

    Now to the addition to myself, Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, and Virgil of Wasting Company Time will breakdown each dream match-up....since there are just 5 of us, the team with the most votes will win that match-up and move on.....our first match-up will be tomorrow when #1 Ohio State plays #8 Kansas in the Motor City Bowl in are the other first round match-ups.....

    #5 Georgia vs. #4 Oklahoma at the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale (the winner plays the winner of the OSU-KU match-up)
    - #6 Missouri vs. #3 Virginia Tech at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta
    - #7 Southern Cal vs. #2 LSU at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas

    We will be breaking down the other 3 first round match-ups next check back tomorrow and see who takes the first step in becoming the true National Champion of college football.....

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    When will Michigan learn that Jim Tressel is a fake!!!!

    When will the brass at the University of Michigan learn that Jim Tressel is garbage....when will they learn? Monday’s newspaper, the USA Today released how the coaches voted in the final poll of the regular season.....Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr voted Ohio State number 1 in the nation....he showed his loyalty to his fellow Big Ten school even after Tressel “fucked” him over last year by refusing to vote in the final poll because he wanted to “do the honorable thing” and not have any input on who his team would play in the National Title game.....Michigan never learns....

    So a year has passed and Carr voted Ohio State #1.....there were six other Big Ten coaches who voted in the final poll: Bret Bielema, Wisconsin; Mark Dantonio, Michigan State; Bill Lynch, Indiana; Joe Tiller, Purdue; Ron Zook, Illinois, and Sleeze Ball Tressel.....with this being Carr’s final season at Michigan, Bielema, Lynch, Tiller, and Zook all voted Michigan in the Top 25 - usually around #23 or was obvious these coaches voted for Michigan to at least make the Top 25 because they wanted to support their fellow Big Ten school and let Carr at least finish in the Top 25 in his last year.....all the Big Ten coaches voted that way except Senator Sleezeball Tressel and his no brained little brother at Michigan State - Dantonio (photo - left) ....

    I would have no problem if Tressel didn’t want to vote for Michigan, but he is always talking about supporting the fellow Big Ten schools, yada, yada.....he says one thing, but does another.....would it have hurt him to vote Michigan #25 being that it is Carr’s last season?.....where is his support for the Big Ten now?....Carr showed his support by voting Ohio State #1......

    This is typical Tressel....he comes across as Mr. Nice Guy who is always using the words “honor” and “respect”, but when the camera is off of him, he is a slippery sleeze....he is a fake...and that goes the same for his little brother in East the end I blame Michigan for taking Tressel’s shit for the last few years.....that is why Michigan needs to hire a coach, like a Steve Spurrier, Les Miles, or Jim Harbaugh, who will not allow that smug midget bastard in Columbus to shit all over the Maize and Blue anymore....

    Monday, December 03, 2007

    The Kings of the Roundtable pick this year's Heisman Trophy winner

    I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of Wasting Company Time, and me (Rick) of Stiles we give our votes for this year's Heisman Trophy.....I asked each King to send me their top 5 for this year's Heisman.....the player they selected first was given 4 points, second was given 3 points and so on down to the player was fifth in their voting was given one point.....these points were tallied and 1 winner was declared.....before we divulge our winner, let's go through and see how each King voted....

    Zach of
    The Big Picture
    Here goes...1. Chase Daniel 2. Darren McFadden 3. Dennis Dixon 4. Tim Tebow 5. Colt Brennan....I've always been a proponent of the best player on the best team. Daniel is just that (Zach sent his vote in on Wednesday). His numbers are good enough, his team is strong enough...basically, it's just Daniel by default at this point. McFadden has the celebrity factor. He's been a star for years, so a strong game against LSU gets him bumped higher than he probably deserves. Dixon would have won if he stayed healthy. The Bay Area-native was unstoppable running the spread option. Tebow should probably be higher based on his numbers, but if he's the best player in the country and surrounded by top-tier talent, Florida shouldn't have three losses. Brennan's numbers are unreal, but he's been play JV teams.

    Graig of
    Money Shot
    1. Tim Tebow - You either love the kid or you hate him, but you can't deny that he's a great football player. The Heisman Trophy doesn't go to the best pro prospect or the most valuable to their team. It goes to the signature player of the season. That is Tim Tebow.

