Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Five Good Questions with Mike Elliott about The Master's

The most historic golf event begins this Thursday when The Master's opens play in Augusta, Georgia...Mike Elliott of The Tampa Tribune was nice enough to respond to our questions about this year's event...

Q1. Straight out, do you see Tiger Woods winning this year's Master's? Why?
A. Yes, I’d take Tiger vs. the Field. If you built a golf course to set up for Tiger’s strengths, it would look a whole lot like Augusta National. Even when he does not have “my A game,’’ Tiger can labor his way through a Masters as well as most tour players can on their best days. He’s that much better than the rest of then.

Q2. Is Tiger playing the best golf you have ever seen?
A. Too early to say this is his best golf, but for him to actually acknowledge that a Grand Slam is do-able, suggests he is not displeased by how he’s playing.

Q3. Who are some "sleeper" picks (golfers) that we the fans should pay attention to?
A. Adam Scott seems to be this year’s flavor of the day for people trying to pick a surprise. Luke Donald, and Justin Rose could play well. Vijay Singh should be considered.

Q4. Sergio Garcia has yet to win a major. I have read recently that he could surprise some people and win The Master's. What are your thoughts?
A. Personally, I cannot imagine Sergio putting well enough for four days on Augusta National greens to even be close.

Q5. What do you see "Lefty" Phil Mickelson doing this year?
A. Phil Mickelson probably is the best player in the world right now after Tiger. He should win a couple of events this year. Might even be in contention this week.

Q5a. I have to ask, who would you take in their prime, Tiger or Jack? Why?
A. I don’t think we have even seen Tiger’s prime. Baring injury, Tiger will break every record Jack ever imagined. And saying that, Jack Nicklaus is the standard every golfer even hopes to be measured by. Until Tiger’s finished.

Once again, I thank Mike Elliott for his time...

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