Friday, February 01, 2008

Is Terrelle Pryor and Tressel scheming against Michigan?

It was reported last night that high school stud Terrelle Pryor may be delaying his announcement of where he will be attending college.....he is supposed to announce it on Wednesday.....if there is a delay, this is not good for Michigan.....if he does delay his announcement then eventually declares to Ohio State, it would not surprise me if the Snake Oil Salesman Jim Tressel had something to do with it.....

Michigan is in desperate need for a, if Pryor does not choose Michigan, that means the Wolverines have to scramble in their search for a quarterback delaying his decision by even one week, Pryor and Tressel could set back Michigan in this search.....

Prior to the LSU game, a newspaper did a featue on Tressel and what he is like off the went on to say that in his spare time he often just sits around the house and thinks......scoff if you want about my theory, but it would not surprise me if Gentleman Jim came up with this plot....

Kirk Herbstreit can go to hell
Earlier this week, Tressel's bitch - aka Kirk Herbstreit - was on the Colin Cowherd show in which he stated that Michigan will go 6-6 next season....

First off, who the hell is Kirk Herbstreit?....this is the same moron who announced back in November that Les Miles would be the Michigan head coach at the end of the day only to have his "scoop" blow up in his face....Herbstreit is supposed to be the top college football media man in the country, so how did he screw up that "scoop"...

You know what Pretty Boy Kirk, you may be right, Michigan may go 6-6 next season....but as long as one of those 6 wins is against your alma mater...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want to go on a date with Dana Jacobson!!!

ESPN's Dana Jacobson has been in hot water of late after her drunken tirade at a Mike and Mike Roast in Atlantic City.....who cares!!!.....we all have been drunk a time or two or three and have done stupid stuff....

I am officially declaring that I want to go on a date with Dana....she is single, loves sports, likes to drink, and most of all, she is a Michigan Woman....everyone knows I am a Michigan fan through and, we are both single and in our late 30s....this is perfect!!!....

So yes, forget about stickwoman Erin Andrews - you can have her.....forget about Bonnie Bernstein.....give me Dana Jacobson!!!! if any blogger out there knows the lovely Ms. Dana, please forward this to her....


Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists - My vote

The following are the 17 finalists for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame....the NFL writers will vote on this year's class on Saturday....
- Cris Carter - wide receiver - Eagles, Vikings, Dolphins
- Fred Dean - defensive end - Chargers, 49ers
- Richard Dent - defensive end - Bears, 49ers, Colts, Eagles
- Marshall Goldberg - back - Cardinals
- Randy Gradishar - linebacker - Broncos
- Darrell Green - cornerback - Redskins
- Russ Grimm - guard - Redskins
- Ray Guy - punter - Raiders
- Bob Kuechenberg - guard - Dolphins
- Randall McDaniel - guard - Vikings, Buccaneers
- Art Monk - wide receiver - Redskins, Jets, Eagles
- Andre Reed - wide receiver - Bills, Redskins
- Paul Tagliabue - commissioner
- Derrick Thomas - linebacker - Chiefs
- Emmitt Thomas - cornerback - Chiefs
- Andre Tippett - linebacker - Patriots
- Gary Zimmerman - tackle - Vikings, Broncos

There is no doubt that all 17 people are deserving to make the Hall of fact, it is an honor to be a finalist...all these athletes made Pro Bowls and All-NFL Teams, therefore I made my own criteria in determining who I would vote for...I asked myself two questions, "Did this person make an impact?" and "Were they a difference maker?" is who I would vote into this year's class...

Paul Tagliabue - it is not if he will make the Hall, but when...he missed out last year...Tags was a good commissioner in which there was no work stoppage during his tenure and the NFL became global....

Ray Guy (photo) - he is overlooked and not respected because he was a punter....but Guy was the best punter ever...he was instrumental in the Raiders winning three Super Bowls over a stretch in the late 70s and early 80s....

Richard Dent - Dent was the best defensive end pass rusher that I have ever seen...Bruce Smith has more sacks than Dent...but just like Smith, Dent was a difference an extra boost, he was also a Super Bowl MVP...that surely can't hurt his case...

Russ Grimm - Grimm has been at this spot a few times and has never made it in...he was the anchor of the great Redskins offensive line known as the Hogs...

Darrell Green - this should be a no-brainer...Green was a shutdown corner who had the speed to rundown anyone who broke loose...Green also served as a punt his first NFL game, Green made an impact when he chased down Dallas running back Tony Dorsett, on Monday Night, to prevent a sure touchdown....

