Friday, January 23, 2009

Hines Ward belongs in the Hall of Fame

Yesterday Stiles Points looked at current running backs and quarterbacks who should make the Hall of's focus is wide receivers...

Wide Receivers
Marvin Harrison - 1,102 receptions, 14,580 receiving yards and 128 TDs...3-time First-Team All-Pro; 8-time Pro Bowl selection; Super Bowl winner - first ballot lock - LOCK

Terrell Owens - yes, we all know he is an asshole...he is a head case...but he is also worthy of the Hall...951 receptions, 14,122 receiving yards and 141 overall TDS...6-time Pro Bowl selection; 5-time First-Team All Pro...Owens will not be a first ballot nor second ballot Hall of Famer because of all the problems that he has caused wherever he has played...but in the end, he is in - LOCK

Isaac Bruce (photo) - he is so overlooked...he has 1,003 receptions for 14.944 yards and 91 TDs...4-time Pro Bowl selection; Super Bowl winner...he will be a third or fourth ballot Hall of Famer - LOCK

Randy Moss - in his prime, he was a difference-maker...he is starting to get up in age, but he can still make the big plays...Moss has 843 reception for 13,201 yards and 135 TDs...he holds the record for most TD receptions in a season...4-time First-Team All-Pro; 6-time Pro Bowl selection; Offensive Rookie of the Year...if not for his moody years in Oakland, Moss could have possibly passed some of Jerry Rice's marks...Moss is a first ballot Hall of Famer - LOCK

Muhsin Muhammad - over a 13-year career, Moosh has 807 receptions for 10,857 yards and 61 TDs...he is a 2-time Pro-Bowl selection and a one-time First-Team All-Pro...M2 is like Fred Taylor...he has put up some solid numbers over a long career, but has never distinguished himself as a difference maker - NO WAY

Hines Ward (photo) - Hines will face a battle to get in...I am stating right now that I would vote him in...he has 800 receptions for 9,780 yards and 72 TDs over his 11 year career...he should finish with over 900 receptions and 11,000 yards...he is a 4-time Pro Bowl selection and a Super Bowl MVP...he is a devasting blocker and the consummate team player...he is a difference maker...Ward will probably not make the Hall until his 5th or 6th chance, but if the writers have any smarts, they would vote him in - I VOTE YES

Derrick Mason - over a 12-year career, Mason has put up some solid numbers... 790 catches for 10,061 yards and 52 TDs...2-time Pro Bowl selection and one-time First-Team Moosh, Mason has had a fine career, but not a Hall of Fame career - NO WAY

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