Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lou Piniella calls out Erin Andrews in Chicago Cubs locker room

When reading the article by Mike Nadel about Erin Andrews flaunting in the Chicago Cubs locker room on Wednesday, it seems like Cubs manager Lou Piniella called her on it...Nadel writes:

This went on for at least an hour. Finally, Piniella emerged from his office, ready for his dugout media session. As he turned the corner, there was Andrews in all of her bare-legged, high-heeled, low-necklined glory.
“Hey, hey, hey! Look at this!” Piniella said, loudly and excitedly. “Are you doing a baseball game today or a modeling assignment?”
Fair question. I have seen Andrews at many events in recent years and this was the first time I had witnessed anything quite like this, which is why it seemed so bizarre.
Did she really feel playing the sexpot was necessary to practice journalism? She is good-looking enough and has enough of a high-profile job that she would get plenty of interviews and attention even if she showed up in a burlap sack.
One thing for sure: There was a discernible buzz in the Cubs’ clubhouse Wednesday before a pitch ever was thrown — and that buzz had nothing to do with the anticipation of another huge victory over a division rival.

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