Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uga VI Dies

The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 06/28/08

The University of Georgia's beloved and Churchillian English bulldog mascot Uga VI died peacefully Friday night in Savannah of congestive heart failure after serving nine years on the Bulldog sidelines as the school's winningest mascot.
Uga VI, owned by Savannah attorney Frank W. "Sonny" Seiler, was the biggest in the line of six solid white English bulldogs to serve as UGA's mascot since Uga I became a Georgia football game fixture in 1956.
"He was a good one," Seiler said in a prepared statement. "What can I say? He had a marvelous record. He was a very strong and healthy dog. He was the biggest of all the dogs, and he had the biggest heart. It just played out."
Damon Evans, UGA director of athletics, bestowed the highest praise on the beast that he could Saturday, in a statement:
"Uga VI was a damn good mascot and a damn good dog," said Evans.
With the passing of one Uga there's always speculation which bulldog is heir to the throne, which comes with a few perks, including an air-conditioned dog house, travel by Delta Airlines to away games, celebrityhood (Uga V was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997 as the nation's best mascot) and a fanbase that's paparazzi-like in its obsession.
"People pet him so much his head gets sore," Seiler once said of his line of Ugas. "He's like a politician who shakes too many hands."
Seiler said Saturday that the "lineage is taken care of" and would be announced by Seilers and the UGA athletic association later.
Uga VI will be buried in a marble vault in the Southwest corner of Sanford Stadium with his ancestors in private ceremonies expected to be held early next week.
There had been speculation earlier this year that the 2007 season might have been Uga VI's last as a mascot because of his age. He would have turned 10 on July 22.
Seiler said in a statement Saturday he noticed Uga VI was breathing heavily shortly after Seiler arrived home from work Friday evening. He was taken to Dr. Stanley Lester, the family's veterinarian, who consulted with Dr. Bruce Hollett at UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine.
"I noticed a little congestion in his throat, which usually is not cause for alarm," said Seiler in the release. "I gave him a bath, which he always loved, to cool him off. After that, I called Dr. Lester, whose office is about a four-minute drive from our house.
"His heart just played out. He suffered no pain and died peacefully."
UGA president Michael F. Adams said in a statement Uga VI will be "missed and remembered by UGA alumni and friends everywhere."
During his reign as mascot, the UGA football team compiled a record of 87 wins and 27 losses, captured the 2002 and 2005 Southeastern Conference championships, and won six of eight bowl games, surpassing Uga IV's record of 77-24-4.
By far the biggest of the Ugas — he weighed 65 pounds, more than twenty pound heavier than his father — his full name was pretty hefty, too: "Uga V's Whatchagot Loran?"
— AJC staff writer Chip Towers contributed to this story.

Incredible Video

I will admit that I stole this video from The Zone Blitz...I am not a big Jessica Simpson fan, but this video clip of her is freakin incredible!!!!...I got a nosebleed watching it the first time...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jordana Spiro - Is She Hot?

Last week I was flipping through the channels and came across TBS' My Boys starring Jordana Spiro...I never heard of her, but she is not bad looking...she plays a sportswriter who hangs out with men all the time...actually, she hangs out with losers...

P.J. Franklin
Spiro, who is Jewish, is 31-years-old and does not have much of a resume...she was born and raised in New York City...she studied acting in London...

Before landing the role as P.J. Franklin, she made guest appearances on various shows such as Cold Case, JAG, Beverly Hills 90210, etc.

My thoughts - let's cut to the chase...she is never mentioned with the hot women of today...she is like the girl that all the guys know, but don't consider, or even think about, hitting on because she is "one of the guys"...she was probably a tomboy growing up...she's more comfy in jeans and a baseball the end, all the guys kick themselves why none of them ever hooked up with her...she does have a dash of that Drew Barrymore thing going the end, I vote "yes" that she is hot!!!...and highly this leads to the questions:

Do you think Jordana Spiro is hot?

If so, why doesn't she get the publicity?

Am I missing something?

