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Five Good Questions with . . . David Neal of The Miami Herald about the Dolphins

Today's "Five Good Questions" is with David Neal of The Miami Hearald....Dan covers the Miami Dolphnins....

Q1. Are the Dolphins serious in trying to acquire Trent Green from Kansas City or is this just a smokescreen?
Yes, they're trying to get Green. To our knowledge.

Q2. Any chance of the Dolphins trading up to the second overall pick to try and draft Brady Quinn? Are the Dolphins even interested in Quinn?

Probably not much of a shot at jumping all the way to No. 2.

Q3. Any chance the Dolphins may trade down and acquire additional draft picks? If so, which team do you think they can work a deal with?

Don't think so. They already have a fistful of picks.

Q4. If they stay with the ninth pick and decide to go with a defensive player, which of these players do you think they will select and why - Patrick Willis (lb), Alan Branch (dt), Adam Carriker (de), or Jamaal Anderson (de)? Branch -- they need young help inside immediately

Q5. What is Ronnie Brown's reaction now that Ricky Williams is back in the picture at running back?

Ronnie puts a good face on it, pointing to the success of two-back lineups in the playoffs last year and he got along well with Ricky in 2005. I know, however, that Ronnie wished last season that he got more touches per game.

I want to thank David for taking the time to respond.....

Guest Columnist - The Maverick finishes off the first round

Today The Maverick finishes out the first round with his call on picks 17-32.....

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - FS Reggie Nelson, Florida - Greg Sensabaugh is the Jaguars starting FS, ever heard of him?

18 Cincinnati Bengals - DE Jarvis Moss, Florida - The Bengals front seven is in disarray after the loss of David Pollack and problems with Odell Thurman. With only Justin Smith and Ahmad Brooks as viable starters (see Jacksonville) Cincinnati must address this issue if they plan on contending in a tough AFC North. Moss brings versatility and Kearselike quickness to a front seven in sore need of, well anything and everything.

19. Tennessee Titans - WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee - Needs: see Houston. They need a lot of help, why not start by helping Vince Young? Next to CJ, Meachem is my favorite WR of the draft. He is a purebred playmaker, plain and simple. He has some minor technical flaws and coverage recognition problems but nothing Norm Chow and his crew cant iron out in preseason.

20. New York Giants - CB Darelle Revis, Pittsburgh - If Revis drops to 20 the Giants should declare a national holiday. Its not that Revis is that good, its that the GMen secondary is that bad. The Pitt CB has an incredible quickness, is a solid tackler, but needs polished in his coverage technique. Bottom line, Darelle is a darn good corner.

21. Denver Broncos - DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska - Maybe the ex-Cleveland DL experiment is over. Carriker is an excellent allaround DE, but he could work on his technique to become a more feared pass rusher. He has the burst and the strength, but lacks the moves needed to penetrate and disrupt. His only apparent weakness is something that can be taught. Thats a good thing.

22. Dallas Cowboys - WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU- TO is a ticking time bomb and Glenn has a long history of injury, enough said.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn - The once great offensive line looked shaky last year, and then OG Will Sheilds retired. Ouch! Enter Ben Grubbs. Grubbs is explosive as a run blocker and has quick feet in pass protection, he just needs more experience to polish his technique. He could be a probowler. The Chiefs can address their WR need in the 2nd taking advantage on the plentiful crop pass catchers this year.

24. New England Patriots - SS Michael Griffin, Texas - Talent always seems to drop to the Patriots. Rodney Harrison has been solid for the Pats, but will be entering his 14th season and his durability has become a question. Michael Griffin is a coaches dream with heart, speed, acceleration, agility, awareness, blah, blah, blah, blah. The Patriots to do it again on draft day.

25. New York Jets - CB Aaron Ross, Texas - With Hank Poteat starting at RCB the Jets have a nobrainer in the firsttake the best CB on the board. Ross brings along amazing speed and quickness and is a dynamic return man. He has the ball skills and big play ability to break a game wide open.

