Sunday, April 03, 2005

American League Predictions

American League
1. Yankees - the Yanks win the East -- but Boston still gets the wildcard -- Giambi will improve this season now that he got rid of all those muscles -- A. Rod will win the MVP
2. Red Sox - the Beantown Boys want to show that last year was not a fluke
3. Devil Rays - B.J. Upton is one of the best youngsters in the game -- Aubrey Huff is the best unknown player in the game -- Devil Rays will improve -- Kazmir is a good young arm
4. Orioles - one and done in Baltimore for Sammy
5. Blue Jays - who are half of these players?

1. Tigers - I am not drunk -- the Tigers will win the division -- they have good young pitchers in Bonderman and Maroth -- Magglio and Pudge are a solid in the 3-4 hole -- Dimitri Young adds the spirit ala Boston's Kevin Millar
2. Twins - Minnesota loses Koskie and Guzman -- Twins will be a good team -- but its the Tigers year
3. Indians - somehow the Indians feel they will automatically win this division this year -- team still lacks a true number 1 starter and is depending on a creaky armed closer
4. White Sox - this team just can't get over the hump -- it seems like Frank Thomas is always hurt -- Buerhle and Garcia are good 1-2 pitchers -- but that is all
5. Royals - two years ago this team looked like they were making a move -- it was a fluke -- Tony Pena is a good manager though -- just stuck in a bad situation

1. Angels - Anaheim got a taste of the playoffs once again last season -- they will make a trade in the summer to acquire another ace -- will F. Rod be able to hold down the closer's job, if so, the Angels will be fine
2. Rangers - Texas showed life last season as they contended until just after Labor Day -- Mark Texiera is the best young hitter in the game -- a future MVP
3. Athletics - too many changes -- you don't get rid of Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder and think you can still win the division -- NO WAY!
4. Mariners - give the owner credit -- he went out and got Sexson and Beltre -- this team will contend next year

Red Sox over Angels
Yankees over Tigers

Yankees over Red Sox

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