Monday, April 09, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . Tony Grossi of The Cleveland Plain Dealer about the Browns

Today's segment of "Five Good Questions" is with Tony Grossi of The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)....Tony is the NFL beat writer for The Plain Dealer and provided some feedback about the Cleveland Browns....

Q1. Supposedly the Browns have "cooled" on Adrian Peterson. However, do you think that is a ploy by G.M. Phil Savage? I don't know where some of this stuff on the Internet comes from. I know the Browns were really hot on Peterson during the last college football season. Maybe upon further examination their interest has cooled. But maybe not. I'm not 100% sure. I can still see them taking him at No. 3, though I would not.

Q2. If you were the Browns G.M., who would you select among these players - Peterson, Thomas, Quinn, or Johnson and why?
To me, it is an incredibly difficult decision between Thomas and Quinn. Let's just assume the character of these two men are impeccable -- no flaws. Thomas would fill a great need at left tackle. If he is a 10-year stalwart at the position, he and Eric Steinbach would give the Browns a true foundation on the left side. Believe it or not, Thomas would probably excite the Cleveland fan base more than Quinn because Browns fans have been pining for a blue chip LT for decades. But, in my opinion, you cannot keep passing on potential great quarterbacks in the top 10 of the draft as long as your QB position is as iffy as the Browns. If Quinn is the real deal -- a future Tom Brady, say -- he should be the pick. I don't know if he is. That's Phil Savage's job to determine.

Q3. Concerning Brady Quinn, let's look at it from the reverse side. Why shouldn't the Browns draft Quinn?
Drafting a young QB automatically signals another rebuilding phase. It almost assures the team won't win consistently for 2 more years. The Browns have severe needs at other areas and failing to fill them will assure the team of more growing pains.

Q4. As of today, what are the chances the Browns trade down?
I think they are 70-30 against. Detroit is in the driver's seat to trade down. If the Lions fail to do that, the Browns chances improve to 50-50 while they are on the clock. This would be my preference, but I would still have to think long and hard about Quinn if he is there. Thomas, too. The trade would have to be pretty good to pass up either.

Q5. So far, Braylon Edwards has not lived up the expectations of the 3rd overall pick. Why hasn't Edwards excelled so far with the Browns? What do both Edwards and Crennel need to do, on and off the field, to take advantage of his skills?
Edwards did well to recover from knee surgery and not miss a game in 2006. That feat was overlooked because of some behavioral issues. He is a good kid who needs to mature. I believe Crennel should have come down harder on him last year, but it's too late now. Beyond all the issues -- Edwards' sideline rants, his selfishness in attending an OSU-Michigan game the night before a big rivalry game, etc. -- the guy has to stop dropping balls. His inconsistency in catching the ball is my biggest hangup with him.

I want to thank Tony Grossi for taking the time to is much appreciated!!!....tomorrow we will hear from Kevin Seifert of The Minnesota Star-Tribune about the Minnesota Vikings....


FilteringCraig said...

Very nice article. I am not sure it helps clarify the Browns' draft choice, but then again, I don't expect Phil Savage to let that happen anytime soon anyway.

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Mini Me said...

I think Peterson should be considered with the pick as well though.

twins15 said...

Good stuff...