Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Minnesota quietly gets a running quarterback with loads of potential

Terrelle Pryor has been the talk of the recruiting season, but real quietly, the University of Minnesota may have gotten a Pryor Jr in Marqueis Gray a 6'5" quarterback from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis...here is what was written about Gray:

MarQueis Gray - Ben Davis H.S.
6-5 225 Class of 2008
Gray is the enigma of the class of 2008. He has tremendous athletic ability and talent. MarQueis plays in the premiere conference in Indiana. He has shown shades of ability cut in the mold of Vince Young. When he runs he is a load to bring down, when he throws he does so with strength and has a fluid type motion. But can he win and play with heart and desire? Those high school coaches who have seen him play know that he has all the tools to be a great one. But, not sure he wants it bad enough. He has the physical capability of taking over a game. His signature game this year was against Lawrence North where he ran for 199 yards and threw for 130 yards. He is capable of dominating and he is capable of flopping. 2007 could be his breakout year if he discovers consistency.

An Indiana College Coach says: “Gray could be the most physically dominating quarterback in Indiana. He had D1 size, speed, strength, but he is also a Jekyl and Hyde. You never know who is going to show up each week. From a physical point of view, he has everything.”

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twins15 said...

Looks like a nice recruit for Tim Brewster... he looks like he's assembling a solid recruiting class for the Gophers.