Sunday, April 03, 2005

National League Predictions

National League

1. Marlins - the Fishies are back -- they added Delgado for power and Leiter for depth on the staff -- if Beckett and Burnett can pitch to their potential, the Fish will contend for best record in N.L.
2. Braves - everyone learned a lesson last year -- never ever count out Atlanta as long as Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone are in the dugout -- 45-year-old Julio Franco is a freak of nature
3. Mets - Omar Minaya made some noise in his first off-season as the new G.M. -- Pedro and Beltran give the Flushing crowd something to get excited about -- the young third baseman Wright is supposed to be a STUD -- Mets hurt themselves though by trading young pitcher Kazmir last July -- that will bite them for many years to come
4. Phillies - Jimmy Rollins is the best shortstop in the National League -- Thome is good for about 45 boomers -- Phils will trade closer Billy Wagner for prospects
5. Nationals - baseball is back in D.C.!!!!!

1. Cardinals - they now have Mark Mulder on the pitching staff -- Rolen is still nursing injuries at third base -- they have a new middle infield too -- but Cards win division
2. Astros - the loss of Berkman hurts -- the loss of Beltran hurts -- that equals a second place finish
3. Cubs - this is the most frustrating team -- they have a great 1-2-3 on the staff in Prior, Woods, and Zambrano -- but the first two are always hurt -- the Cubs will feel the loss of Moises Alou more than the loss of Sammy
4. Pirates - the Bucs played with a lot of spirit last year -- maybe, just maybe they can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel
5. Brewers - in two years the Brewhahas will win the division -- they have a stud pitcher in Sheets -- three young studs coming up Fielder (1b), Weeks (2b). Hardy (ss) -- watch this team
6. Reds - this team has no hope

1. Padres - I had the Giants to win this division until Bonds began pouting -- Jake Peavy is a young solid starter -- the Padres will win by playing small ball in this spacious park
2. Giants - I love the acquisition of Moises Alou -- if Bonds was here, the Giants may win everything -- but who knows what is going on
3. Dodgers - Dodgers take a step back after making the playoffs last year
4. Diamondbacks - spent some money to get the fans interested again -- still a work in progress

5. Rockies - besides Todd Helton and Preston Wilson, I can't name anyone else on this team -- the Rockies should be contracted -- no one cares about baseball in Denver

Cardinals over Braves

Marlins over Padres

Marlins over Cardinals

World Series
Yankees over Marlins

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