Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . Kevin Seifert of The Minnesota Star-Tribune about the Vikings

Today's segment of "Five Good Questions" is with Kevin Seifert of The Minnesota Star-Tribune ....Kevin is the NFL beat writer for The Star-Tribune and provided some feedback about the Minnesota Vikings...

Q1. Do the Vikings plan on going into this season with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback? Has he progressed during the off-season?
Officially, they're saying Jackson and Brooks Bollinger will be competing for the starting job. That will hold true even if they draft a quarterback in the first round, which I doubt they will. There won't really be any evidence of Jackson's progress until the spring practice season really gets underway in May and June.

Q2. If things bounce just right, it is quite possible that Brady Quinn could be there for the Vikings at the 7th spot. First, do the Vikings have an interest in Quinn and do they take him if he is there at number 7?
They have spent a good deal of time investigating Quinn and I don't doubt they consider him a good prospect. My guess is that if Quinn is available at No. 7, they will work very hard to trade down.

Q3. Some draft publications have the Vikings going with a wide receiver in the first round. With a plethora of receivers in this draft, are the Vikings considering moving down in the draft?
If they're going to take a WR in the first round, it's going to have to be after trading down. The only guy worthy of being taken No. 7 overall is Calvin Johnson, who will be long gone by then. Again, I think it's likely they will really try to trade down.

Q4. Who best fits the Vikings defense - Alan Branch, Gaines Adams, LaRon Landry, or Jamaal Anderson?
As far as need goes, I'm guessing Gaines Adams is the best fit for them. Like most teams, they really need better outside pass rush. But a guy like LaRon Landry can help any defense. All defenses are better when they have an instinctive, hard-hitting safety.

Q5. Are there going to be any changes to the Vikings defense since Mike Tomlin moved onto Pittsburgh?
The biggest change will be more blitzing with Leslie Frazier, who learned the scheme will playing for the Bears under Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan in the mid-1980's. It'll still be the same base scheme, but probably with more blitzing.

I want to thank Kevin Seifert for taking the time to respond.....it is much appreciated!!!....tomorrow we will hear from Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic about the Arizona Cardinals....

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