Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Interview with Playboy model Lyndsy Wolff - Part I

Stiles Points had the opportunity to interview Lyndsy Wolff, a 21-year-old biology major from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio, who is a Playboy model...Wolff, who wants to be a veterinarian, is now competing for Coed of the Month...

The fourth week of May, she will appear as a Coed of the Week on the Playboy website, in which she will compete against three other college girls...on May 29th, the public can cast their vote for Coed of the Month by going to
http://www.playboy.com/...if she can win Coed of the Month, she will then be competing in other Playboy competitions...today is part one of a two part interview with Wolff...I want to thank Lyndsy for her time...it is much appreciated...

Q1. So what does it feel like to be a Playboy model?
A. It's amazing! I am so honored and humbled to be a representative of a enterprise which includes so many beautiful women!

Q2. Why did you decide to pose for Playboy?
A. Because I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to do this type of modeling.

Q3. The people who know you, such as friends, professors, the guy down at the local store, etc.,have now seen you with your clothes off, do you think they treat you differently? Why or why not?
A. Yes and no! The people who know me best treat me no differently. They know me in such a way that they do not view it in a pornographic manor. Others, such as the guy down the at the local store, smile coyly.

Q4. Does it bother you that Playboy models are often stereotyped as being "dumb"?
A. Definitely! This stereotype was partially my motivation. I want to show that attractive women can also be intelligent.

Q5. There are some people who feel that by you posing nude is flat out wrong and that it sends the wrong message for girls. What is your response to that?
A. I respect their opinion, but I hope that we can agree to disagree. It has become a moot point for me. I can defend myself until I am blue in the face, but some people will just never understand.

Q6. Why are you are interested in becoming a veterinarian?
A. Because I love animals! I have always wanted to be like Dr. Doolittle ever since I was a little girl!

The first time - In an interview with Chelsea Pflugh of The Jambar, the YSU student newspaper, Lyndsy described what it was like getting naked during her first photo shoot with Playboy...

"At first I was a little concerned,but the crew that does your photo shoot is so professional. They never made me feel awkward and by the end of the day it felt like I was wearing clothes the entire time. I've come to realize that we're all born naked and we die naked. No one should feel embarrassed or awkward in their own skin."

Coming tomorrow, the second part of our interview...

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