Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Good Questions with . . . Zach of The Big Picture

We have one of the most masterful minds of the blogosphere - Zach from The Big Picture gives his thoughts on the upcoming NFL season...I thank him for his time because I know that he is one of the busiest men in the blogging bitness...

Q1. Every season there are a few teams that do really well even though they were predicted to have a lousy team. For example, the Dolphins went from 1-15 to a playoff team in one year. Who are some surprise teams that we should keep an eye on and why?
A. Well, the Detroit Lions are going to really surprise people. They win two games and they've saved the city of Detroit.

Actually, not Detroit. The Lions are going to be fucking terrible. The Seahawks are a team to look out for. They're aging, yes, but love the Aaron Curry pick and with a healthy team; I think they win a weak NFC West. Look for Jacksonville to turn things around a bit, too. That ground game will likely be better than in '08.

Q2. What are your thoughts about the NFL playing an 18-game regular season?
A. An 18-game season gives me two more weeks for my fantasy team to lose. I don't think I like it.

Q3. Fun question - you have just been granted a franchise and you are able to select any 2 players in the NFL to build your team around. Who would you select and why?
A. Michael Vick and Chris Henry purely for marketing purposes. (Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson would probably be my second choice).

Q4. Of the current 32 NFL head coaches, who would you select to coach your team in a one-game must win situation? Why did you choose this coach?
A. Bill Belichick. He's well dressed.

Q5. Last question - who will play in this year's Super Bowl -- and your winner?
A. I guess I shouldn't pick the Lions and Browns. That would be fun. Every year around Super Bowl time I get sick of hearing about the Patriots and Steelers. Cleveland and Detroit could really use some positive attention.

New England will win it all. I think the NFC is pretty wide open as it has been. People like Philly. I'm not really sure why. And DeSean Jackson just go hurt. The New York Giants should be right there again. Losing Plax could be addition by subtraction. Same goes with Dallas and T.O. The Cowboys also have that new, gargantuan stadium that could inspire some sports magic. Chicago with Jay Cumler could be pretty good. The Falcons aren't quite there, but they'll be a playoff team.

I don't think I've really answered the question yet. Patriots over the Giants. No David Tyree catch this year.

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