26. Philadelphia Eagles - LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State - The Eagles gave up 136ypg in 06. I think it is time for a front seven makeover. Timmons is a great scraping LB with a nose for the ball and a penchant for the backfield. Jeremiah Trotter will welcome the help after playing between Omar Gaither and Dhani Jones.

27. New Orleans Saints - LB David Harris, Michigan - The Saints, like the Eagles were less than stellar against the run on 06 ranking 23rd. Harris is a solid run stuffing LB with a knack for forcing fumbles. He is tough, instinctive, has good field speed, and will rattle some teeth. I just dont see that out of the Saints current LBs.

28. New England Patriots - CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State - McCauley is stellar vs. the run and has all the coverage skills to be a shut down corner on Sundays. However, he is a bit of a risk because of a concussion early in 2006.

29. Baltimore Ravens - OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan - HOF Bound OT Jonathan Ogden is on the decline, McNair is no spring chicken, and the Ravens just acquired stud RB Willis McGahee. I would say selecting and offensive lineman is more than logical. Staley is a bit raw with his technique, but is a gifted athlete (ran a 4.78 at the combine, with good size (66" 306lbs), and oh yeah he also scored a solid 32/39 onthe wonderlic.

30. San Diego Chargers - WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC - Its scary the Chargers were as good as they were without a bonafide #1 WR. Jarrett is a big physical target who will fight for the ball and uses his body well to boxout defenders. San Diego is the perfect environment for Jarrett. With many playmakers around him it will be much easier for him to separate from defenders, much like his days at USC. Rivers will welcome another big target who knows how to fight for the ball.

31. Chicago Bears - ILB Jon Beason, Miami - With imminent departure of Lance Briggs the Bears need to find a replacement. Here are some of Beasons qualities: great shortarea quickness, good speed, fierce tackler, amazing shortarea power, neverending motor, good in coverage, a solid pass rusher, great instincts. With a comparable frame to Briggs Beason sound like perfect fit.

32. Indianapolis Colts - DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee - The Colts gave up 173 ypg and won the Superbowl, I wouldnt expect that to happen again. I would love to see the addition of Ted Ginn Jr. to this offense, but they have issues at DT and LB. Harrell is proven leader who will no doubt toughenup this soft defense.

The Most Over-rated Prospects
1. Ted Ginn Jr.
2. JaMarcus Russell
3. Brady Quinn
4. Lawrence Timmons
5. Gaines Adams
6. Chris Houston
7. Dwayne Jarrett

The Most Under-rated Prospects
1. Robert Meachem
2. Patrick Willis
3. David Harris
4. Paul Posluszny
5. Tony Hunt
6. Sabby Piscitelli
7. Craig Davis
8. Drew Stanton

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Guest Columnist - The Maverick gives his take on the first 16 picks

Today we have another guest columnist....he is not a blogger but a long time friend and fantasy football opponent for the last 11 years......I give you - The Maverick.....The Maverick is from Cortland, Ohio, but now lives in Warren, late March, his wife gave birth to a baby girl - he will discuss the first 16 picks of the draft with the remaining first round picks as part of tomorrow’s column....

The 2007 Draft ushers in a new wave of talent, and an element of hope for struggling franchises and wounded fans alike. This year’s draft seems to be strong and deep at the defensive end and wide receiver positions, but is lacking at quarterback. Trade rumors are rampant as some teams look to gain value and others simply quantity. However, taking away the trade variable, these are the optimal first round selections for each franchise.

1. Oakland Raiders - QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU - This is a risk-reward pick for the Raiders, but Russell’s upside is off-the-charts and answers Al Davis’ dream of a vertical passing game. Russell is big, strong, and smooth with an 80-yard hose, but still needs some polishing. Poor JaMarcus, the Raiders gave up 72 sacks last season, they better add a few more linemen later on in the draft.

