Thursday, December 13, 2007

NCAA Playoff Game - First Round - USC vs. LSU

Here we go for the final first round game.... I officially call to order the Kings of the we breakdown maybe the best first round game.....

First round playoff game
#2 LSU Tigers (11-2) vs. #7 Southern Cal Trojans (10-2)
LSU favored by 1.5
Game to be played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas

Zach of
The Big Picture
Tough D vs. Tough D. Really tough to call. Based on LSU being mildly convincing and USC being solid, I'll give the Trojans the nod. Could be a faux national title.

Jon of
Complete Sports
Sorry... not gonna be able to get a writeup... been studying for a test all day and I have to go take it (I will leave literally right after I hit send). But my pick:
USC 31 LSU 30

Money Shot
Ah ye
s, the best first round matchup. LSU has all the talent in the world but tend to not rise to the occasion each week. No matter which QB is back there, the offense is just average. The defense has underachieved all year as they should NEVER be allowing 43 and 50 points in a game. USC has also been underwhelming. They should be mauling teams each and every week but have also had the propensity to play down to the competition every week. However, USC can run and run and run with Joe McKnight and others. The deciding factor in this game will be Pete Carroll outmaneuvering the overrated and often crazy, Les Miles, in every facet of the game. This one won't be pretty with the defenses dominating...but that's the way the Trojans have played all year.
USC 20 LSU 16

Virgil of
The Ship of Fools
Finally, we get these teams on the same (hypothetical) field! The best in the west against the best from down south.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have always thought that the Pac-10 was a little overrated. As it turned out, Arizona St. wasn't very good, Oregon fell apart without Dennis Dixon, and Cal proved to be a complete fraud. So I do not have as much respect for a USC team with two conference losses as others might. I think that the Trojans' defense is inconsistent, and John David Booty showed a lot of warts now that he isn't throwing to All-America WRs. LSU on the other hand, looked like the best team in the nation for much of the season. They had two triple OT losses, a couple more close wins (Florida & Auburn) and pretty much blew everyone else out in a very tough SEC. USC's strength is speed, and LSU's is power. I think that LSU has the speed to match up with the Trojans, but USC doesn't have nearly enough power to match up with the Tigers.
LSU 31 USC 17

Rick of Stiles Points
This is flat out the best first round fact, I have seen other playoffs scenarios where either LSU or USC were the a Michigan Man, I love Les Miles and dream of him to be wearing Maize and Blue.....I think he brings that edge to the game....LSU is talented as heck even though they lost twice this year....but my pick is going to be Southern Cal.....USC is the hottest team in the country right now.....yeh, yeh, they lost to Stanford - that was back in October, if this game were to be played in the first round, LSU's defense and quarterback are banged up.....Dorsey and Flynn would not be healthy for this game against USC.....that also has to be taken into factor....
Southern Cal 38 LSU 27

A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-1 in favor of USC advancing and playing Virginia Tech in the check back Monday for our thoughts on the one semi-final between Ohio State and Oklahoma.....that game will be played in the Orange Bowl in Miami.....the winner advances on to the National Title Game....

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