    2. Pat White - White is going to be the QB of a potential BCS champion and is definitely the most exciting player in the country. He does it with his legs, his arm, and his good decision-making. 3. Chase Daniel - He had one big moment to show the country how good he is (against Kansas) and he was completely dominant. Daniel has a strong, accurate arm and is leading the #1 team in the nation into the Big XII Title game, he deserves to go to New York.
    4. Darren McFadden - Don't get me wrong, McFadden is going to be sweet in the NFL, but he just didn't have a Heisman-quality season. Yes, he did have a signature game vs. LSU but he also has been inconsistent with his production, highlighted by his 43 yard performance vs. Auburn.
    5. Colt Brennan - Colt should have won it last year in my opinion but I digress. He's been banged up this year but should go to New York as a tribute to his great career.

    Jon of
    Complete Sports
    1. Tim Tebow - He's only a sophomore and his team is not in the national title hunt... two strikes against him. But the numbers are just too good to ignore. He's got a mind-boggling 51 total TDs (29 passing, 22 rushing) and nearly 4000 total yards (3132 passing, 838 rushing). Oh, and he erased any doubt that there might have been about his throwing ability, as he has completed 68.5% of his passes. The numbers are just too good for him not to be my Heisman pick.
    2. Chase Daniel - He had led Missouri into the National Title Hunt (I am writing this before the Oklahoma/Missouri game). Who would have thought that would happen before the season began? He's been an extremely efficient and effective passer... nearly 4000 yards through the year, 33 TD, 9 INT, and he has completed over 70% of his passes. Not bad.
    3. Darren McFadden - Perhaps the most talented player in college football. The Razorbacks have struggled at times this year, but through no fault of McFadden. He has rushed for over 1700 yards (nearly 6 YPC) and run for 15 TDs. Oh, and just for good measure he's also thrown for 4 TD passes.
    4. Dennis Dixon - What could have been! If he hadn't gotten hurt then Oregon might be playing for the national title and Dixon might be the Heisman winner. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but I can't put Dixon lower than 4th. He was fantastic all year long as a dual-threat QB. The running was there as it always has been (583 yards, 9 TD), but he also became an efficient thrower, with 20 TDs, 4 INT, and completing over 2/3 of his passes.
    5. Todd Reesing - If Kansas had beat Missouri he'd have a solid shot at the Heisman, but as it is he should still get some recognition for an outstanding year. In leading the resurgence of Kansas he threw for over 3200 yards, and had a fantastic 32/6 TD/INT ratio.

    Virgil of
    Wasting Company Time and The Ship of Fools
    1. Tim Tebow - You simply cannot ignore 51 total TDs. His team is pretty overrated, but he carried the offense all year.
    2. Darren McFadden - He has to be thinking "what the hell do I have to do to win this award?" Last year he was "too young" as a sophomore, this year he is going to lose the trophy to a sophomore. Some NFL team is going to get a NASTY running back in April's draft.
    3. Colt Brennan - We have to take him and Hawaii seriously now. Those last two games (Boise and Washington) were pretty impressive.
    4. Chase Daniel - That was a pretty bad performance in the biggest game of his season. I have been touting this guy all year over on EC, but I'm afraid that championship game is going to cost him.
    5. Dennis Dixon - In many ways, the fact that Oregon completely fell apart once he went down is the greatest evidence of his value.

    Rick of Stiles Points
    1. Darren McFadden - McFadden was out of the Heisman picture during the middle of the season, but he turned in on late in the season with his record breaking performance against South Carolina and his one-man show against LSU....
    2. Tim Tebow - this kid could do everything.....he really is a fullback who can throw like a quarterback....he will clearly be the front runner next year.....
    3. Todd Reesing - if Reesing played for Ohio State or USC, he would have won the award this year....but because he played for Kansas, many will overlook him....he is deserving of being in the top 5.....
    4. Dennis Dixon - it showed how much D2 meant to his team....after going down with a knee injury the Ducks lost 3 straight and not only dropped out of the national title picture, but also the BCS.....
    5. Armanti Edwards - you remember this kid - the QB from Appalachian State......yes, I know I-AA has its own Player of the Year award, but this kid is something special....I have watched at least 6 Appy State games over the last two seasons and he impresses me more each this kid ended up at a I-AA school amazes me....the kid does not get rattled....and he is much more than just a scrambling QB.....they kid can pass too....

    Well, there are our for the voting and this year's winner.....
    1. Tim Tebow - 21 points (3 first place votes)
    2. Darren McFadde - 18 points (1 first place vote)
    3. Chase Daniel - 12 points (1 first place vote)
    4. Dennis Dixon - 8 points
    5. Colt Brennan - 5 points
    6. Todd Reesing - 4 points
    6. Pat White - 4 points
    8. Armanti Edwards - 1 point
    So in the end, Florida's Tim Tebow would get the Kings of the Roundtable Heisman Trophy....

    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year should go to . . .

