Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Quick hits

- Tonight is the deciding game in women's softball between UCLA and Michigan

- I'm still undecided on my prediction for the NBA title . . . I like both teams and their emphasis on "team" play

- The Yankees may be done this time . . . after a losing streak early in the season, the Yanks erupted in early May behind the hot stick of Tino Martinez . . . suddenly the Bronx Bummers are 2 games under .500 and have lost nine of ten . . . if this continues the ax may fall on Joe Torre which is something that I dread

- A great site for Ohio high school football is . . . however, let me warn you right now -- if you log-on to the college football forum section, DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING REMOTELY CRITICAL OF THE OHIO STATE FOOTBALL PROGRAM . . . trust me . . . even the slightest hint of questioning St. James and his band of hoodlums will get you a one month boot . . .

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