Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sports Stories

Washington Post sports reporter Barry Svrluga writes about Dmitri Young of the Washington Nationals and his battle with diabetes... "Nearly 21 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes, and each must learn to handle it as best they can. Young, who received his diagnosis in late 2006, is still figuring what solutions best suit him. He currently takes insulin injections two, three or even four times a day." ...
  • Barry Svrluga

  • Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti writes about the Bears arch-rival - Brett Favre... "We've pegged him as a simple study, a 38-year-old kid running barefoot around the backyard in an enduring Mississippi adolescence. In truth, Brett Favre is a bafflingly complex man, never more so than on the day he left football. His career was a celebration of joy, creativity and survival, making him one of the most popular icons of American life, and yet, in the end, he leaves us shocked, disappointed and befuddled." ...
  • Jay Mariotti

  • Kansas City Star sports columnist Bryan Burwell gives his list of most entertaining athletes - in which Brett Favre is on that list... "When the great ones like Brett Favre retire, we like to put things in some sort of meaningful historic context. So we like to make lists and rank folks and stir some healthy debate. When it comes to ranking Brett Favre, he belongs on more than one list of all-time greats."
  • Daniel LeDuc

  • Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke gives his thoughts about Brett Favre... "With his beard stubble and fiery eyes and gaping grin, has anybody ever symbolized the game's rough-hewn hope better than Favre? Football has lost its voice." ...
  • Bill Plaschke
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