Sunday, April 29, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . Kevin Iole of The Las Vegas Review-Journal about the De La Hoya-Mayweather Fight

Today’s "Five Good Questions" is with Kevin Iole of The Las Vegas Review-Journal....Kevin covers boxing for the paper and will soon be the boxing columnist at Yahoo! Sports.....Kevin gives his views about Saturday’s big fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.....

Q1. This fight is being billed as one of the biggest fights in quite awhile. What are your views -- is this one of the biggest fights or just another good fight that is being over-hyped?
It is a legitimately big fight. You're matching the most popular fighter in the game (De La Hoya) against the universally recognized best (Mayweather). That's always a recipe for a big fight.

Q2. What is the impact now that Mayweather Sr. left the De La Hoya camp and returned to his son's corner?
Big Floyd is now not working for Junior. He's upset at comments made by Roger in the second episode of De La Hoya-Mayeather 24/7. I think his impact would have been minimal in any event.

Q3. In a recent column, you wrote that Mayweather should "take the fight to De La Hoya" and try to knock him out. What is your reasoning for that analysis?
I don't think Floyd should try to attack De La Hoya. My column was making the point that if Mayweather wants to call himself the best ever, he needs to add more offense. He's great defensively, but he's not a feared guy offensively. And so I was saying that if I'm going to accept his argument of being the best ever (or even in the conversation), I need to see more offense. Hence, under that scenario, he needs to attack and get the KO.

Q4. Is this going to be De La Hoya's last fight? Do you think he still has "something left in the tank" to beat quality opponents?
I don't think it will be Oscar's last fight. If he wins, defintely not. If he loses, I think he'll want to have at least a farewell fight so he goes out on a better note. I still think he could beat most guys at his weight.

Q5. Last question - who should I put my money on and why?
I like Mayweather to win unanimous decision. Mayweather is about 2-1 now in Las Vegas. I expect most people to bet De La Hoya on the night of the fight, so that number will come down and I think Floyd will provide even more value.

I would like to thank Kevin for his time and wish him Good Luck at his new job with Yahoo! Sports....


Mini Me said...

When is the fight?

rstiles said...

This Saturday.....