Monday, April 04, 2005

Final Call

Illinois vs. North Carolina

These two teams have been eyeing each other since December....both teams can claim they are a team of "destiny"....these are the two best teams in the country.....Carolina has a great inside game with Sean May, but I have seen them struggle from the three point stripe quite often this year which could come back to hurt them....

Even though they beat Louisville on Saturday, I think the Illini relied a bit much on Dee Brown, Luther Head, and Deron Williams shooting the three ball.....Illinois has to get a bit more points in the paint tonight....

My pick is Illinois because of the three-headed monster of Brown, Head, and Williams

Illinois 87-81
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  • Sunday, April 03, 2005

    National League Predictions

    National League

    1. Marlins - the Fishies are back -- they added Delgado for power and Leiter for depth on the staff -- if Beckett and Burnett can pitch to their potential, the Fish will contend for best record in N.L.
    2. Braves - everyone learned a lesson last year -- never ever count out Atlanta as long as Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone are in the dugout -- 45-year-old Julio Franco is a freak of nature
    3. Mets - Omar Minaya made some noise in his first off-season as the new G.M. -- Pedro and Beltran give the Flushing crowd something to get excited about -- the young third baseman Wright is supposed to be a STUD -- Mets hurt themselves though by trading young pitcher Kazmir last July -- that will bite them for many years to come
    4. Phillies - Jimmy Rollins is the best shortstop in the National League -- Thome is good for about 45 boomers -- Phils will trade closer Billy Wagner for prospects
    5. Nationals - baseball is back in D.C.!!!!!

    1. Cardinals - they now have Mark Mulder on the pitching staff -- Rolen is still nursing injuries at third base -- they have a new middle infield too -- but Cards win division
    2. Astros - the loss of Berkman hurts -- the loss of Beltran hurts -- that equals a second place finish
    3. Cubs - this is the most frustrating team -- they have a great 1-2-3 on the staff in Prior, Woods, and Zambrano -- but the first two are always hurt -- the Cubs will feel the loss of Moises Alou more than the loss of Sammy
    4. Pirates - the Bucs played with a lot of spirit last year -- maybe, just maybe they can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel
    5. Brewers - in two years the Brewhahas will win the division -- they have a stud pitcher in Sheets -- three young studs coming up Fielder (1b), Weeks (2b). Hardy (ss) -- watch this team
    6. Reds - this team has no hope

    1. Padres - I had the Giants to win this division until Bonds began pouting -- Jake Peavy is a young solid starter -- the Padres will win by playing small ball in this spacious park
    2. Giants - I love the acquisition of Moises Alou -- if Bonds was here, the Giants may win everything -- but who knows what is going on
    3. Dodgers - Dodgers take a step back after making the playoffs last year
    4. Diamondbacks - spent some money to get the fans interested again -- still a work in progress

    5. Rockies - besides Todd Helton and Preston Wilson, I can't name anyone else on this team -- the Rockies should be contracted -- no one cares about baseball in Denver

    Cardinals over Braves

    Marlins over Padres

    Marlins over Cardinals

    World Series
    Yankees over Marlins

    American League Predictions

    American League
    1. Yankees - the Yanks win the East -- but Boston still gets the wildcard -- Giambi will improve this season now that he got rid of all those muscles -- A. Rod will win the MVP
    2. Red Sox - the Beantown Boys want to show that last year was not a fluke
    3. Devil Rays - B.J. Upton is one of the best youngsters in the game -- Aubrey Huff is the best unknown player in the game -- Devil Rays will improve -- Kazmir is a good young arm
    4. Orioles - one and done in Baltimore for Sammy
    5. Blue Jays - who are half of these players?

    1. Tigers - I am not drunk -- the Tigers will win the division -- they have good young pitchers in Bonderman and Maroth -- Magglio and Pudge are a solid in the 3-4 hole -- Dimitri Young adds the spirit ala Boston's Kevin Millar
    2. Twins - Minnesota loses Koskie and Guzman -- Twins will be a good team -- but its the Tigers year
    3. Indians - somehow the Indians feel they will automatically win this division this year -- team still lacks a true number 1 starter and is depending on a creaky armed closer
    4. White Sox - this team just can't get over the hump -- it seems like Frank Thomas is always hurt -- Buerhle and Garcia are good 1-2 pitchers -- but that is all
    5. Royals - two years ago this team looked like they were making a move -- it was a fluke -- Tony Pena is a good manager though -- just stuck in a bad situation

    1. Angels - Anaheim got a taste of the playoffs once again last season -- they will make a trade in the summer to acquire another ace -- will F. Rod be able to hold down the closer's job, if so, the Angels will be fine
    2. Rangers - Texas showed life last season as they contended until just after Labor Day -- Mark Texiera is the best young hitter in the game -- a future MVP
    3. Athletics - too many changes -- you don't get rid of Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder and think you can still win the division -- NO WAY!
    4. Mariners - give the owner credit -- he went out and got Sexson and Beltre -- this team will contend next year

    Red Sox over Angels
    Yankees over Tigers

    Yankees over Red Sox

    Pope John Paul II

    A person didn't have to be Catholic to admire the work of Pope John Paul II...

    For 15 years (1963-1978), Pope John VI ruled the Catholic church....after his death in 1978, the new pontiff, John Paul I, was set to usher in a new era.....but that era never happened as the new pope died suddenly of a heart attack after just one month as the leader of the Catholic church....

    The Cardinals reconvened and ended a 400 year reign of Italian popes when they selected a 58-year-old Cardinal from Poland named Karol Wojtyla who became known as Pope John Paul II.....

    For 26 years Pope John Paul II crossed boundaries and creeds to preach peace.....he traveled to African nations to South American nations.....he was hailed by Fidel Castro in Cuba and the Jewish leadership in Israel......he was an extraordinary man who will be missed....

    Being Greek Orthodox, the pope is not the leader of my religion.....however, a person's religion cannot deter the fact that John Paul II was a genuine man who cared about people no matter who they were.....

    Totus tuus -- totally yours