Leave your comments

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Remembering Len Bias

It's that time of year when the NBA Draft rolls around, people also stop to remember the life of Len has a solid story about Bias and the aftermath of his death....also, is a clip of Bias and what he meant to a lot of people...Bias' death should never have happened, but because of one mistake - doing cocaine to celebrate being drafted by the Boston Celtics - he's not worth it...for those too young to remember, Bias was an amazing basketball player...he was Jordan-like...he would have been a difference maker in the NBA...hopefully his legacy and the mistake he made can be a difference maker in life...
  • Len Bias

  • Look who is in the basement?
    The standings in the A.L. Central on June 26, 2008
    Chicago - 42-35 .545
    Minnesota - 42-36 .538
    Detroit - 37-40 .481
    Kansas City - 36-43 .456
    Cleveland - 35-43 .449

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    A New Blogger

    A friend of mine has entered the blogosphere...this new blog focuses on the NFL and nothing but the is called The Zone the rookie some love and visit his site today...this newcomer will now force me to up the ante on my blog because I know he will bring the heat with good stuff...welcome my friend!...

    With George Carlin's passing all I have heard about was his skit "The Seven Words You Cannot Say on TV"...well, I googled it and found Carlin's exact words from that skit: "You know the 7, don't you, that you can't say on television? "Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, CockSucker, MotherFucker, and Tits" Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones that'll infect your soul,curve your spine, and keep the country from winning the war. "Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, CockSucker, MotherFucker, and Tits" Wow! ...and Tits doesn't even belong on the list. That is such a friendly sounding word. It sounds like a nickname, right? "Hey, Tits, come here, man. Hey Tits, meet Toots. Toots, Tits. Tits, Toots." It sounds like a snack, doesn't it?"

    If you ask me, I don't think Shit, Piss nor Tits are that bad...I could come up with at least five others words that I could put in place of those three...

    I am so sick of these Alltel commercials that have Chad, from Alltel, and four other morons who represent other cellphone companies...

    I read an interesting tidbit in Tuesday's New York Post...Pete Vecsey reported that one big time player in this year's NBA Draft smokes more weed than "both Cheech and Chong" put together....

    I will miss Barry Melrose on ESPN...he was a good hockey analyst, yet he was able to laugh at himself and joke around...

    Shaq made a bad move in ripping Kobe in that rap video...even though The Diesel said it was all a joke, he needs to move on and forget about Kobe - even if he was indeed just messing around...

    Most have read or heard about those 17 high school girls from Gloucester who made a pact and all got some "experts" are blaming the movie "Juno" and Jamie Lee Spears for making teen pregnancy a "cool thing"...these girls did not get knocked up because of Juno or Spears...they got knocked up because they are little whores...these girls needed to be is not like they are some elementary school students who did not know any better...

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    NBA Draft and Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    Would you make this trade?...

    As the NBA Draft nears, the talk around the league, for some time now, is that Miami trading the second overall pick and Dwayne Wade to Chicago for the first overall pick and two other players (more than likely Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon or Luol Deng)...Heat G.M. Pat Riley is supposedly hot-to-trot for Memphis point guard Derrick Rose...if he stays at the 2 spot, Riley will be forced to take Michael Beasley from Kansas State...

    My thoughts - The Bulls would be crazy not to make this move...Wade, who is also a native of Chicago, is an All-Star caliber they would still get the second overall pick in Michael Beasley who will be a stud scorer and rebounder in the NBA...the Heat would have Rose and Shawn Marion to build around....personally, if I was Riley, I would stay at number 2, take Beasley, then have a lineup of Wade, Beasley, and Marion....

    Your thoughts?...

    Other tidbit
    "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is 100 years old this year...Andrew Druckenbrod of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a nice article about this history of this great song...

  • Andrew Druckenbrod

  • Here are the words
    'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'
    Katie Casey was baseball mad
    Had the fever and had it bad.
    Just to root for the hometown crew
    Ev'ry sou Katie blew.

    On a Saturday, her young beau
    Called to see if she'd like to go
    To see a show, but Miss Kate said,
    "No, I'll tell you what you can do."

    Chorus: Take me out to the ball game,
    Take me out with the crowd.
    Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
    I don't care if I ever get back.
    Let me root, root, root for the home team,
    If they don't win it's a shame.
    For it's one, two, three strikes you're out
    At the old ball game

    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Curt Schilling - Hall of Fame or Not?

    Curt Schilling may be done...YES!!! a Yankees fans, I hate Schilling with a passion...he is an arrogant prick...even though I despise the guy, that does not jade my view of him as a pitcher...Schilling was one of the best pitchers of his era...he was a better big game pitcher than Roger Clemens...he was a tough guy...but he is not a Hall of Famer...

    On Baseball Tonight, Peter Gammons brought up the question if Schilling would make the Hall...Gammons never gave his thoughts on the topic...Schilling racked up some impressive numbers over the years...however, in my opinion, they are not Hall of Fame worthy...if Schilling should make the Hall, that would open the doors for many quality pitchers such as David Wells, David Cone, Jack Morris, Orel Hershiser, and Ron Guidry among others...let's take a look at their numbers...

