Friday, November 21, 2008

Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Spielman question Michigan

This is why I HATE Ohio State...this appeared on the internet

Former Ohio State players and ESPN personalities Chris Spielman and Kirk Herbstreit had some pretty scathing analysis of Michigan as they prepare to finish their season against the Buckeyes.

On their afternoon radio show on WBNS-AM (1460) in Columbus on Monday, Spielman, a former Detroit Lions linebacker, was especially critical of the Wolverines' performance this season.

"They're a team that plays hard, they just have nothing going," said Spielman.

"They stink, they're not very good. They don't play offense... they can't run it consistently, they can't throw it consistently, they can't stop the run, they're not very good defending the pass, they're not very good covering kicks, they're not very good returning kicks," Spielman said.

Herbstreit said he thinks U-M, missing out on a bowl game for the first time in 33 years, has the mindset of playing out the string.

"I think they're just looking forward to getting the season over and hitting the recruiting," Herbstreit said.

Herbstreit said wishes the Wolverines weren't having such a bad season so that there would be some more preceived drama in this rivalry game.

"I know, it's still Ohio State-Michigan, and when the teams run out on the field, it's still special. But, it's, like, anticlimatic," he said. "Who are you booing? They're 3-8. If they didn't have to be there, they wouldn't be there.... But if they were 9-2, or there was a championship on the line, that's what this game's all about."

Spielman isn't as sympathetic towards the Wolverines.

"I love seeing them beaten down, man. It's great," Spielman said.

First off, who the fuck is Kirk Herbstreit?...he should know about losing in this game because Michigan kicked his ass (see video below) when he was the starting quarterback of the Buckeyes...the comment that burns my ass the most is when pretty boy stated, "But, it's, like, anticlimatic, Who are you booing? They're 3-8. If they didn't have to be there, they wouldn't be there."...

Michigan NEVER backs down from a battle...FUCK YOU KIRK HERBSTREIT!!!

As far as Spielman goes, he is a freakin asshole...ESPN should never have him work another Michigan game because he is biased...

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