Monday, April 04, 2005

Final Call

Illinois vs. North Carolina

These two teams have been eyeing each other since December....both teams can claim they are a team of "destiny"....these are the two best teams in the country.....Carolina has a great inside game with Sean May, but I have seen them struggle from the three point stripe quite often this year which could come back to hurt them....

Even though they beat Louisville on Saturday, I think the Illini relied a bit much on Dee Brown, Luther Head, and Deron Williams shooting the three ball.....Illinois has to get a bit more points in the paint tonight....

My pick is Illinois because of the three-headed monster of Brown, Head, and Williams

Illinois 87-81
For more information on the Master's golf tournament this week, check out it's website:
  • The Masters

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    Anonymous said...

    Destiny this, pal.