Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chief Nokahoma: the great mascot of the Atlanta Braves

Before all this politically correct bullshit, the Atlanta Braves may have had the best mascot - Chief Nokahoma...

The name was a play on the phrase "Knock a Homer"...The Chief would leave his tipi and perform a dance whenever a Braves player would hit a home run...I found this tidbit on the internet about the Chief:

In 1982, the Atlanta Braves management ordered that Chief Nokahoma's teepee (which was then located on a platform in the field seats) be taken down. The Braves were on a winning streak, and team officials wanted to free up the seats blocked by the large platform. After the teepee came down, the Braves lost 19 out of the next 21 games. Officials then directed that Nokahoma's teepee be erected again, and the Braves went on to win the division.

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