Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mary Tyler Moore - Was she hot?

Is She Hot is going retro today...Stiles Points takes a look back at Mary Tyler Moore...Moore is now a 73-year-old-woman, but was she hot in her prime?...

Born December 29, 1936
Currently 72-years-old
Played Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show
Played Mary Richards of the Mary Tyler Moore Show

MTM is most famous for throwing her tam during the opening of the MTM Show...but some forget about her days as Laura Petrie on the DVD that time MTM was in her mid-20s...her natural beauty could be seen in those black and white clips...

She is best known as Mary Richards on the MTM Show...when the show began in 1970, she was 34-years-old and in her a kid growing up at that time, I loved watching the show...and now as an old man, I am just realizing that MTM was a babe...

Was Mary Tyler Moore hot?
You betcha...she wasn't slutty hot but she had that wholesome hotness...she did not have a big rack - which is okay...but she was thin and had a nice figure...her best attribute was her hips...check out this 1:42 clip of MTM as she does a nice little dance as Laura can see her natural beauty -- plus she can move those hips:

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