Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough will be a solid NBA player

The NBA Draft is coming up and it is a lock that the Los Angeles Clippers will take Oklahoma stud Blake Griffin...usually I don't follow the NBA Draft, but I am intrigued by one player - Tyler Hansbrough...

Yeh, yeh, I know 96.4% of the country hates this kid and thinks he will be a flop and out of the NBA within 3 years...but I think Hansbrough has the toughness and a nice outside shot to hang in the league for a while...especially if he gets with the right team...

Hansbrough is not going to be the star of any team...but I could see him being a Bill Laimbeer-type player who was tough, had a good outside shot, was a decent rebounder, and a solid free throw shooter...and most of all, the opposition hated Laimbeer because he was the enforcer...

I notice that ESPN has Hansbrough going at #20 to Utah...another publication had him going #24 to Portland...Chad Ford for had this about Hansbrough:

- A warrior in the paint
- Outworks everyone for rebound and second-chance putbacks
- Strong, physical player who isn't afraid to do the dirty work
- Does a great job of getting to the line
- Decent free-throw shooter for a big man
- Turning himself into a polished scorer

- Not an explosive athlete
- Plays beneath the rim
- Not the elite rebounder he should be
- Struggles to score against long, athletic defenders
- Limited upside

June 4 Update: For all of you who wrote me all season furious that I didn't have Tyler Hansbrough in my mock draft lottery -- now's the time to yell, "I told you so!" I think it's time to declare Hansbrough the big winner of the 2009 NBA draft combine. Although he was what you would expect him to be in the skills portion of the combine, he came out better than expected in the measurements and strength and agility testing.

My thoughts - I believe Hansbrough will go sooner than the experts think...don't be surprised if he goes #12 to Charlotte or #13 to Indiana...if for some reason he slides, the perfect team for him would be the Lakers...he would add some toughness in the post...also, the kid is a hustler...he will run through a freaking wall for a rebound...and he would be a luxury for the Lakers ala Kurt Rambis...

Another good fit for him would be the New York I am not saying the Knicks should take him at the #8 spot, however, if Hansbrough is still there at say #15, the Knicks should works some deal to draft him...the Knicks fans would love this kid and he would be the enforcer when the Knicks sign either LeBron or D-Wade after next season...honestly, I would want him on my team...


Anonymous said...

If Tyler can be half as good as Laimbeer was consider the team that drafts him fortunate. If he becomes a Laimbeer talent (great rebounder - not a "decent" rebounder) consider the team that drafts him VERY fortunate.

I havent seen a "Laimbeer type" since bad old Bill retired. Sure some bigs have a shot, or hustle. But has there been a player that had all of those things, + a great rebounder and lane defender? And has all of the intagibles and court leadership?

Who is he?

Lillie said...

I really dont understand the " Struggles to score against more athletic players " since he was rarely ever guarded one on one so we really dont know. When he was one on one he couldnt be stopped.. I remember him scoring 20 against Miami in the first half when they tried guarding Tyler with one man. ( this past season )

I think this myth comes from his lower scoring games against FSU.. A team that is known for its dirty play and thuggery. Even then it wasnt just one man but 2 and 3 guys slapping and mauling him.