Randy Gradishar (photo) - the young bucks may have forgotten about this warrior...Gradishar was not flashy, but he was a rock solid linebacker who often did not get the recognition he deserved...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Five Good Questions with Tony Grossi about the Pro Football Hall of Fame Voting

This Saturday, the football writers will be selecting the latest class to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame....The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi is one of the 44 voting members....he was kind enough to take a few minutes to respond to our Five Good Questions....

Q1. On average, how long of a process is it in deciding who will be the new enshrinees? Should there be any changes in the process?
A. It's a gruelling process. The selection meeting lasts more than 4 hours and increases every year because there is so much discussion on every one of the 17 finalists. After all the discussion, there are two votes to whittle down the finalists to seven. And then there are separate votes on each of final seven. There are about a half-dozen accountants in the room collecting ballots and then counting them. It's like electing seven popes a year. Just draining. Painstakingly thorough.

Q2. In your opinion, who are three players, coaches, and/or administrators who should be in the Hall of Fame but aren't?
A. Randy Gradishar, Derrick Thomas and Blanton Collier.

Q3. In the past, you have been an opponent of Art Modell making the Hall of Fame. Do you see any chance of Modell ever making the Hall of Fame, say even 15-20 years from now?
A. Oh, there's always a chance. But in my opinion, nothing will change to rewrite his legacy. I suppose he will get some sympathetic votes when he passes. But his passing will not change what he did -- nor should it. His supporters say we in Cleveland should forgive him. I think we have forgiven him, but we should not forget.

Q4. In the recent Pro Football Weekly, it ran a story about current and past hea
d coaches and their chances of getting into the Hall of Fame. Two of the head coaches who were borderline possibilities were Don Coryell (photo) and Marty Schottenheimer. What is your take on these two former coaches? Would you vote in favor of them being in the Hall of Fame?
A. Right now, no. I would need to hear a really good argument for Coryell. As for Schottenheimer, his postseason record -- using his own words -- is what it is.

Q5. The same article mentioned that Bill Belichick is a lock for the Hall of Fame despite the Spygate scandal. What is your take on Belichick making the Hall of Fame? Your thoughts on Spygate.
A. It's incomprehensible to think a coach can win three Super Bowls -- it may be four soon and there may be even more up ahead -- and not be a slamdunk for the Hall of Fame. As for Spygate, I would love to hear all the facts, but the NFL has seen fit to destroy all the evidence. I've said this for a while now -- Belichick is the closest thing in this era to Paul Brown.

Once again I would like to thank Tony for taking the time to respond....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Five Good Questions with Jack Daly about North Carolina Basketball

Today's Five Good Questions is with Jack Daly of the Durham Herald Sun....Jack took the time to respond about this year's North Carolina Tar Heels.....

Q1. What are the Tar Heels strengths?
A. UNC has perhaps the best college player in the country in Tyler Hansbrough, who goes all out on every play. The Tar Heels have the fastest point guard in the country in Ty Lawson. They have one of the better scorers in Wayne Ellington. And they have sixth-man extraordinaire Danny Green coming off the bench. So UNC doesn't lack in talent, which means they have little trouble scoring. UNC has the second best offense in the country.

Q2. What area(s) must North Carolina improve upon?
A. Defense. Focus to a certain degree (Losing to Maryland at home? Really?), but defense is the obvious one. This has been a recurring problem and has flared up especially in recent weeks. UNC's opponents have shot at least 50 percent in one half in six of the Tar Heels' last seven games. The only team not to do that was Maryland, which, of course, beat the Tar Heels. With Bobby Frasor's injury (he tore his ACL on Dec. 27 and will miss the rest of the season), UNC's depth isn't as overwhelming as it's made out to be.

Q3. Most of the country knows Tyler Hansbrough (photo) and Wayne Ellington, but who are some other players on this team that people should not overlook?
A. Ty Lawson and Danny Green. Most of the country probably knows Lawson as well. But Green's a key player for the Tar Heels, giving the team an offensive threat off the bench. And he's a really good dancer.

Q4. What has Hansbrough done over the last year to improve his game? Is he an all-around player now?
A. I think you could call Tyler an all-around player. His defense is the only thing may cause hesitation. Hansbrough generally doesn't shut down an opponent's big man if that player is talented and as tall as Hansbrough (6-foot-9).

