Sunday, March 22, 2009

The greatest sports figure to play in the Steel City

Because of work, I took a little break from blogging over the last few weeks but now I am ready to start up again...Stiles Points will be doing a new feature called, "The City's Greatest" in which I will ask your opinions about various athletes, sports moments, and other items focusing on a specific start, the first question involves the City of Pittsburgh:

Who is the greatest sports figure to ever play in the City of Pittsburgh?

Please take a minute to vote and leave a comment about why you voted for that sports figure...I have provided the names of some Pittsburgh sports figures, but you can vote for someone not listed below...the criteria is based on however you, the reader, interpret it to be...there are no wrong responses...the purpose is to share views and have a spirited debate...

Who is the greatest sports figure to ever play in the City of Pittsburgh?
Jerome Bettis
Barry Bonds
Terry Bradshaw
Roberto Clemente
Joe Greene
Mario Lemieux
Willie Stargell
Honus Wagner
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