2. Detroit Lions - QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame - Brady Quinn is the perfect candidate to run a Mike Martz offense. He carried an over-rated Irish team on his shoulders and is still knocked for not winning the big game. People used to say that about Peyton Manning & Bill Cowher. Quinn has "it" like ebay. The Lions offensive line yielded 63 sacks in 06, see Raiders. I think the top qb prospects of 2007 are over-rated, however Oakland and Detroit are that desperate for a franchise qb and their respective skills are the perfect match for their prospective teams.

3. Cleveland Browns - OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin - The Browns are in a good position and can let the draft come to them with options at qb, rb, wr, and ot. The Browns have a solid receiving corps and have taken measures to bolster the o-line. Savage & Crennel will still be looking for instant offense to protect their jobs. Since 1999 the Browns have passed on rbs James, Williams, Tomlinson, McGahee, L. Johnson, and S. Jackson. The responsible thing to do here is pass on Peterson as well and select freak ot Joe Thomas. You can’t build a house until you have laid the foundation.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech - Johnson is a physical freak in terms of size and ability. He is also a rare wr with a Jerry Rice-like work ethic and no character issues. He is just what the doctor ordered for a pathetic offense which ranked 29th overall averaging a paltry 175ypg.

5. Arizona Cardinals - FS LaRon Landry, LSU - The Cardinals defense showed some signs of life last season, but still lack playmakers to disrupt an offense. The Cardinals front seven was average producing 38 sacks and yielding 118ypg on the ground, but the secondary had a forgettable campaign in 06 finishing 30th in the NFL. Adding Landry will help with some of their coverage issues and add another dimension to run support with two solid and versatile safeties. Whisenhunt learned the value of having a versatile strong tackling safety in Polamalu and should have no problem making this selection.

6. Washington Redskins - DE Gaines Adams, Clemson - The Redskins have proved that you can’t build teams through free agency, Adams will be a nice defensive cornerstone to wreak havoc in opposing backfields. There is no doubting Adams’ athletic ability, but his lack of stats leave me reluctant to declare him a Pro Bowler. In any case, there is plenty of room for him on the right side in a defense that registered only 19 sacks last season. No misprint, they only had 19! Don’t be surprised to see the Skins trade down from this spot and try to grab a few extra picks since they won’t pick again until the 5th round.

7. Minnesota Vikings - RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma - At a glance, Chester Taylor’s1200 yards in 06 seems formidable, but Minnesota has one of the elite offensive lines in the NFL. Taylor recorded only 4 100-yard games last season, and should be viewed as a run-of-the-mill rb. Plug in a dynamic inside runner who can get the tough yards, move the chains, and score from anywhere on the field, and the Vikings may not have to worry so much about their wr short-comings. That being said, Tavarious Jackson has no business starting in the NFL. Childress better find another option.

8. Atlanta Falcons - OT Levi Brown, Penn State - Enter Bobby Petrino, a talented throwback coach who prefers a power run game. Drafting a solid ot like Brown is the first sign of things to come. I wonder what is in store for Vick?

9. Miami Dolphins - DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville - The Dolphins are franticly trying to sign a qb to replace the oft-injured has-been Culpepper. Look for them to trade-up with Washington if Quinn drops to #6. However, this19 year-old phenom tore up The Combine showing off his speed, strength, and agility. He will also be a timely replacement for Keith Traylor who turns 38 in September.

10. Houston Texans - CB Leon Hall, Michigan - You would think that draft day would be easier on a team with so many needs, but that was not the case last year. The huge hole at right cb will be upgraded by Michigan star Leon Hall.

11. San Francisco 49ers - LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi - The Niners front seven is arguably the weakest in football. Their biggest need is at dt but Willis is the better choice with Branch’s wavering character and work ethic. Must take Willis here.