    Sports Illustrated will be announcing its annual Sportsman/person of the Year sometime next week....hopefully SI will not pull a stunt like Time magazine did last year when they named "everyday people" as their Person of the Year.....what is that crap?.....SI has been taking suggestions from people about who should be this year’s recipient....

    Some of the names mentioned were: dogs (because of the Michael Vick saga), Appalachian State (because of their win over Michigan), and the worst of all - Joey Chestnut (because he ate more hot dogs than that Japanese guy).....a hot dog eating winner as Sportsman of the Year?? — what a freakin joke....

    To me, I think being named Sportsman of the Year is a very big honor....some of the previous winners were Joe Paterno, Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc.....therefore, there are some worthy and most deserving candidates for this year’s honor:

    * Roger Federer, tennis - this dude is the most dominant athlete in any sport, but he gets very little recognition because 1) is not from the United States; and 2) he doesn’t act like a jackass (ala Chad Johnson)....Federer is very humble and does not seek out the spotlight.....but on the tennis court, he methodically destroys any opponent....

    * Tim Duncan, basketball - Duncan is very similar to Federer in which he is a success at his trade, but someone who does not seek the spotlight....he has led the San Antonio Spurs to four NBA titles....4 titles!!!....I bet most sports people do not even realize that....he has led the Spurs to more NBA titles than Larry Bird did with the Celtics and Shaq did with the Lakers......

    * Peyton Manning, football - Manning finally got that albatross off his back by winning this year’s Super Bowl.....he is a true professional and a very good role model.....when his career is over, Manning will probably hold every quarterback record in the NFL.....

    * Brett Favre, football - if I was betting on who will win it, my money would go on Favre.....he is having a spectacular year.....everyone loves Favre.....Favre can do no wrong....he is not only beating NFL opponents, but also Father Time......personally, I would not vote for Favre, but I have no problem if SI decides to give him this honor.....

    * My choice for Sportsman of the Year would be both Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick.....both are successful NFL coaches, but with complete opposite personalities and values.....Dungy is the good guy who is personable and says the right things while Belichick is the essence of evil with his hooded sweatshirt and Spygate scandal.....but overall, both are two Hall of Fame quality coaches who have a major impact on the NFL....they also are great teachers - look at thow many assistant coaches under them went on to become head coaches....

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    The Story of Not Giving Up on Your Dream - The Story Behind Bear Mangenius

    The New York Times recently ran a feature story about Mark "Bear" Mangino, head football coach at Kansas....I highly recommend that everyone take a few minutes to read it because it tells the story of a person who did not give up on his dream and who worked hard to become a success......

    November 24, 2007
    The Detours of a Coaching Life

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 23 — With Kansas only two victories from playing for college football’s national championship, perhaps the only thing more unlikely than its undefeated record and No. 2 Bowl Championship Series ranking is Coach Mark Mangino’s ascent to the top of his profession.

    Kansas (11-0, 7-0 Big 12) is the only team from a major conference without a loss. The Jayhawks play archrival Missouri (10-1, 6-1) here Saturday for a spot in the conference title game. If Kansas or No. 4 Missouri wins the Big 12 title, it will most likely play for the national championship Jan. 8.

    It is fitting that Mangino, 51, is being credited for reviving a program that had been a doormat for so long.

    For 13 years, beginning while he was finishing his degree at Youngstown State in Ohio and continuing while he tried to build a career as a coach, Mangino worked on the 11 p.m.-to-7 a.m. shift for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission as an emergency first responder, driving an ambulance, cleaning up bathrooms and removing dead deer from the road. “He didn’t sleep very much,” said Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel, who was the coach at Youngstown State for a year while Mangino worked there as a student assistant. “It was amazing. Anybody that put himself through the schedule he did, I knew he was going to go places.”

    Before he made millions pacing the sideline, Mangino traversed a stretch of 25 miles on Interstate 76 near Homewood, Pa. His job, which he started in the late 1970s, included responding to wrecks along the turnpike, providing medical attention to victims and transporting them to the hospital.

    Mangino was routinely called to fatal accidents, including one involving a young woman who had been struck by a vehicle while walking on the turnpike. He often drove the ambulance in those situations because of his good sense of direction and calm demeanor.

    “He learned to suck it up sometimes,” said Sam Flora, who was Mangino’s partner on the turnpike. “The bottom line is it built character.”

