Monday, March 30, 2009

Bill Raftery - the hardest working man in college basketball

You got Dickie V as probably the most famous college basketball analyst...and Clark Kellogg replaced Billy Packer at CBS...but my favorite college basketball analyst is Raft - Bill Raftery...he is the most under-rated hoops guy on television...this guy does like 5-6 basketball games a week...and he is not ashamed in being the color man for a small college basketball game...where there is college hoops, you will find Raft...he may never do a Duke-North Carolina game nor a Final Four, but he is still my main man behind the mike...Richard Sandomir of The New York Times wrote about Raft in last Thursday's paper... "Bill Raftery sings of onions and nylons, sweet kisses and lingerie, small change and nickel-and-dimers. The CBS and ESPN college basketball analyst’s big fellas take it to the tin and his little guys have big tickers. His puppies get set, get organized and get off the bus. He says that Chiclets must be counted and bounce passes may lead to ecstasy." ...
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