Monday, August 17, 2009

DeAngelo Williams and Pierre Thomas highlight my fantasy football team

It is the 15th year of our Fantasy Football league and we held our draft on Sunday night...out of an 8-team league, I had the fifth overall our league, you can start 2 quarterbacks, therefore, that is why some people take 2 quality QBs early...also, tight ends are considered the same as wide is how the first 8 rounds went down:

Round 1
1. Valentine - Adrian Peterson, rb
2. Persino - Michael Turner, rb
3. Ellis - Maurice Jones-Drew, rb
4. Edmonds - Matt Forte, rb
5. George - DeAngelo Williams, rb (photo)
6. Hunter - LaDainian Tomlinson, rb
7. Leonard - Chris Johnson, rb
8. Lehman - Steven Jackson, rb

Round 2
9. Lehman - Larry Fitzgerald, wr
10. Leonard - Clinton Portis, rb
11. Hunter - Drew Brees, qb
12. George - Tom Brady, qb
13. Edmonds - Steve Slaton, rb
14. Ellis - Aaron Rodgers, qb
15. Persino - Randy Moss, wr
16. Valentine - Frank Gore, rb

Round 3
17. Valentine - Brian Westbrook, rb
18. Persino - Peyton Manning, qb
19. Ellis - Brandon Jacobs, rb
20. Hunter - Philip Rivers, qb
21. George - Terrell Owens, wr
22. Edmonds - Reggie Wayne, wr

23. Leonard - Ryan Grant, rb
24. Lehman - Andre Johnson, wr

Round 4
25. Lehman - Calvin Johnson, wr
26. Leonard - Marion Barber, rb
27. Edmonds - Anquan Boldin, wr
28. George - Pierre Thomas, rb (photo)
29. Hunter - Ronnie Brown, rb
30. Ellis - Kurt Warner, qb
31. Persino - Greg Jennings, wr
32. Valentine - Donovan McNabb, qb

Round 5
33. Valentine - Roddy White, wr
34. Persino - Marques Colston, wr
35. Ellis - Steve Smith, wr
36. Hunter - Larry Johnson, rb
37. George - Steelers Defense
38. Edmonds - Tony Romo, qb
39. Leonard - Knowshon Moreno, rb
40. Lehman - Jay Cutler, qb

Round 6
41. Lehman - Dwayne Bowe, wr

42. Leonard - Marshawn Lynch, rb
43. Edmonds - Ben Roethlisberger qb
44. George - Joseph Addai, rb
45. Hunter - Willie Parker, rb
46. Ellis - Thomas Jones, rb
47. Persino - Darren McFadden, rb
48. Valentine - Reggie Bush, rb

Round 7
49. Valentine - Beanie Wells, rb
50. Persino - Derrick Ward, rb
51. Ellis - Kevin Smith, rb
52. Hunter - Carson Palmer, qb
53. George - Felix Jones, rb (photo)
54. Edmonds - Matt Schaub, qb
55. Leonard - Matt Cassel, qb
56. Lehamn - Matt Ryan, qb

Round 8
57. Lehman - Jason Witten, te
58. Leonard - Jamal Lewis, rb
59. Edmonds - Fred Jackson, rb
60. George - LenDale White, rb
61. Hunter - Brandon Marshall, wr
62. Ellis - T.J. Houshmanzedeh, wr
63. Persino - Jonathan Stewart, rb
64. Valentine - Matt Hasselbeck, qb

My thoughts
Round One - In the first round I was torn between DeAngelo Williams and LaDainian Tomlinson...I like Williams a lot, but I hate sharing carries which he does with Jonathan Stewart...LT is getting up there in age, but he did score well last year, plus he makes a lot of receptions...I went with Williams because he is the younger player...

Round Two - I wanted Tom Brady...he was there and I did not hesitate to take him...

Round Three - Going into this round I wanted Peyton Manning but Persino shot that...I wanted a stud receiver, so I went with TO because Leonard is a big TO guy and I figured that he would not it past him twice at the 23rd and 26th thinking was to take Owens then come back and snatch Calvin Johnson in round 4...

Round Four - Lehman crashed my plans by taking Calvin...Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature...with CJ gone, I wanted another solid running back...Pierre Thomas is not a sexy pick, but he was solid as hell at the end of last season...Thomas has the potential to score 12-14...I had him as one of my sleeper picks...I got the player I wanted...

Round Five - I was hoping Greg Jennings would be there, but Persino ruined that...taking the Steelers Defense may raise a lot of eyebrows, but I was hellbent on getting a stud defense...the Steelers Defense will get me more points than 95% of the players who were available at that, I knew the Steelers D would be going soon because there are 3 big Steelers fans in the league: Lehman, Persino, and Hunter...I had to move on this pick now...I am thrilled with the selection...

Round Six - Leonard snagged Knowshon at the end of round 5 so that eliminated one of my players for round six...with the 44th pick, I wanted to get Darren McFadden here, but I thought he would be there in round 7 because he plays for the Raiders...Addai was crappy last year, but I knew he would not make it back to me at the 53rd I roll the dice and go with Addai...three picks later Persino fucks me again by taking McFadden...

Round Seven - as this round begins, I am contemplating another QB and have my eyes set on Carson pick before my selection, Hunter ruins that from happening...after losing out on Calvin Johnson and Darren McFadden, I was not going to lose out on another player I wanted - Felix Jones...I may have reached a bit here, but I was not going to let someone snatch Jones...I believe Jones will be the starter in Dallas by mid-year...

Round Eight - I start to think about handcuffing Jonathan Stewart to go with DeAngelo...however, I am basically giving up the 60th pick just in case DeAngelo gets hurt...there is no way I am going to start both Stewart and DeAngelo...there is one player that catches my eye - LenDale White...LenDale has slimmed down and is clearly the goal line back in I roll the dice again and go with LenDale, hoping that Stewart makes it back to me in round 9...for the fourth time today, Persino fucks me over by taking Stewart...I hate Persino...

Check back tomorrow for a check of my entire 22-man roster...


Salt22salt said...

I think your team sucks

Anonymous said...

I think Salt22salt knows what he's talking about. Sounds like your team sucks.

GMoney said...

I wouldn't say "sucks", but questionable. Pierre Thomas in the fourth round? I don't know how your league scores defenses, but it seems extremely early to take one. You could have waited until at least the 15th round to get a top 5 d.

Love the Brady pick. He looked outstanding in the first preseason game.