Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The NFL Draft - Picks 17-32 and the Second Round

Just to recap, yesterday I broke down the first 16 picks of the draft.....today, I will finish off the remainder of the first round and give my picks for round 2....

17. Jaguars - Jax lost safety Deon Grant to free agency and Donovan Darius is coming off another major injury.....the safety position needs help - Reggie Nelson, s, Florida

18. Bengals - Cincinnati needs a player with no character issues.....with David Pollack's career in jeopardy, they need someone who could play both d-line or lb....they turn to Husker Nation - Adam Carriker, de/olb, Nebraska

19. Titans - because of the Pacman Jones incident, I would be tempted to look at cb, especially with Darrelle Revis still there.....but, Vince Young needs a prime receiver - Robert Meacham, wr, Tennessee

20. Giants - the G-men have to fill voids at corner and o-line.....the corner needs are more important as they were toasted regularly last year - Darrelle Revis, cb, Pitt

21. Broncos - doesn't it seem that every year Denver is looking to improve its defense.....the most need is at linebacker - Lawrence Timmons, lb, Florida State

22. Cowboys - if Reggie Nelson was here, I would take him....otherwise, I still have to stay in the secondary and improve the corner position.....Anthony Henry was toast last season - Aaron Ross, cb, Texas

23. Chiefs - it looks like Damon Huard is the quarterback now, but he has only Eddie Kennison to throw to....Kennison has been in the league for like 15 years....he needs more help - Dwayne Bowe, wr, LSU

24. Patriots - Coach Bill needs to start a youth movement at the linebacker position and grab another corner in case Asante Samuel bolts after next season.....Coach Bill also knows that you can never have too many o-linemen....Big Joe is too good to pass up - Joe Staley, ot, C. Michigan

25. Jets - secondary help is big in this first round....and the Jets are following in line - Cedric Houston, cb, Arkansas

26. Eagles - Jerimiah Trotter needs some help at linebacker - Jon Beason, lb, The U

27. Saints - New Awlins has other areas to address, but I would take Ted Ginn here....imagine the match-up problems they would cause defenses with Ginn, Bush, Colston, Henderson, and McAlister all on the field - Ted Ginn, wr, Ohio State

28. Patriots - Coach Bill will address the ILB here....he makes a bit of a reach, but gets a solid player - David Harris, ilb, Michigan

29. Ravens - do you go offensive line or cornerback.....the cbs are going fast...Eric Wright has some off-the-field issues, but is a solid corner the Ravens cannot pass-up - Eric Wright, cb, UNLV

30. Chargers - my, my, my, look who is still here.....this is a steal at this spot in the draft - Dwayne Jarrett, wr, Southern Cal

31. Bears - Tank Johnson will be going in the tank with a league suspension....Tommie Harris is coming off an injury and free agency stole another d-lineman.....if not for an injury last season, Justin Harrell would have been a top 10 pick - Justin Harrell, dt, Tennessee

32. Colts - the Champs need to hit on this pick because they don't select again until the 95th pick....Indy has some holes to fill on defense and running back.....they will start in the secondary - Michael Griffin, s, Texas

Round Two
33. Raiders - Tony Ugoh, ot, Arkansas
34. Lions - Tim Crowder, de, Texas
35. Buccaneers - Anthony Spencer, de, Purdue
36. Browns - Ben Grubbs, g, Auburn
37. Bears - Greg Olsen, te, Miami
38. Cardinals - Tank Tyler, dt, N.C. State
39. Falcons - Ryan Kalil, c, Southern Cal
40. Dolphins - Aaron Sears, ol, Tennessee
41. Vikings - Steve Smith, wr, Southern Cal
42. 49ers - Sidney Rice, wr, South Carolina
43. Bills - Antonio Pittman, rb, Ohio State
44. Falcons - Brandon Meriweather, s, The U
45. Panthers - Justin Blalock, ol, Texas
46. Steelers - Tanard Jackson, cb, Syracuse
47. Packers - Zach Miller, te, Arizona State
48. Jaguars - Lamar Woodley, de, Michigan
49. Bengals - Josh Wilson, cb, Maryland
50. Titans - Marcus McCauley, cb, Fresno State
51. Giants - Josh Beekman, ol, Boston College
52. Rams - Anthony Gonzalez, wr, Ohio State
53. Cowboys - Charles Johnson, de, Georgia
54. Chiefs - Jonathan Wade, cb, Tennessee
55. Seahawks - Marshal Yanda, ot, Iowa
56. Broncos - Kenny Irons, rb, Auburn
57. Eagles - Tony Hunt, rb, Penn State
58. Saints - Turk McBride, dl, Tennessee
59. Jets - Brian Leonard, fb, Rutgers
60. Dolphins - Craig Davis, wr, LSU
61. Ravens - Brandon Siler, ilb, Florida
62. Chargers - Aaron Rouse, s, Va. Tech
63. Jets - Eric Weddle, s, Utah
64. Buccaneers - Dan Bazuin, de, C. Michigan


mookie said...

It's Brian Leonard, not Justin Leonard.

rstiles said...

Thanks for catching that error....I just fired the copy editor even though she is 6 months pregnant