Sunday, April 10, 2005

One week complete

Here are some thoughts after one week of baseball:

On the Indians
- Aaron Boone may be a steal for the Tribe . . . he played well in the field and is hitting at the plate . . . general manager Mark Shapiro did well by signing the injured Boone last August
- he may never be an All-Star, but Casey Blake is just a plain ole simple baseball player . . . this guy can play any position . . . offensively, he is a solid hitter
- the Tribe propoganda team (aka Cleveland media) built up shortstop Jhonny (yes it is spelled that way) Peralta during spring training . . . he was supposed to be the next Barry Larkin . . . through four games played, Peralta has committed four errors . . . it's funny how the Cleveland media failed to mention that Peralta is a liability in the field
- the Indians better hope that Dave Riske and Arthur Rhodes can close games because Bob Wickman will not make it through the entire season as a closer

By the way, whatever happened to John Rocker? . . .

On the Yankees
- from day one I have stated that the Yankees made a mistake by signing pitcher Jaret Wright . . . Wright had one good season -- and that was last year in the National League . . . 1 good season!!! . . . Wright is a headcase who couldn't handle the pressure when the Indians fans got on his case -- what is he going to do when the New York fans start on him? . . .
- the Yankees Mariano Rivera better get ready to hear the chant "Who's your daddy" during his next appearance at Fenway Park . . . the Red Sox have gotten into the head of the greatest closer of all time
- Bernie Williams is in the last year of his contract with the team . . . he has gotten off to a terrible start batting .063 and has stranded runners in scoring position often

Other nuggets
- Tampa Bay's Jorge Cantu had three homers during the week . . . I say he won't finish with 20 on the year . . .
- are the Angels officially the Los Angeles Angels???? . . . I lost track . . .

Series of the Week
Yankees @ Red Sox - the Yankees head into Fenway on Monday after beating the World Champs 2 out 3 last week . . . on Monday the Sox players get their World Series rings and raise the championship banner . . . the Yankees players should sit in the dugout and watch the ceremony to refresh their memories after choking last October . . . here are the possible pitching match-ups

Monday - Mussina vs. Wakefield - Yankees win
Wednesday - Wright vs. Arroyo - Red Sox win
Thursday - Johnson vs. Schilling - Yankees win

Prediction - Yankees will take 2 of the 3 games

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