12. Buffalo Bills - RB Marshawn Lynch, California - Lingering back injuries and character issues are a concern with Lynch but talent is not. Perhaps the most complete back in the draft, he is a great inside runner with breakaway speed and a threat as a receiver. A perfect fit for a cold weather team whose #1 back is Anthony Thomas.

13. St. Louis Rams - DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas - Anderson is a sack artist with long arms and a powerful burst to penetrate into the backfield. If he lacks anywhere it is strength, but he makes up for it with excellent technique. Anderson will join the likes of Leonard Little, Jimmy Kennedy, and LaRoi Glover rounding out a solid d-line.

14.Carolina Panthers - TE Greg Olsen, Miami - Here we go again, another Miami te moving up in the draft. Olsen wooed all at The Combine posting a blazing 4.51 for his 6'6" 254lbs frame. He will take the heat off of Steve Smith by adding an intermediate dynamic to the Panther offensive attack. By adding this weapon to the Panthers, this could be a make or break year for Delhomme.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - OLB Paul Posluszny, Penn State - This just seems too obvious. A blue collar lb from the the Keystone State who will ring in PSU folklore for years to come (remember Jack Ham) and a big hole developing at olb for the Steelers with the loss of firecracker Joey Porter. Hmmmm, maybe Kevin Colbert saw this opportunity on the horizon.

16. Green Bay Packers - DT Alan Branch, Michigan - Needs: see Houston. Questions about Branch’s work ethic has hurt his draft position. He can take over a game, but he will also disappear as he did vs. Ohio State. There is no doubt he is a force up the middle at 6'6" 324lbs and recording 33 reps on the bench. If Branch matures and lives up to his ability, he will make an already sack happy d-line a dominating force.

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Five Good Questions with . . . Jim Carty of The Ann Arbor News about Michigan and the NFL Draft

Today is our last installment of "Five Good Questions" that deals with the NFL Draft....after taking a skiing vacation in Colorado, Jim Carty of The Ann Arbor News was nice enough to still respond.....Jim covers Michigan football and provides some insight on the Wolverine players who are getting ready for Saturday's draft...

Q1. Some of the updated draft sites have Alan Branch sliding out of the top 10. He has all the physical talent to dominate at his position. However, the knock on him is that he does not fully utilize his talent. Seeing Branch play and practice over the last few years, what is your assessment?
Well, first it should be noted that since Michigan only allows the media to watch practice once or twice a year, my analysis of Branch and other players is based mostly on game performances with some feedback from folks who regularly see practice. Branch has tremendous physical gifts. He's 6-6, 335 pounds and moves like a player 50 to 75 pounds lighter, which allowed him to actually play multiple skill positions and basketball in high school. He recovers quickly from mistakes and relentlessly pursues when the play moves to the other side or gets by him. Physical analysis aside, he's also highly intelligent, extremely engaging and a positive locker room influence. His ceiling as a person appears as high, or higher, than his ceiling as an athlete.

So, what's not to like? Well, at Michigan, I think there's a certain value put on an almost blind belief in the program and coaches, a belief that I don't think Alan had. He wasn't a "Go Blue!" rah-rah sort of guy. It's almost like you have to blindly surrender to the program here - remember, Braylon Edwards, one of the most well-liked players in recent Michigan history, was in the dog house as late as his junior year -- and I never got the feeling Branch was fully on board. There have obviously been rumors he doesn't always practice as hard as he plays, and that he wasn't a big fan of the academic side of college football (although the second one is a bit puzzling to me, since he seemed like a much better intellectual fit for Michigan than many other athletes I've met).

I think once he decided to come out, he got caught up in the moment a little bit, let his conditioning go, and has been playing catch-up ever since. He's got character, smarts and all-pro raw ability. I think that combination keeps him in the top 10 or pretty close to it. Does he put it all together in the NFL? I'm betting he probably does.

