Monday, April 21, 2008

Updated NFL Mock Draft - Round 1

Two weeks ago Stiles Points presented its first mock's edition is updated....these are the players who I think will be taken by each team...

1. Dolphins - Jake Long, ot, Michigan - it looks like a done deal that Michigan's giant will be the top pick...he is strong a run blocking but needs to work on pass protection especially against speed pass rushers...that could be a dealbreaker... (2 weeks ago - Chris Long)

2. Rams - Glenn Dorsey, dt, LSU - it is either Dorsey or Chris Long...Dorsey will plug up the middle for the Rams... (2 weeks ago - Jake Long)

3. Falcons - Matt Ryan, qb, Boston College - it seems like most publications have the Falcons going for defense with this pick...I don't see how they can pass up Ryan considering the quarterbacks they have... (2 weeks ago - Matt Ryan)

4. Raiders - Chris Long, de/lb, Virginia - this is where it gets interesting...all indications stated that Al Davis is in love with Darren McFadden...but how can he pass up Chris Long if Long should drop to him at #5...I believe Chris Long is the best player in this draft...Davis goes with Long... (2 weeks ago - Darren McFadden)

5. Chiefs - Ryan Clady, ot, Boise State - nothing changes here...the Chiefs need offensive line help ASAP...Kiper is locked into the Chiefs taking offensive lineman Brandon Albert from Virginia with this pick....Albert is moving up on many boards, but I think it is because Kiper is pushing him... (2 weeks ago - Ryan Clady)

6. Jets - Darren McFadden, rb, Arkansas - most publications have the Jets taking Gholston, but there is no way the Jets pass up this stud running back - especially since they are weak at that position... (2 weeks ago - Glenn Dorsey)

7. Patriots - Vernon Gholston, de, Ohio State - I saw two mock drafts that have Gholston going #1 to Miami...if that happens, then the entire first 10 picks will shift... (2 weeks ago - Vernon Gholston)

8. Ravens - Mike Jenkins, cb, S. Florida - the Ravens hope that Matt Ryan slides to them at #8....if not, they have other needs to fill with this pick - one of them being cornerback....even though dt is not a position of need, it will be hard for them to pass up Sedrick Ellis from Southern Cal....I have seen Jenkins listed as high as a top 10 pick and as low as in the the end, Ozzie Newsome goes with Jenkins... (2 weeks ago - Mike Jenkins)

9. Bengals - Sedrick Ellis, dt, Southern Cal - this is a no brainer....they need d-line help and Ellis is the best on the board at this point... (2 weeks ago - Sedrick Ellis)

10. Saints - Derrick Harvey, de, Florida - Saints have many problems on defense....Harvey will provide that pass rusher coming off the end... (2 weeks ago - Derrick Harvey)

11. Bills - Devin Thomas, wr, Michigan State - I don't see the Bills going with anyone else but Thomas here, even though the wr's this year are weak..... (2 weeks ago - Devin Thomas)

12. Broncos - Chris Williams, ot, Vanderbilt - the Broncos would love to take olb Keith Rivers here, but they need help on the o-line to protect their young quarterback....
(2 weeks ago - Chris Williams)

13. Panthers - Branden Albert, og, Virginia - this kid's stock is rising fast because of Mel....the Panthers have a need on their o-line.... (2 week ago - Brandon Albert)

14. Bears - Rashard Mendenhall, rb, Illinois - this is what I wrote two weeks ago "this is a no-brainer pick...Cedric Benson sucks"...nothing has changed... (2 weeks ago - Rashard Mendenhall)

15. Lions - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, cb, Tennessee State - originally I had the Lions taking McKelvin...they still go with a cornerback, but switch up and roll the dice with Cromartie who is your typical boom or bust pick... (2 weeks ago - Leodis McKelvin)

16. Cardinals - Keith Rivers, lb, Southern Cal - the Cardinals are overjoyed this guy is still sitting here at #16... (2 weeks ago - Keith Rivers)

17. Vikings - Leodis McKelvin, cb, Troy - two weeks ago I had them taking Brohm, but I think the Vikings will get their quarterback later in the draft....what is the difference between Brohm, Henne, and Flacco? they go to fill other needs with this pick... (2 weeks ago - Brian Brohm)

18. Texans - Felix Jones, rb, Arkansas - the Texans need a running back bad....this will take care of that need, plus they get a good kick returner... (2 weeks ago - Felix Jones)

19. Eagles - DeSean Jackson, wr, Cal - DeSean is being trained by Jerry Rice...the Eagles need a playmaker....nuff said.... (2 weeks ago - DeSean Jackson)

20. Buccaneers - Malcolm Kelly, wr, Oklahoma - the Bucs need another threat besides Joey Galloway....and someone who is younger.... (2 weeks ago - Malcolm Kelly)

21. Redskins - Kenny Phillips, s, The U - Mario Manningham would have been a perfect fit here, but he fucked himself over by wanting to keep smoking joints...honestly, I could see Washington trading down because there is not much value here....but if they keep the pick, I think they go with the best safety on the board....and another former U player.... (2 weeks ago - Mario Manningham)

22. Cowboys - Jonathan Stewart, rb, Oregon - Jerry Jones wanted Felix Jones or DeSean Jackson but he loses those two...Stewart makes sense, before the injury, many had Stewart the second best back on their boards.... (2 weeks ago - Jonathan Stewart)

23. Steelers - Jeff Otah, ot, Pitt - Otah should be able to help right now... (2 weeks ago - Jeff Otah)

24. Titans - Limas Sweed, wr, Texas - the Titans have been needing a big play receiver... (2 weeks ago - Limas Sweed)

25. Seahawks - Kentwan Balmer, dt, North Carolina - Balmer can play anywhere on the line....that versatility makes him the pick ... (2 weeks ago - Phillip Merling)

26. Jaguars - Phillip Merling, de, Clemson - the Jags have a history of taking non-sexy picks... (2 weeks ago - Kentwan Balmer)

27. Chargers - James Hardy, wr, Indiana - the Chargers went with wr Buster Davis last year who has been a bust....they try again at the wr position with the Plaxico Burress-like Hardy.... (2 weeks ago - Gosder Cherilus)

28. Cowboys - Mario Manningham, wr, Michigan - if anyone will take a chance on someone with a possible character issue, it is Jerry Jones...he gets another playmaker to stretch the, TO may serve as a role model for this kid - not joking!!!...think about it, TO may be an ass, but you never hear about him involved with illegal drugs.... (2 weeks ago - James Hardy)

29. 49ers - Quentin Groves, de, Auburn - I have read that this kid has been impressing scouts of late....the talent is there, but does he have the smarts to put it to good use?... (2 weeks ago - Calais Campbell)

30. Packers - Aqib Talib, cb, Kansas - Talib is a tough read....I have seen him projected to go as high as #8 to the Ravens and as low as the early half of the 2nd round....the Pack need help bad at cb after Eli Manning bludgeoned them in the title game.... (2 weeks ago - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)

31. Patriots - FORFEIT

32. Giants - Dan Connor, lb, Penn State - the G-men could go with Jerod Mayo here, but I have read that Connor fits the Giants mold.... (2 weeks ago - Dan Connor)

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Ummm, Rick, Marion Manningham isn't going in round 1.