    Curt Schilling
    3 time 20-game winner
    6 All-Star Games
    3 World Series titles
    10-2 in post-season
    1993 NLCS MVP
    2001 World Series co-MVP

    David Wells
    1 time 20-game winner
    3 All-Star Games
    3 World Series titles
    1998 ALCS MVP
    1 Perfect Game

    David Cone
    2 time 20-game winner
    5 All-Star Games
    5 World Series titles
    1 Cy Young
    1 Perfect Game

    Jack Morris
    3 time 20-game winner
    5 All-Star Games
    3 World Series titles
    6-1 post-season
    1 No-hitter

    Orel Hershiser
    1 time 20-game winner
    3 All-Star Games
    1 World Series title
    1988 NLCS MVP
    1988 World Series MVP
    1 Cy Young
    59 consecutive scoreless innings

    Ron Guidry
    3 time 20-game winner
    4 All-Star Games
    2 World Series titles
    1 Cy Young
    25-3 mark in 1978

    So when perusing the above stats, although impressive as Schilling's numbers are, there are other pitchers who are just as impressive who will never make my advice to Schilling is to head back to Arizona, keep working on his blog, and shove that bloody sock where the sun does not shine...

    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Sunday Stories

    Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes who will be moving as the baseball trading season is open... "They (Phillies) would also be in on a No. 1 such as C.C. Sabathia if the Indians are serious about peddling him or Erik Bedard if the Mariners rip things apart. They are also taking a good look at A.J. Burnett, who has an opt-out, as well as Bronson Arroyo and Derek Lowe. The official said the Phillies see this year as a prime opportunity to make it to the World Series." ...
    Nick Cafardo

    Vincent Mallozzi of The New York Times writes about a person who sells cars to the stars... "Macky Dancy has made it his business to get the signatures of professional athletes — in triplicate. Dancy, who was born in Memphis and grew up in Brooklyn rooting for the Yankees, the Knicks and the Giants, sells luxury cars to athletes and entertainers." ...
    Vincent Mallozzi

    Erin Hicks of the Daily News writes about her try-out for the Nets dance team... "But when I heard the Nets basketball team was holding auditions for the 2008-09 dance team I thought: "Sure, I'll give it a go. Can't be that hard. All I have to do is flip my hair and shake my hips. Easy deal." Wrong. So wrong." ...
    Erin Hicks

    George Solomon of the Washington Post writes how the Washington Nationals are going to honor the late sports journalist Shirley Povich today... "For the next 27 years, Povich doggedly lobbied and wrote columns in hopes of helping to return baseball to the city he moved to in 1922 and lived in until his death in 1998." ...
    George Solomon

    With the NBA Draft on Thursday, the Chicago Sun-Times sports staff give their thoughts on who the Bulls should take with the number one pick...
    Chicago Sun-Times

    Greg Couch of the Chicago Sun-Times writes how Ozzie Guillen has choked this weekend in the series with the Cubs... "It's a little too easy to say Guillen blew both games. But he did. It's a little too easy to say that a manager who won a World Series is choking under the pressure of playing the big, bad Cubs, but he is. But it is not too simple to say that the Cubs are exposing the Sox for their flaws. That's exactly what's happening." ...
    Greg Couch

    K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune writes about Michael Beasley's background... "Beasley grew up without a father figure under the watchful eye of his mother, Fatima Smith, who worked numerous jobs to support him and his siblings." ...
    Jay Mariotti

    Chuck Culpepper, special to the Los Angeles Times, writes about Roger Federer and the upcoming Wimbledon... "Even as tennis intellectuals whisper his empire's crumbling, the world's No. 1 player had the gall to turn up Saturday on the outside Court No. 10 for practice, looking sublime as ever, attracting a small crowd on the barren grounds of the All England Club two days before the action. After his hitting session under the usual grim sky, he stopped repeatedly to pose for photographs, even waiting alongside one child as her mother spent epochs adjusting the camera." ...
    Chuck Culpepper

    Paul Coro of the Arizona Central writes about new Phoenix Suns head coach Terry Porter... "After playing 17 seasons in the NBA and coaching for five, Porter may feel blessed to get a second crack at being a head coach but nobody who crossed his life's path will tell you he has not earned it or deserved it. They just didn't expect it." ...
    Paul Coro