Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brett Favre needs to stop playing games and grow up; Rodgers should ask for trade!

Aaron Rodgers should ask the Green Bay Packers to trade him...after Brett Favre's latest comment that he may show up at training camp to call the Packers organization bluff, Rodgers is being forced into the middle of this mess between an organization that wants to move forward and an egomaniac oldtimer who won't hang it up...if Favre shows up at training camp then Rodgers should not even bother to go out and bust his ass...all Rodgers has to have is one bad half in preseason and the entire nation will be clamoring for St. Brett to be put in as the starter...the Packer fans, Peter King, John Madden, etc. will want St. Brett to comeback and lead the Packers...this situation is not fair for Rodgers who has served as Favre's apprentice for the last three years...Rodgers does not deserve to be a pawn in this saga...Favre made his choice, now he has to deal with it...for the last three years he has forced the Packer organization to wait each offseason until he made a decision....a few years back Favre strung the team along all the way until late April....Favre was not fair to the Packer organization then, but now he wants to be treated fairly....what comes around, goes around...as each day passes, I am losing more respect for Favre..the following is an except from ESPN.com

MILWAUKEE -- Brett Favre says he's tempted to show up at the Green Bay Packers' training camp just to call the team's "bluff."

In the second part of an interview with Fox News, the quarterback says he knows his arrival in camp would cause a media circus but that might not stop him. Players are scheduled to report July 27.

The interview is on the show "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" and is scheduled for broadcast Tuesday night. An excerpt was provided to The Associated Press.

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