Friday, December 28, 2007

Dream Playoff - National Title Game - Southern Cal vs. Oklahoma

We are down to the last game - the National Title Game between Southern Cal and Oklahoma.....therefore, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles Points.....

Semi-Final Game USC Trojans vs. Oklahoma Sooners
USC favored by 2.5
Game to be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

Jon of
Complete Sports
USC comes in riding high. After upsetting LSU in the first round, they easily dispatched Virginia Tech to secure their spot in the title game. For Oklahoma, it's been a tough road, as they eeked out a win against Georgia before upsetting top-ranked Ohio St. in the semfinals. Both teams are playing well. However, while this one won't be as lopsided as the national title game between these teams a few years ago, I think the result will be the same. USC might have just a little too much firepower offensively and too much speed defensively. Oklahoma will have to effectively run the ball and control the clock, but I don't think they're quite good enough to do it for 60 minutes.
USC 27 Oklahoma 17

Graig of
Money Shot
Two of the richest histories in college football get together to decide our champion. Both teams have fierce and physical defenses. Both teams have two-headed monsters at running back. Both have good but inconsistent quarterbacks. Both have great coaches who have won a title before. So who the hell is the difference maker if both of these teams are virtually the same? The Oklahoma offensive line. They have one of the biggest and best that college football has seen over the past few decades. I think that USC could hang with them for the most part, but that gargantuan O-line wears them down in the second half. Having beaten a very physical LSU team in the semifinals still lingers for the Trojans. So I'm putting on my Jim Ross cowboy hat and screaming "Boomer Sooners", baby!
Oklahoma 23 USC 21

Virgil of
The Ship of Fools
How we ended up with this matchup of two-loss disappointments in the finals is beyond me. But here they are. In my opinion, the key to this game will be the propensity of USC quarterback John David Booty to make mistakes. Booty threw at least one interception in four of the Trojans' first five games, including four INTs in the loss against Stanford. OU QB Sam Bradford, on the other hand, threw 34 TD passes and only 7 INTs. I think that the steady play of Bradford, along with the Sooner running game, will be the difference.
Oklahoma 21 USC 10

Rick of Stiles Points
A few years back these two faced off for the national title in the Orange Bowl and USC destroyed Oklahoma.....Bradford and OU are playing well, but to me, Southern Cal has too much talent, especially on would not be a blow out this time, but in the end, USC wins again....
USC 24 Oklahoma 21

So with the Kings tied at 2 apiece and Zach not responding, I once again had to go to my 76-year-old father, Ignatius to break the tie.....after a few minutes of pondering the decision, he chose Southern Cal because they came on strong at the end of the year and are rolling.....he also said these two teams should be playing in the BCS Title game, not LSU-Ohio State.....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 3-2 in favor of Southern Cal winning our Dream Playoff.....I want to thank my fellow bloggers for was much appreciated......I leave you with a few photos of the lovely Southern Cal Song Girls.....

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