Friday, September 26, 2008

Beers with Bloggers: The Zone Blitz responds to Brady Quinn and Sarah Palin

Tbone of The Zone Blitz took the time to respond to questions about the NFL, presidential politics, and if Sarah Palin is hot...I want to thank Tbone for his time...

Q1. Who do you think will be the first head coach fired this season? Why?
A. This is an interestingly sad question. Because there are so many good candidates (and I mean "good candidates" in a bad way). You have to look at all the coaches who are winless -- Romeo Crennel, Scott Linehan, Rod Marinelli, Herm Edwards, Marvin Lewis and Gary Kubiak. I think most of these guys get most of the season, if not all of the season. The first three (Crennel, Linehan, and Marinelli) are the odds on favorites.

Marinelli probably gets some extra time to see how things go without Matt Millen. But not too much time. They may want to clean house by the end of the year. Linehan could go because the Rams appear to be a mess. Crennel could go because the Browns are not nearly what fans had hope. It comes down to a matchup of Crennel vs. Linehan. It really is a dead heat. Crennel is my choice, but both could be gone within a month. The only thing that can save Crennel is a super hot streak by Brady Quinn, which leads into your second question.

Q2. If you were the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, would you put Brady Quinn in as the starting quarterback against the Bengals?
A. Yes. You drafted him to start. Derek Anderson has been terrible this season. Okay, terrible maybe too strong. How about not so good? Anderson needs to return to his 2007 season. Yes, he has played three pretty good defenses -- Dallas, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. But 26 points? Not good enough. Someone gets the blame. It's Anderson. Sorry, Derek. Besides, I have said it before, Quinn can be great. A loss this weekend, and the Browns' playoff hopes are officially over. Anderson had three games. Like I said, you drafted Quinn to start. The time is now.

Q3. Do you think the Dallas Cowboys are for real? What are your thoughts about Tony Romo so far?
A. The Cowboys are for real. They are the closest thing we have to the 2007 Patriots. They're not going to go undefeated. But they are a potential 14-win team. Only one team can stop them in the playoffs, and that's the Giants. Romo? It's a love-hate relationship. I think he and the Manning brothers are the best in the league. Peyton is hurting and will get better as the season goes on. Eli is Aikman-like in that all he will do in the future is win. Stats will never be great for Eli, but the wins will continue to come. And by the way, Tom Brady is out of the league, so he doesn't get in my top three.

Back to Romo. He has been compare to Favre many, many times. Favre makes terrible decisions a few times a game. Romo has meltdowns every few games. Like Sunday against the Packers. He was great at times, and he was terrible at times. He's had his bad game against the Packers, so he should be good for a few games. And this is what will happen to Romo in the playoffs. Will he have his lousy game in the Cowboys' first playoff game, second or in the Super Bowl. And will Dallas as a team be able to overcome his bad game? His girlfriend hot. You have to play that one video of her. HOT. And by the way, the next great NFL quarterback is going to be Jay Cutler.

Q4. Real quick - best player in the NFL and why?
A. Tom Brady was. I always put him and Peyton at the top. But the way the Patriots are playing without him, you have to wonder whether he isn't the best. With him out, I go with a healthy Peyton Manning, which should be midway through the season.

Q5. Obama or McCain?
a. Obama. But I was a Hillary backer in the primary. She was the best candidate for the job and still is.

Q6. Sarah Palin - is she a babe?
A. She is a 44-year-old babe. She's the kind of woman who would get my attention if I saw her out. The best way to put it is that every guy would wish his wife looked that hot at 44.

Q7. What are your thoughts about Brett Favre with the Jets? Will they make the playoffs?
A. Favre is a diva. He loves the attention. What really bothers me about him is that everyone just LOVES him. Madden, Peter King, Kornheiser, and many, many more. Get a room, guys. Jeez. I do not hate Favre. In fact, I like him. But it is hard to root for him when you know the media will fall all over itself if he makes the playoffs. Plus, he makes STUPID mistakes. STUPID. If anyone other than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady (each of whom would get passes because of past greatness) made the mistakes Favre makes, the media would be very unforgiving. Will the Jets make the playoffs? I am not even going to bother quoting Jim Mora. Just know that me and Mora share the same sentiments. Besides, I do not think Man-genuis (Mangini) is all that.

Q8. Jim Brown or Walter Payton or Barry Sanders?
1. Jim Brown.
2. Barry Sanders.
3. Walter Payton.

Q9. Your updated Super Bowl teams.
A. At the start of the season, I said the Manning brothers. I am sticking with it. Peyton and the Colts may limp into the playoffs at 10-6, but never count Peyton Manning out. Eli will play in a few more Super Bowls. Eli is not stats-great. He is becoming win-great. If I were to make win, place and show picks, they would be:
AFC -- 1. Indy; 2. Denver; 3. New England (after Belichick figures things out).
NFC -- 1. NY Giants; 2. Dallas; 3. Green Bay (just ahead of New Orleans).

Once again, I thank Tbone for his time...

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