Saturday, April 21, 2007

NBA Round 1 Predictions

The NBA season is finally over and it is time to get into the real are my calls for the first round of the NBA playoffs....

Eastern Conference
(1) Detroit vs. (8) Orlando
- Dwight Howard is my favorite young player in the game....he is going to be an MVP one day....the Magic lost the season series 4-0 to Detroit....look for Orlando to win 1 game.....when looking at the playoff matchups, it would have been better for Detroit to be the #2 seed instead of the top the #1 seed their next round opponent will be either Chicago or the defending champs, Miami......while the #2 seed’s next round match-up will be against Toronto or New Jersey.....anyway, Detroit in five games

(4) Miami vs. (5) Chicago - the Bulls have to be sick....a win on the last day of the season would have set them up with the 2 seed and a lot easier route to the conference title they get Shaq Diesel in round one... Dwayne Wade is not 100% and that hurts the Heat....I think Pat Riley knows his team is not going to go far in the playoffs, that is why he already announced he is coming back next season....the Bulls won the season series 3-1....this is the best opening round series....its time the Baby Bulls grow up....players like Deng and Hinrich need to step up their game -- and I think they will.....Chicago in six games

(3) Toronto vs. (6) New Jersey - these teams split the season fact, most Americans cannot name you 2 players on the Toronto team who are not named Bosh....the Raptors are a 3 seed because of winning the weak Atlantic Division.....Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson are all veterans.....New Jersey in six games

(2) Cleveland vs. (7) Washington - this is a rematch of last year’s great first round matchup.....I would have taken the Wizards if Butler and Arenas were not out....Arenas would have made the Cavs pay from last year.....this will be an easy time for the Cavs.....Lebron will have fun in this series....Cleveland in five games

Western Conference
(1) Dallas vs. (8) Golden State
- this looks like a cakewalk for the Mavs....but not so fast my friend.....Golden State took the season series 3-0 as they were the only team the Mavs did not beat this year.....I will tell you this, the Mavs will win at least game in this fact, they will win four games.....Dallas in five games

(4) Utah vs. (5) Houston - the Rockets are my surprise team in the playoffs....Yao is dominating the inside and T.Mac can do it from outside.....right now, Yao is the best center in the NBA....Houston in five games

(3) San Antonio vs. (6) Denver - okay people, this is why Denver traded for "the Answer".....Iverson was brought in to win not playoff games, but playoff serieses.....yes, that is plural - I think....the Nugs will give San Antone a battle and in fact may jump to a 2-1 lead....but Spurs win....San Antonio in seven games

(2) Phoenix vs. (7) Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe will win at least 1 game all by himself in this series.....but Phoenix is a team on a mission.....Steve Nash will not let the Suns lose to the Lakers.....Phoenix in six games

Playoff predictions - the series I want to watch comes in round 2 out West with Dallas taking on Houston....something tells me Houston is going to dump the one is paying attention to the they have a veteran coach in Jeff Van the East, the Cavs will make it to the conference finals - and you know what - even The Finals......Detroit is prediction for the NBA Finals is Phoenix over Cleveland in 6 games....but once again, my surprise team is Yao Ming....if it wasn’t for the broken leg earlier this year, Yao would have been the league MVP....

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