Monday, September 05, 2005

NFL Predictions

Okay, it’s been awhile since I posted anything . . . but the time is right with the NFL season coming up this week and two big college football games . . . so hold onto your hats . . .

NFL Predictions
AFC Playoff Teams
East - Patriots - until someone beats them
North - Bengals - this is the toughest division; surprise, surprise
South - Colts - Manning to Harrison is like bread and butter
West - Raiders - bad defense, but super offense
Ravens - finally has a few decent receivers
Jets - somehow this team just gets it done

NFC Playoff Teams
East - Giants - if Eli develops just a bit, this team will surprise
North - Packers - this is their last hurrah
South - Panthers - solid defense and a good coach
West - Cardinals - why not, they are the "sexy" pick
Falcons - they will tie Carolina for the division but lose out on the tiebreaker
Cowboys - Parcells edges Eagles out of playoffs

AFC Championship
Colts over the Patriots

NFC Championship
Falcons over the Panters

Super Bowl
Falcons over the Colts

Now for this weeks 2 big college games
Notre Dame @ Michigan - the Wolverines were not impressive in their opening win over NIU while the Irish smoked Pitt . . . I’m telling you right now, in two years, Charlie Weiss will have the Irish in the national title hunt . . . I just love this guy . . . the graduated from Notre Dame but never played football there . . . he’s fat and overweight . . . he looks like someone sitting at the end of the bar at your local saloon . . . Weiss will exploit Michigan’s defense . . . but luckily Michigan’s offense can also put up points . . . this is a tight one but Michigan wins 27-24

Texas @ Ohio State - flash back 3 years ago when the Buckeyes were going to play Miami for the national title, Ohio State fans and players were complaining that Miami was arrogant and talking trash before the game . . . now back to 2005, which team opened its mouth first in this match-up? . . Ohio State’s Bobby Carpenter guaranteed the Texas quarterback Vincent Young will leave Columbus on Saturday no longer in the Heisman hunt . . . bit arrogant don’t you think? . . . Texas will outplay the Buckeyes, but Ohio State will get a turnover late in the game and pull one out of their asses . . . Ohio State 21-20

Too all the Buckeye fans I have two words for you