Monday, May 07, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . Bruce Jenkins of The S.F. Chronicle about the Golden State Warriors

Today's "Five Good Questions" is with Bruce Jenkins of The San Francisco Chronicle....Bruce covers the Golden State Warriors and was gracious enough to take a few minutes to respond after the Warriors' stunning upset of Dallas last week.....

Q1. How significant was this series win for the Golden State franchise?
It was its most significant in 32 years, since the night they beat Washington for the 1975 NBA title. Their last playoff appearance was 1994, their last first-round victory 1991. But this ranks so high because it is, literally, the biggest playoff upset in NBA history.

Q2. Why did the Warriors have Dallas' "number" this year? Why were they able to beat this team?
Because they found a way to defense Dirk Nowitzki and because Don Nelson, who basically groomed Dallas coach Avery Johnson for his job, is a superior basketball mind.

Q3. How far do you think the Warriors can go in the playoffs?
I think they will win the next round, against either Utah or Houston, but lose to either San Antonio or Phoenix.

Q4. In your opinion, was it good for the NBA as a whole to see its best team, Dallas, lose in the first round?
If it were a truly compelling team like Phoenix, it would have been a disaster. After watching this hopeless-looking Dallas team at work, I don't think anybody's going to miss them.

Q5. Could you talk about the play and leadership of Baron Davis?
Only injuries have slowed his play, which has been on a world-class level since his days at UCLA. His toughness is remarkable, especially as he plays through knee and hamstring injuries. He leads the team by playing through pain, telling the guys there is no such thing as pressure, and by taking the important shots.

I want to thank Bruce for taking the time to respond......

Note - There will be no blog entry tomorrow because I will be at an all-day work-related conference....."Five Good Questions" will be back on Wednesday with a report from Rick Braun of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the red-hot Brewers.....

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

nice. Jenkins is one of my favs from my hometown SF Chronicle.