Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Five Good Questions with Kevin Cary about Davidson Basketball

Today's Five Good Questions is with Kevin Cary of The Charlotte Observer who covers Davidson Basketball...the Wildcats are 18-6 and on a 15-game winning streak going into tonight's game against UNC Greensboro...Davidson is ranked 56th in the latest RPI....I want to thank Kevin for his time...

Q1. The Wildcats may be the hottest team in the country with a 15 game winning streak. What has been the key to this streak?
A. Lots of things have contributed to Davidson's recent play. Forward Andrew Lovedale entered the starting lineup the night the streak started, and he has become an inside scoring threat. The Wildcats have also abandoned one of their early-season tactics, where inside players would step out for 3-point attempts. Now, Davidson typically relies on guards Stephen Curry (photo) and Jason Richards for outside shots. It also helps that Curry had the wrap removed from his left wrist in early January. He has a partially torn ligament in his wrist, but he's been much better without the wrap. He's averaging 29.6 points in his last 10 games.

Q2. Who are some of the Davidson players we should get familiar with?
A. Curry is the first player folks think about, and with good reason. He's a once in a generation kind of player for Davidson, a great shooter who is learning how to also score through drives and mid-range jumpers. Point guard Jason Richards leads the nation in assists, and he's the engine behind the Davidson offense. The other Wildcats are more role players, but forward Thomas Sander and guard Max Paulhus Gosselin are good defenders who help Davidson create turnovers.

Q3. What are Davidson's strengths?
A. The Wildcats don't turn the ball over, and they are getting better at the free throw line. Davidson struggled from the line in nonconference play, but has raised its percentage to 72 percent. That's not a fluke - Davidson shot 75 percent last season, and has almost everyone back from that team.

Q4. What type of coach is Bob McKillop? What can you tell us about him?
A. McKillop is the kind of coach who gives his players confidence by allowing to take almost any open shot. He's not afraid to make moves during games, and has given Curry the freedom to thrive in his system. He holds his players accountable, and gets much more upset over mental errors than anything else.

Q5. I noticed that earlier this season Davidson lost by only 1 point to N.C. State, 4 points to North Carolina, 6 points to Duke, and 12 points to UCLA. They have played some heavyweights real tough. How far can Davidson go in the Big Dance?
A. The Wildcats will certainly be a trendy pick to win a first-round game assuming they make it. Whether Davidson can go farther depends on matchups. Teams with deep, athletic frontlines (such as Maryland last season) are not a strong matchup for Davidson. But even though the Wildcats haven't won a NCAA Tournament game since 1970, a Sweet 16 run isn't out of the question if things fall into place.

Once again I would like to thank Kevin for taking the time to talk about one of the hottest teams in the nation...

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