Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is She Hot Special Edition - Britney Spears

Okay, we all know the story and saga of Britney Spears...it seems like light years when she was that naughty school girl in her video... she took the nation by storm...then there was her relationship with Justin and her image of this good girl who had a naughty side...after her break-up with Justin, the bottom fell out...then began all her troubles and marriages and kids and drama, etc., etc., etc.,..yes, Spears was once the hottest thing out there...but is she still hot?...

My thoughts - to start with, she is still only 27-years-old...honestly, if she wasn't so messed up, the photo of her at the top is not bad...too many times the media portrays hot women as having to be rail thin...if Spears wasn't a whack job, she could have shown women, and especially teenage girls that a woman does not have to be anorexic in order to be sexy....but of course, that message was completely lost because of who Spears is....is she trailer trash - yes....is she a whack job - yes....but she still has some hotness to her...so this leads to the question:

Do you think Britney Spears is still hot?

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GMoney said...

She's not hot at all, but I would still bang her. A lot.