Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top 10 picks are not a sure thing

Having a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft is not a lock for I am going to review the offensive players who were chosen in the top 10 of the NFL draft since 2000....each player will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, F.....then I added two more grades for those who were recently drafted and I was unable to give a grade.....IP means "incomplete, but moving in a positive direction"......IN means "incomplete, but moving in a negative direction".....

Quarterback - there have been 10 quarterbacks chosen in the first 10 picks since 2000.....
2000 - none - 1st qb selected was Chad Pennington at #18....
2001 - Michael Vick (photo) - C
2002 - David Carr - D; Joey Harrington - F
2003 - Carson Palmer - A; Byron Leftwich - C
2004 - Eli Manning - C; Phillip Rivers - B
2005 - Alex Smith - C
2006 - Vince Young - IP; Matt Leinart - IP

Running back - there have been 7 running backs chosen in the first 10 picks since 2000....
2000 - Jamal Lewis - B; Thomas Jones - B
2001 - Ladainian Tomlinson (photo) - A+
2002 - none - 1st rb selected was William Green at #16
2003 - none - 1st rb selected was Willis McGahee at #23
2004 - none - 1st rb selected was Steven Jackson at #24
2005 - Ronnie Brown - C; Cadillac Williams - C; Cedric Benson - C
2006 - Reggie Bush - B

Wide receiver/tight end - there have been 15 wr/te chosen in the first 10 picks since 2000
2000 - Peter Warrick - D; Plaxico Burress - B; Travis Taylor - F
2001 - David Terrell - F; Koren Robinson - D
2002 - none - 1st wr selected was Donte Stallworth at #13
2003 - Charlie Rogers (photo) - F; Andre Johnson - A
2004 - Larry Fitzgerald - A; Kellen Winslow - B; Roy Williams - A; Reggie Williams - C
2005 - Braylon Edwards - IP; Troy Williamson - F; Mike Williams - D
2006 - Vernon Davis - IP

Offensive line - there have been 8 offensive linemen chosen in the first 10 picks since 2000
2000 - Chris Samuels - A
2001 - Leonard Davis - C
2002 - Mike Williams - F; Bryant McKinnie - B; Levi Jones - B
2003 - Jordan Gross - F
2004 - Robert Gallery (photo) - F
2005 - none - 1st selected was Jammal Brown at #13
2006 - D’Brickashaw Ferguson - IP

Summary - I was surprised that only 7 running backs were selected.....Jamal Lewis got a B because of his off-the-field, he did not deserve an A along with way!!!...
Of the 10 quarterbacks selected, only Carson Palmer is rated an A in my book......I gave Vick a C.....yes, he has been to the Pro Bowl and taken his team to the NFC title game....but come on, it seems like every year it is another learning curve for this guy....he has been in the league for 6 years and he is still learning???......he is a talent, but he is more of a media talent with his flashy plays than being a consistent good quarterback over a 16 week period.....

At the wr/te position, it seems like it is hit or bust.....either you get a stud who is an A receiver or a dud, like Rogers or Terrell who are a total flop and you end up with egg on your face, unless of course you are Matt Millen......I will say this about wr Mike Williams....I gave him a grade of D, but I really do believe that if he was on another team, this guy could become a B receiver.....

On the offensive line, Chris Samuels has been the only stud.....the biggest bust of all may be Robert Gallery.....he may be the modern day Tony Mandarich -- all the physical tools, but unable to make it work when it counts.....I’ll be honest about Jordan Gross, I don’t even remember this guy.....I had to do some research on him....

I will review the defensive side of the ball at a later date....

Finally I want to recognize Jackie Robinson today.....60 years ago today
he made a
statement....Thank You Jackie!!!

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