    Those days spent balancing family, work, coaching football and attending school forged a work ethic that shaped Mangino as a coach. The same guy who would study for tests, peek at snippets of game film and take power naps during his graveyard shift now works long hours each day as a coach. He is so exacting that some on his staff grumble about his demanding style, although such complaints are not made publicly.
    His admirers say the hefty, balding man known as Bear — the same nickname his father had — is a product of where he came from. Born and raised in New Castle, a working class town of 25,000 in western Pennsylvania, Mangino lived in a predominantly Italian-Catholic neighborhood surrounded by family.

    In junior high, he worked in his uncle’s corner grocery store stocking shelves
    At New Castle High School, Mangino was a 5-foot-9, 230-pound defensive tackle.
    His coach there, Lindy Lauro, refers to Mangino as “my own son.” As a senior, Mangino played a significant role on a team that won a Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League championship.

    He was a defensive stalwart,” said his former teammate Rick Razzano, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals. “He was very aggressive.”

    Mangino’s path diverted from football soon after. He still regrets not playing at Youngstown State after graduating from high school in 1974. He worked as a custodian the next summer and dropped out of college in 1976.

    I didn’t take college real seriously,” he said.

    But even while Mangino played for a local traveling baseball team, he was determined to get back to playing football.

    I certainly missed it,” he said. “I learned if you make a bad decision in life and you want to get it corrected, it’s a hard, tough road to do that. You have to be willing to pay the price to do it. I made up my mind at that time that I was going to pay the price and do what it took to be a college football coach.”

    While working nights on the turnpike, Mangino returned to football. He started in 1980 at a junior high and then became an assistant coach at New Castle High.
    Mangino decided to finish his bachelor’s degree, so he went back to Youngstown State and worked as an assistant coach to pay for school. He juggled school, a wife and two children, and work before graduating in 1987.

    He had a passion,” Tressel said. “He was not going to be denied. He was going to grind it out until good things happened.”

    At the age of 31, Mangino took a job as an offensive coordinator at Geneva (Pa.) College. In 1990, he had his first high school head coaching job, at Ellwood (Pa.) High School, but was fired after one year, a 1-9 season in which he clashed with the parents of his players.

    Eager to return to college football, Mangino called his former high school teammate John Latina, then an offensive line coach at Kansas State, and asked if Latina could help him become a graduate assistant with the Wildcats.

    Flora still remembers the day that Mangino told him he was going to Kansas State.
    The two car-pooled to work and Flora had just picked him up when Mangino said, “I’m taking a shot.”

    At 35, Mangino packed his family and belongings into a Ryder truck and moved 975 miles to Manhattan, Kan., with only $500 in his pocket for a job that paid less than $1,000 monthly.

    There, Mangino and his family lived briefly in Latina’s basement. It did not take long, however, to make an impression on the demanding Kansas State coach, Bill Snyder.

    “He had a fun time doing what he did,” Snyder said in a telephone interview.
    Mangino fit in well, from quickly becoming Snyder’s most trusted aide to dominating lunch-time racquetball matches with Bob Stoops, then a Kansas State assistant.
    “He’d smoke him,” said Brent Venables, Oklahoma’s co-defensive coordinator, who was also on that Kansas State staff. “He was quick on his feet for a big fellow.”
    Venables described Mangino as affable, but acknowledged that he could be intense. That was demonstrated when Mangino dressed down a player for a celebration penalty earlier this season. The profanity-laced tirade became part of YouTube lore.
    “He’s almost bipolar,” Venables said of Mangino. “He’s really funny, but when it comes to football, he’s extremely organized, detail-oriented and very intense. Off the field, he’s like a gentle giant.”

    Stoops grew up 30 miles from Mangino and sees his personality as a reflection of the area where they were reared.

    “It’s just a blue-collar, earn-what-you-get, tough attitude that you go to work with every day,” Stoops said.

    Stoops hired Mangino on his staff at Oklahoma after getting the head job there in late 1998. In 2000, Mangino was promoted to offensive coordinator and the Sooners won the national title. That season, he received the Frank Broyles Award as the top assistant coach in college football.

    “Don’t forget to send a telegram to the Ellwood City school board and thank them for having let you go,” Lauro wrote in a note to Mangino that accompanied a congratulatory bottle of Champagne.

    Mangino would remain at Oklahoma one more season before being hired by Kansas in December 2001. Al Bohl, the former Kansas athletic director who hired Mangino, was also the first to give head coaching jobs to Alabama Coach Nick Saban, Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel and Fresno State Coach Pat Hill.

    Mangino went 2-10 his first season, and while the team made progress and played in two bowl games by the end of 2005, those accomplishments were dwarfed by the Kansas basketball program.

    After going 6-6 last season and failing to make a bowl game, Mangino started this season with questions about his job security. Thanks in part to a soft out-of-conference schedule that allowed the Jayhawks to build confidence, Mangino and his $1.5 million salary now look like a bargain instead of just another Kansas coach struggling for mediocrity.

