Friday, February 29, 2008

Five Good Questions with Brian Bennett about the Louisville Cardinals

Today's Five Good Questions is with Brian Bennett of The Louisville Courier-Journal...Brian covers the red-hot Louisville Cardinals....I want to thank Brian for his time...

Q1. It looks like Louisville is finally on the right track. What is the feeling in Louisville about the Cardinals chances going into the Big Dance?
A. Louisville has won seven straight games and is one of the hottest teams in the country. The Cardinals have a good chance of being a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament, with an outside shot at a No. 2 if they win out. They look to me like a team that will make the second weekend and a darkhorse Final Four candidate with the right draw.

Q2. What are the strengths of this Louisville team?
A. This is not a great shooting team. But they defend every night, almost always holding opponents to under 40 percent shooting. They have great size and length up front with David Padgett, Earl Clark, Juan Palacios, Derrick Caracter and Terrence Williams. They're deep and athletic. They pass the ball well, and when they're doing that they get open shots and make the offense work. They're deep.

Q3. How do you think the Cardinals would match-up against a Memphis or Tennessee?
A. They might have trouble matching their offensive firepower, but they have more size than either team and would make it more of a halfcourt game with their defense. I actually like their chances against a team like that moreso than a deliberate team like UCLA.

Q4. What do you see the Cardinals doing in the Big East Tournament?
A. I think Louisville will get to the final and possibly win it, depending on the matchups. The Cardinals seem like they're on a mission to me.

Q5. In your opinion, how far can this Louisville team go in the NCAA Tournament?
A. As I said earlier, I think they're a Sweet 16/Elite Eight team with Final Four potential if things break their way.

Once again, I want to thank Brian for his time


Stefan Ming said...

Louisville is a solid team and I think many will be overlooking them because of their sluggish start at the beginning of the season. They are a big darkhorse candidate right now for the Final Four, but it will all depend on how the bracket turns out.

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