Friday, June 10, 2005

Quick hits

- The Michigan softball team became the first Big Ten team to win the title . . . the Wolverines upended two-time defending champion UCLA on Wednesday night

- I have never been a big fan of Angelina Jolie, but dang, she looks incredible in her new movie with Brad "Arm" Pitt

- If Natalie Gulbis ever starts winning consistently on the LPGA, she will be a huge star

- Imagine if Anna Kournakova ever won the U.S. Open or Wimbledon . . . her star power would have tripled

- Former Chicago White Sox Ron "Ma and Pa" Kittle has a new book out . . . in the book, Kittle claims that Barry Bonds refused to sign some merchandise that Kittle was going to put up for auction at a charity event . . . Kittle claims Bonds said, "I don't sign for white people" . . . true or not, imagine if someone claimed that a white star such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Roger Clemens said, "I don't sign for black people" . . . hmmmm, imagine the uproar

- Talking about Tom Brady, how about his new contract . . . Brady didn't squeeze every last dime out of the Patriots . . . instead he gave the Pats some wiggle room with the salary cap in order to sign another player or two to keep winning

- Imagine if Ohio State had a freshman quarterback who went 9-3 and led the Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl in his first year . . . Ohio State fans would be clamoring that this kid is a Heisman Trophy front runner . . . hmmm, didn't Chad Henne do that for Michigan last year?

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