    Mangino, who has a career record of 36-35, said he was content at Kansas, which will open a $31 million football complex in July. “I never say never, but I’m not out looking for a job,” he said.

    As interest has built in the Jayhawks this season, the one topic that Mangino has deftly avoided is his weight.

    Mangino said he was not bothered by such talk, despite being the target of snide T-shirts that say “Our Coach Beat Anorexia” and “Our Coach Can Eat Your Coach.” Mangino said he rode a stationary bicycle once or twice a week and said he should do so more frequently.

    “Everybody has flaws,” Mangino said of his weight. “Some are more obvious than others. Some people do a good job hiding their flaws and can fool people.”
    Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins said Mangino’s weight was “a very, very personal thing.”

    “I don’t look at his size or anything as a flaw,” Perkins said. “I just look at him as a person.”

    As he has come to the forefront of his profession, Mangino has not forgotten his past. On Thanksgiving, he sent an e-mail to Flora, who said Mangino was more concerned about the guys at the turnpike than football.

    They will be tuned in Saturday, as many others will be across the country, amazed at just how far Mark Mangino has come.

    “It was like a guardian angel followed him all the way through this,” Flora
    Pete Thamel contributed reporting.

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Five Good Questions with Bill Koch about Brian Kelly and the Michigan job

    Today's Five Good Questions is with Cincinnati Enquirer college football beat writer Bill Koch.....Bill covers the Cincinnati Bearcats.....and there is talk around college football that current Bearcat head football coach Brian Kelly may be a darkhorse for the Michigan is what Bill thinks about that situation.....

    Q1. First off, what is the talk around the Cincinnati football program about Brian Kelly being a candidate for the head coaching job at Michigan?
    A. There's not that much talk around UC about Kelly leaving for Michigan. He has done his best to downplay such talk and I don't think there are a lot of people here who at this point are taking it that seriously.

    Q2. What type of person is Kelly? Is he personable and able to "talk the talk" among alumni and big-time donors?
    A. Kelly has been a great salesman for the UC program, probably the best they've ever had. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get the message out and he has a personality that people seem to gravitate to.

    Q3. Everyone knows that Kelly is an offensive-minded type of coach. Is he a "player's coach?" Is he a disciplinarian? Describe him a bit.
    A. The players love him because he's so demanding on the field and they like the results they've gotten from doing things his way. They have a lot of confidence that if they do what he tells them to do, they will win.

    Q4. What are his strengths and weaknesses as a head coach?
    A. Because he's been a head coach for so long he's very confident in how he does his job. That confidence rubs off on his players and staff. I don't know of any obvious weaknesses that I've seen.

    Q5. Overall, do you think he has the ability to be a head coach at Michigan or another big-time football program? And why or why not?
    A. He's the kind of coach who would succeed where ever he coached for many of the reasons I listed above. He's known as an offensive coach, but he doesn't ignore defense and special teams. He's great with the media and the fan base. I don't know how good he is as a recruiter yet because he's had only one class and that was done in a hurry after he got the job here last December.

    I want to thank Bill for his time, it is much appreciated....

    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Five Good Questions with . . . Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun about Urban Meyer

    After a long hiatus, the "Five Good Questions with . . . " segment is’s edition is with Gainesville (Fla) Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley and his thoughts about Florida head coach Urban Meyer and the Michigan football job.....

    Q1. First off, is there any truth that Meyer has it written in his contract that he can leave Florida for one of three head coaching jobs - Michigan,Ohio State or Notre Dame? Please clarify this.
    A. Not true. That was in his Utah contract. Florida doesn't put that kind of stuff in contracts.

    Q2. Has there been any talk about Meyer and the Michigan job?
    A. Not really. Urban realizes he has it pretty good here. Kids love their school and the recruiting base is strong.

    Q3. Do you ever see Meyer leaving Florida? If so, what would it take for Meyer to leave Florida?
    A. Ohio State is the only possibility and that job is not opening soon. Even then, he turned down Notre Dame. I think he's here for a long time.

    Q4. What is the talk in SEC Country about Les Miles and the possibility of him being the next Michigan head coach? Your thoughts about Miles?
    A. Inherited a great situation, made some bone-headed calls that paid off. I've never been a big fan of his coaching but he's as dull as Lloyd Carr so he'd be a good fit.

    Q5. What are your thoughts about who will be the next head coach at Michigan?
    A. I really believe it's going to be a surprise. Maybe Bobby Petrino or someone like that.

    I want to thank Pat for his is much appreciated....