Q5. How good is this North Carolina team compared to the team that won the title a few years ago?
A. We'll see. I'm not trying to be flip, but UNC still hasn't played enough top-25 teams to have a great idea. Once the Tar Heels play Duke on Feb. 6, we'll have a much better handle. Considering the way this team plays defense at the6 moment, I think the logical conclusion is this team isn't as good as the 2005 team. That doesn't mean the Tar Heels won't improve and reach the Final Four. When you have a nucleus of Hansbrough, Lawson and Ellington, you have the necessary pieces to be considered an NCAA title contender.

Once again, I would like to thank Jack for his time....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Five Good Questions with Diane Pucin about UCLA Basketball

Today's "Five Good Questions" is with Diane Pucin of The Los Angeles Times....Diane covers UCLA basketball and was kind enough to take a few minutes to respond to these five questions....

Q1. What is your assessment of UCLA so far this season?
A. The season has gone a bit better than I expected because of the injury problems UCLA has suffered. Of its top nine guys six have missed significant numbers of games or practices. Point guard Darren Collison still hasn't reached the physical condition of last year that drew NBA scout attention his way. But he's getting there.

Q2. What area(s) must the team improve upon?
A. UCLA needs to get better operating its offense against zone defenses. The Bruins could struggle against a really good zone defensive team in the NCAA tournament.

Q3. How much of an impact has Kevin Love (photo) been this season?
A. Kevin Love has made a huge impact. He was criticized, rightly, for being a bit out of shape and Ben Howland was criticized for not figuring out how to get Love the ball more in the paint. But when Pac-10 season started, Love has just turned his talent up. People who don't see the Pac-10 much don't know how impressive his 26 points and 18 rebounds were at Oregon Thursday or how he dominated Brook and Robin Lopez at Stanford and DeVon Hardin and Ryan Anderson at California.

Q4. Overall, how would you rate the PAC-10 this season?
A. It may sound homerish but I grew up in Big 10 Country and worked in Philadelphia for 11 years and from what I've seen this year, the Pac-10 is the toughest conference in the country. It has more good players. Oregon State, which hasn't won a conference game yet, has talent. Teams that win at McArthur Court at Oregon or at Maples Pavilion at Stanford or go to Pullman and beat Washington State must play very good basketball.

Q5. Last question, why does the team have a different color in the letter "C" on their uniform?
A. The different-colored "C" is to honor UCLA's having won 100 NCAA sports championships. The "C" stands for 100 in roman numerals.

I want to thank Diane for her time....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Bowl Articles

New York Times sports columnist Dave Anderson writes that the ‘72 Dolphins were not the only perfect pro football team..... "But buried in a forgotten pro football graveyard is a forgotten unbeaten and untied team, the 1948 Cleveland Browns." ....
  • Dave Anderson

  • Legenday Newark Star Ledger sports columnist Jerry Izenberg writes about New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.... "He had come to a football team whose upper management knew the inmates had been about as disciplined as the Happy Hour Nursery School at recess on a rainy afternoon. They had finished the previous season about six inches this side of anarchy." ....
  • Jerry Izenberg

  • New York Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica writes how Peyton will be part of the conversation all week even though his team lost..... "Peyton Manning is the third quarterback in this Super Bowl. It means one more star quarterback than usual, one more than we really need since we already have his kid brother against Tom Brady." ....
  • Mike Lupica

  • New York Daily News sports reporter Hank Gola compared Bill Belichick's best offense (‘07 Pats) vs. his best defense (‘86 Giants)..... "Take the best defense he ever coached, the '86 Giants under Bill Parcells, and pit them against the best offense he ever coached, this year's record-setting Patriot bunch. Lawrence Taylor running down Tom Brady. Randy Moss working his way deep. Harry Carson against the Patriots' running game. It would make one heck of a video game or electric football game for you old-timers." ....
  • Hank Gola

  • Boston Globe sports columnist Jackie MacMullen writes about New England's fourth receiver..... "Gaffney represents a unique distinction that would have sent Dickens scrambling for his inkwell: He was a card-carrying member of the dubious Patriots receiving corps last year that endured the worst of times, as well as the current elite group, which has enjoyed the very best of times." .....
  • Jackie MacMullen

  • Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley writes how Las Vegas is predicting a big day come Super Bowl Sunday.... "I've already talked with the directors of most major books in town, and this will be the largest wagered Super Bowl in the history of legal sports gambling," said renowned handicapper Brandon Lang . . . " .....
  • Dan Bickley