Q2. Leon Hall is rated as the top cornerback in the draft. However, he was beaten in both the Ohio State and Rose Bowl games. How good of a pro do you see him becoming and what does he need to work on?
If work ethic and character could guarantee you'd be an All-Pro, you could pencil Hall in for a trip to Hawaii for the next ten years or so, but I think there's a fundamental issue with his speed. A lot of times you see a guy who has better football speed than track speed, i.e. he can make plays even though he doesn't run a 4.4. Hall is the opposite. His times in the 40 are very respectable, yet he struggles when matched up with an elite speed receiver such as Ohio State's Ted Ginn. I don't think Leon ever becomes an elite 1-on-1 cover corner, but will be a very effective player for a team that runs zone coverage.

Q3. Michigan has two linebacker prospects in David Harris (photo) and Prescott Burgess. Describe each player and which of the two will have a better pro career?
I don't really think you can compare the two players. Harris plays faster, hits harder, has more drive and dedication, and a much more accomplished track record of success. Few defensive players in America, and none in the Big Ten, had a better senior season than Harris. Something just clicked for him. I'd be very surprised if Harris doesn't become a stalwart inside linebacker for some team. Probably not a star, but a guy who could play 10 years and make a ton of plays if he stays healthy. Think Victor Hobson with the Jets, maybe with a little more upside. Burgess? It's hard to tell. He has tools and makes plays - sometimes big plays - but also seems to disappear for long stretches. Clearly a better pass-rusher than Harris. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a nice little NFL career and I wouldn't be surprised if he was cut in training camp and never heard from again.

Q4. Lamar Woodley is often described as a “hybrid” defensive player who can play either DE or OLB. In college, he played DE. Does Woodley have the ability to play both positions in the NFL?
This is a tough one. Part of me wants to compare him to Dwight Freeney. Freeney faced a ton of questions about his size and speed coming out of Syracuse, but his ability to make plays simply out-weighed his measureables. There's some of that about Woodley. Yet is there enough of it? I'm just not sure. He has a relentless motor, a dedication to the game and unquestioned toughness, but he's obviously a little bit small for an NFL end and a little bit slow for an outside linebacker. At the least, I'd expect him to be an effective situational pass rusher, and there's a chance he'll be more than that. There are a lot of safer picks in the first and second rounds of the draft, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him fall to the third round or below.

Q5. Is there a place in the NFL for Steve Breaston?
I don't think so. Breaston simply isn't an NFL-level receiving talent -- not fast enough, not big enough, questionable hands. That leaves him as a return specialist and, even there, I'm just not sure he's special enough to dedicate a roster spot to. Maybe he gets drafted, but I can't see him having much of a career.

I want to thank Jim for taking the time to is much appreciated......on Thursday we have another guest columnist who is going to breakdown the NFL Draft -- The Maverick rides into town....

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The NFL Draft - Picks 17-32 and the Second Round

Just to recap, yesterday I broke down the first 16 picks of the, I will finish off the remainder of the first round and give my picks for round 2....

17. Jaguars - Jax lost safety Deon Grant to free agency and Donovan Darius is coming off another major injury.....the safety position needs help - Reggie Nelson, s, Florida

18. Bengals - Cincinnati needs a player with no character issues.....with David Pollack's career in jeopardy, they need someone who could play both d-line or lb....they turn to Husker Nation - Adam Carriker, de/olb, Nebraska

19. Titans - because of the Pacman Jones incident, I would be tempted to look at cb, especially with Darrelle Revis still there.....but, Vince Young needs a prime receiver - Robert Meacham, wr, Tennessee

20. Giants - the G-men have to fill voids at corner and o-line.....the corner needs are more important as they were toasted regularly last year - Darrelle Revis, cb, Pitt

21. Broncos - doesn't it seem that every year Denver is looking to improve its defense.....the most need is at linebacker - Lawrence Timmons, lb, Florida State

