Monday, December 17, 2007

Semi-Final Game - Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

We are down to the Final Four - Ohio State vs. Oklahoma and Southern Cal vs. Virginia Tech....therefore, I officially call to order the Kings of the Roundtable....I have brought together the blogosphere's best and brightest to breakdown college football....the Fab Five are Zach of The Big Picture, Graig of Money Shot, Jon of Complete Sports, Virgil of The Ship of Fools (formerly of Wasting Company Time), and me (Rick) of Stiles we breakdown the Ohio State-Oklahoma to our thoughts on today's match-up.....

Semi-Final Game
#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) vs. #4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-2)
Ohio State favored by 1.5
Game to be played at the old Orange Bowl in Little Havanna

Jon of Complete Sports
Once again, Ohio St. will need to rely on their defense and running game against a very talented Oklahoma team. Chris Wells will see the ball a lot. However, I think Oklahoma's firepower on offense will be a little too much to overcome for the Buckeyes. Sam Bradford leads the offense, and he has a bevy of options, including guys like DeMarco Murray, Allen Patrick, and Malcolm Kelly. They'll make just enough big plays to sneak by and into the championship game.
Oklahoma 24, Ohio St. 20

Zach of
The Big Picture
Ohio State plays solid football. Hard-nosed, dull, Big 10 football. Key word: dull. Oklahoma, meanwhile, isn't the most entertaining team in the world, but an exciting, y
oung QB could be what this team needs to win another big game. Who knows, maybe they'll put a hook and ladder in the playbook, too.
Oklahoma 28 Ohio State 24

Virgil of
The Ship of Fools
Both teams are very strong up front, both are led by stud running backs (Allen Patrick and DeMarco Murray for OU, Chris Wells for OSU) and both have efficient game-managers at quarterback (Sam Bradford for the Sooners, and Todd Boeckmann for the Buckeyes). In many ways, these teams are mirror-images of each other. I think that will make for a close, low-scoring game. In the end, I think that the strength that the Buckeyes have in the front seven will be the difference. Oklahoma did not face anyone of the caliber of DE Vernon Gholston, or MLB James Laurenitis in the Big 12, and I think that will be the difference.
Ohio State 17 Oklahoma 14

Graig of
Money Shot
This one should be physical. Both teams feature power running games and stout run defenses. The key to the game will be whether Todd Boeckman will able to move the ball downfield against the best and quickest defense that he's ever seen. Sam Bradford should be able to make a few plays off of play-action after the Sooners establish the running game. In the end, the Sooners defense has too much talent for Todd Boeckman and will force a few turnovers that to points for the Big 12 champions.
Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 17

Rick of Stiles Points
This is th
e Battle of Youngstown, Ohio....Bob Stoops was born and bred in Youngstown vs. the city's adopted favorite son - Jim Tressel....Oklahoma was playing as well as anyone at the end of the season.....Sam Bradford has various weapons to utilize which will challenge the Buckeye defense....look what Illinois did....the Sooners will put the heat on Boeckman like no other team has this year....this will show his weaknessed....Ohio State will not go down easy, but in the end, Boomer Sooner prevails....
Oklahoma 24 Ohio State 13

A decision has been made....So Let It Be Written - So Let it Be Done - the Roundtable rules 4-1 in favor of Oklahoma advancing to the Title Game in the Rose Bowl and playing the winner of the Southern Cal-Virginia Tech check back Wednesday for our thoughts on that game...

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