Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Leaving Santa cookies and milk: Tips on leaving Santa cookies

Every kid always leaves cookies for Santa...I was checking through the web about this tradition and came across this interesting information...

1. Make fresh cookies. Whether you plan on leaving chocolate chip or Santa's favorite, frosted sugar cookies, Santa prefers homemade to store-bought cookies.

2. Put the cookies on a decorative Christmas plate. Imagine the twinkle in Santa's eyes as he picks up the last cookie only to reveal his jolly face or a beautiful Christmas tree.

3. Leave at least ten cookies. Make sure that there will still be cookies for Santa after Mom and Dad have eaten a few themselves.

4. Leave a glass of milk or eggnog with the cookies. Keep the milk or eggnog in the refrigerator and have Mom and Dad put it out before they go to bed. Santa loves icy cold milk.

5. Leave the cookies in a place where Santa will see them. Place them on the fireplace hearth or near the Christmas tree. Leave a note to tell Santa where the cookies are if you have to hide them from the dog.

6. Leave a napkin for Santa to dab his mustache. Santa loves festive napkins, but a plain napkin will do as well.

7. Leave a note by the cookies. Let Santa know how thankful you are for his visit to your house. Sometimes Santa has been know to write notes back to good children.

Tips and Warning
- Leave chocolate sandwich cookies if you have to resort to store bought. They are his favorite.
- Leave carrots for the reindeer. Cookies give reindeer tummy aches.
- Use plenty of sprinkles to decorate the cookies.

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