Wednesday, July 02, 2008

National League All-Star Team

The National League was difficult to select because of the depth at all the infield positions....First base was incredibly tough to select....Berkman was my starter - that was not the problem....but I had Adrian Gonzalez, Albert Pujols, Connor Jackson, Derek Lee, James Loney, and Prince Fielder to choose from as the shortstop I had to leave somone like Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Theriot off the team....catcher was another difficult position....I could have easily went with both Molina brothers....interestingly, the outfield was slim pickings...besides Matt Holliday, there is no other stud outfielder....

Starting Lineup
Catcher - Bengie Molina, Giants - it's time that one of the Molina brothers get to start an All-Star Game...
First base - Lance Berkman, Astros - Berkman stands out among the boatload of talent at first base...
Second base - Chase Utley, Phillies - Uggla or Utley - flip a coin....
Third base - Chipper Jones, Braves - this dude was over .400 most of the first two months...
Shortstop - Jose Reyes, Mets - he gets slammed a lot by the media, but he does have nice numbers...
Outfield - Ryan Braun, Brewers - 7 out of 10 baseball fans don't even know who this guy is...
Outfield - Matt Holliday, Rockies - the best outfielder in the N.L....
Outfield - Kosuke Fukodome, Cubs - this guy is one of the real deals from Japan...
Designated hitter - Dan Uggla, Marlins - Uggla lost the coin flip at second he starts at D.H....
Starting pitcher - Tim Lincecum, Giants - this hard thrower has lost only 1 game this year....

Catcher - Russell Martin, Dodgers
First base - Connor Jackson, Diamondbacks
First base - Adrian Gonzalez, Padres
Second base - Garrett Atkins, Rockies
Third base - Aramis Ramirez, Cubs
Shortstop - Cristian Guzman, Nationals
Shortstop - Hanley Ramirez, Marlins
Outfield - Nate McLouth, Pirates
Outfield - Pat Burrell, Phillies
Outfield - Randy Winn, Giants

Starter - Cole Hamels, Phillies (L)
Starter - Edinson Volquez, Reds (R)
Starter - Ben Sheets, Brewers (R)
Starter - Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks (R)
Starter - Ryan Dempster, Cubs (R)
Reliever - Brian Fuentes, Rockies (L)
Reliever - Billy Wagner, Mets (L)
Reliever - Brandon Lyon, Diamondbacks (R)
Reliever - Brad Lidge, Phillies (R)
Reliever - Kerry Wood, Cubs (R)


GMoney said...

No way Randy Winn gets in. Also, did you forget about Geovany Soto. He has by far the best numbers out of any catcher.

Kyle said...

Pretty tough at Catcher....but I'd go with Martin, McCann, and Soto before Molina....although you could flip a coin between Soto and has better HRs, the other better BA. At 3B, yeah Chipper was batting over .400, but I think you have to degrade him right now with his gimpiness and the fact that he hasn't done anything in weeks. I guess I go with Aramis Ramirez for his recent streak or David Wright (who is quietly putting up numbers this year but not being talked about). At SS...Reyes is making a run, but I think at this point it still has to be Hanley Ramirez.

tHE dEG said...

According to an article on, there is a New York Post report this evening, that Brandon Webb will be starting for the Nat'l League...Oh, and by the way, Lincecum's stats just don't match up to put the kid over the top.

My reaction to the latest news...

I'm actually stunned, well, I was for a half a second or so. And then I realized how this works again. And until the All Star Game "elections" are based on true merit and not popularity, nothing will change. While I think that Edinson is higher up on the totem pole than Webb, I have to admit that Lincecum has been the man of the first half for the Nat'l League.

.........and then I woke up and realized that I'm not in San Francisco anymore......

Volquez is being robbed...

i'm going to post their stats, this is unbelievable. Have a look for yourselves. The asterisk denotes who is ahead in the given category:

Volquez 18
Webb 18

Volquez 104.2
Webb 118 *

Volquez 2.24 *
Webb 3.43

Volquez 10
Webb 12 *

Volquez 3 *
Webb 4

Volquez 9.72 *
Webb 7.63

Volquez 113 *
Webb 100

Volquez .210 *
Webb .238

Volquez 79 *
Webb 106

Volquez 26 *
Webb 45

Volquez 4 *
Webb 8

Volquez 110 *
Webb 152

Volquez 30 *
Webb 50

Does anyone with a sane mind really believe that Webb is deserving of starting?