22. Cowboys - if Reggie Nelson was here, I would take him....otherwise, I still have to stay in the secondary and improve the corner position.....Anthony Henry was toast last season - Aaron Ross, cb, Texas

23. Chiefs - it looks like Damon Huard is the quarterback now, but he has only Eddie Kennison to throw to....Kennison has been in the league for like 15 years....he needs more help - Dwayne Bowe, wr, LSU

24. Patriots - Coach Bill needs to start a youth movement at the linebacker position and grab another corner in case Asante Samuel bolts after next season.....Coach Bill also knows that you can never have too many o-linemen....Big Joe is too good to pass up - Joe Staley, ot, C. Michigan

25. Jets - secondary help is big in this first round....and the Jets are following in line - Cedric Houston, cb, Arkansas

26. Eagles - Jerimiah Trotter needs some help at linebacker - Jon Beason, lb, The U

27. Saints - New Awlins has other areas to address, but I would take Ted Ginn here....imagine the match-up problems they would cause defenses with Ginn, Bush, Colston, Henderson, and McAlister all on the field - Ted Ginn, wr, Ohio State

28. Patriots - Coach Bill will address the ILB here....he makes a bit of a reach, but gets a solid player - David Harris, ilb, Michigan

29. Ravens - do you go offensive line or cornerback.....the cbs are going fast...Eric Wright has some off-the-field issues, but is a solid corner the Ravens cannot pass-up - Eric Wright, cb, UNLV

30. Chargers - my, my, my, look who is still here.....this is a steal at this spot in the draft - Dwayne Jarrett, wr, Southern Cal

31. Bears - Tank Johnson will be going in the tank with a league suspension....Tommie Harris is coming off an injury and free agency stole another d-lineman.....if not for an injury last season, Justin Harrell would have been a top 10 pick - Justin Harrell, dt, Tennessee

32. Colts - the Champs need to hit on this pick because they don't select again until the 95th pick....Indy has some holes to fill on defense and running back.....they will start in the secondary - Michael Griffin, s, Texas

Round Two
33. Raiders - Tony Ugoh, ot, Arkansas
34. Lions - Tim Crowder, de, Texas
35. Buccaneers - Anthony Spencer, de, Purdue
36. Browns - Ben Grubbs, g, Auburn
37. Bears - Greg Olsen, te, Miami
38. Cardinals - Tank Tyler, dt, N.C. State
39. Falcons - Ryan Kalil, c, Southern Cal
40. Dolphins - Aaron Sears, ol, Tennessee
41. Vikings - Steve Smith, wr, Southern Cal
42. 49ers - Sidney Rice, wr, South Carolina
43. Bills - Antonio Pittman, rb, Ohio State
44. Falcons - Brandon Meriweather, s, The U
45. Panthers - Justin Blalock, ol, Texas
46. Steelers - Tanard Jackson, cb, Syracuse
47. Packers - Zach Miller, te, Arizona State
48. Jaguars - Lamar Woodley, de, Michigan
49. Bengals - Josh Wilson, cb, Maryland
50. Titans - Marcus McCauley, cb, Fresno State
51. Giants - Josh Beekman, ol, Boston College
52. Rams - Anthony Gonzalez, wr, Ohio State
53. Cowboys - Charles Johnson, de, Georgia
54. Chiefs - Jonathan Wade, cb, Tennessee
55. Seahawks - Marshal Yanda, ot, Iowa
56. Broncos - Kenny Irons, rb, Auburn
57. Eagles - Tony Hunt, rb, Penn State
58. Saints - Turk McBride, dl, Tennessee
59. Jets - Brian Leonard, fb, Rutgers
60. Dolphins - Craig Davis, wr, LSU
61. Ravens - Brandon Siler, ilb, Florida
62. Chargers - Aaron Rouse, s, Va. Tech
63. Jets - Eric Weddle, s, Utah
64. Buccaneers - Dan Bazuin, de, C. Michigan

Monday, April 23, 2007

The first 16 picks of round 1 - NFL Draft

Here is my breakdown of the first round of the NFL Draft which will be held on Saturday, April 28th at noon and Sunday, April 29th.....these are not my prediction of who each team will take....instead, I acted as the G.M. of each team and decided who I would take if I were selecting for that I am breaking down the first half of the draft with picks 17-32 coming on Tuesday.....

