Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer?

Last week on "Mike and Mike," Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg talked about which current NFL players are locks for the Hall of Fame...their "crack" staff came up with a list for each position...today we will look at the quarterback and running back positions...

Brett Favre - he is a lock despite being an asshole the last 3 years...he is a first ballot lock - LOCK

Tom Brady - a Super Bowl record of 3-1, 2-time Super Bowl MVP, League MVP...even if he doesn't throw another pass, Brady is in on his first ballot - LOCK

Peyton Manning - barring injury, Manning should hold every quarterback record when he retires...he is 1-0 in Super Bowls; Super Bowl MVP; 3-time League MVP...first ballot - LOCK

Kurt Warner (photo) - before this season Warner was going to fall into that just missed catergory...but after a resurgence and leading the Cardinals to the Big Show, Warner is in...he is 1-1 in Super Bowls; Super Bowl MVP; 2-time League MVP...first ballot - LOCK

Donovan McNabb - McNabb is interesting...some will hold it against him that he was 1-4 in NFC Championship Games...he has thrown for 194 TDs and almost 30,000 yards...in his prime he was a dual threat at running and throwning the ball...is a 5-time Pro Bowl Selection...McNabb will not make it on his first, second, nor third ballot...he will have a problem getting in at first, but after about five or six years, I believe he will be in the Hall - WILL MAKE IT AFTER A WAIT

Running back
LaDainian Tomlinson
- it seems just like yesterday he racked up 30 TDs, now there is talk that his better days are behind him...he has rushed for 11,760 yards and 141 overall TDs...he was the League MVP...last week on The Dan Patrick Show, McLuvin mentioned an interesting point that many of LT's TDs were of the 1-yard variety and that his TD numbers are a little deceiving...no matter how far out he scored, LT will be in Canton...but I could see him not making it on his first try because of his recent injuries during the playoffs...some writers will hold that against him - CANTON BOUND

Edgerrin James - just like Warner, Edge was a borderline Hall of Famer...but after helping the Cards to the Super Bowl, he will eventually make it to Canton...I don't see him being a first ballot lock, but he makes it...through this season he has rushed for 12,121 and 91 overall TDS - second ballot - LOCK

Shaun Alexander - Alexander has had a weird career...he was never really appreciated because he played up in the Northwest...he was the League MVP in 2005 when he had that monster season...he was a 3-time Pro Bowl selection and helped Seattle make the Super Bowl...but I would not vote Alexander in because of the Ottis Anderson Syndrome...if Alexander makes it, then Anderson has to be inducted too...Alexander has rushed for 9,453 and 112 overall TDs...Anderson finished with 10,273 yards rushing and 86 overall TDs...he was a Super Bowl MVP; 2-time Pro Bowl selection; NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year; and NFL Comeback Player of the Year...Alexander was a beast for about a 3-year period, but that is not enough in my book to put him in Canton - NO WAY

Fred Taylor - Taylor is one of those running back who have good numbers, but that is all...he has 11,271 yards rushing and 70 overall TDs...the early part of his carer was marred by injuries...his best season came in 2003 when he ran for 1,572 yards...Taylor was always underappreciated...he has had a good career, but he never has done anything to stand out...he was never a true difference maker...sorry - NO WAY

Warrick Dunn (photo) - thru a 12-year career, Dunn has rushed for 10,987 yards...he has compiled 15,306 yards rushing and receiving for an overall total of 64 TDs...he is a 3-time Pro Bowl selection and was the Offensive Rookie of the Year...he is also one of the greatest human beings off the field...but despite those numbers, he has never stood out and was not a differenc maker - NO WAY

Jamal Lewis - Lewis falls into the Roger Maris category...Maris had two monster seasons, but will never make the Baseball Hall...ditto for Lewis...plus, Lewis' off the field problems will hurt him - NO WAY

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