Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Odds on the next Pope

Now that March Madness is over and you have a couple of dollars burning in your pocket -- you don't have to wait until the Kentucky Derby on May 7th . . . the hottest betting going on right now is on who is going to be the next Pope . . . the BBC ran a story about all the betting taking place on who is going to be the next Pope (see link below)
  • BBC - Odds on the Pope


    A realiable source has provided me with the current odds in Antigua . . . as of this morning, Dionigi Tettamanzi is the favorite -- a $10 bet would get you $20 . . . here are the frontrunners:

    Tettamanzi (Italy) - $10 to win $20

    Francis Arinze (Nigeria) - 10/30

    Oscar Rodriguez Maradiago (Honduras) - 10/50

    Joseph Ratzinger (Germany) - 10/50

    Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino (Cuba) - 10/100

    Also, if you still have a few more bucks and want to bet on what will be the name of the next Pope, here are your odds on that:

    Benedict - 10/30

    John - 10/30

    John Paul - 10/50

    Pius - 10/60

    Andrew - 10/100

    The odds on the next Pope being over 70 years old is high - you have to place $30 just to win $10 . . .

    Get to your piggy banks and let the betting begin!!

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