1. Raiders - personally I think the Raiders should trade down a few spots and pick-up an additional pick or 2....Tampa has 2 second round picks, but I don't see Jon Gruden and Al Davis working a deal....everyone knows Davis covets Calvin Johnson but the fact is, you need someone to throw the ball to Johnson...if they stay at #1, you have to a qb - JaMarcus Russell, qb, LSU

2. Lions
- here is another team that could trade down....the Dolphins have 2 second round picks and they would love to move up to take Quinn.....the popular pick by other scribes is Gaines Adams.....I don't think they will go that route...if the Lions stay at #2, they should go for a possible franchise quarterback...Matt Millen needs to make a splash....Millen should look at it this way - even if Quinn is a bust, it can't be as bad as taking wide receivers 3 years in a row - Brady Quinn, qb, Notre Dame

3. Browns - if Quinn is here, I would take him....if not, they need a big time running back who is in his prime, not like all the rumdums they had and now have - Adrian Peterson, rb, Oklahoma

4. Buccaneers - Tampa has other needs, but there is no way I would pass up Calvin Johnson here - Calvin Johnson, wr, Georgia Tech

5. Cardinals - Arizona has all the goods on offense - Leinart, James, Fitzgerald, they need someone to anchor the line - Joe Thomas, ot, Wisconsin

6. Redskins - Washington needs to hit this pick because they don't have any 2nd or 3rd round selections.....they need players on the d-line and this guy is the best out there - Gaines Adams, de, Clemson

7. Vikings - somehow, if Quinn should drop here, I would take him....Brooks Bollinger and Tarvaris Jackson are not going to quarterback you to the Super Bowl.....but with Quinn gone, the Vikes need to sure up the aging safety positions - LaRon Landry, s, LSU

8. Falcons - Bobby Petrino has a few holes to fill here....they need another o-lineman and someone to replace Patrick comes down between Amobi Okoye and Levi Brown....the Falcons have 2 second round picks....I'll address the offensive line later -- Amobi Okoye, dt, Louisville

9. Dolphins - Miami has to address an aging defense....Alan Branch would fit nicely here....Patrick Willis could be groomed to take Zach Thomas' place.....but I would address the corner position - Leon Hall, cb, Michigan

10. Texans - Houston just made a trade for Matt was seen last season, David Carr had no protection....easy pick - Levi Brown, ot, Penn State

11. 49ers - two months ago, who would have thought Alan Branch would still be here at #11...this is one of those boom or bust picks - Alan Branch, dt, Michigan

12. Bills - Buffalo has two glaring needs - running back and middle linebacker.....its either Marshawn Lynch or Patrick Willis.....I would go with the better player on and off the field - Patrick Willis, lb, Ole Miss

13. Rams - St. Louis needs more help on the d-line with LaRoi Glover getting older - Jamaal Anderson, de, Arkansas

14. Panthers - its either offensive line or linebacker....Dan Morgan's health is not the best....why not get his replacement who can play either inside or outside - Paul Poslusny, lb, Penn State

15. Steelers - the Steelers have to look on the defensive side of the ball....let's face facts, eventually the team will be changing its defensive scheme with new coach Mike Tomlin in charge.....they get themselves a versatile player who can play olb or de - Jarvis Moss, de, Florida

16. Packers - Green Bay needs a running back as bad as I need a woman.....Marshawn Lynch is the best back available at this spot, however, there are some off-the-field issues that have come up over the last month or so.....Green Bay has to take him and just hope he doesn't get in trouble - Marshawn Lynch, rb, Cal