Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tips for Saturday's Games

A look inside the number.....every week I pick up some sports tip sheet....this week it was Point are their top plays in college football this week....
Best Play 1 - Arizona State over Colorado by 27 points - jump on the Erickson bandwagon
Best Play 2 - Michigan State over Bowling Green by 31 - BG upset Minnesota last week, but they will not take down another Big 10 team.....

Here are their calls on Saturday’s big games....
- Nebraska over Wake Forest 35-18
- Oklahoma over Miami 31-13
- Ohio State over Akron 38-10
- Alabama over Vanderbilt 27-24 - a close one here!!
- Boston College over N.C. State 27-20

- Michigan over Oregon 38-27
- Georgia over South Carolina 27-25
- Penn State over Notre Dame 34-10
- UCLA over BYU 34-24
- Texas over TCU 26-20
- Auburn over S. Florida 24-22
- LSU over Va. Tech 23-17

Here are some updated articles about two other big games this week....
TCU at Texas
Fort Worth Star sports columnist Gil Lebreton writes that Texas better not underestimate the Horned Frogs of TCU..... “You don't have to remind TCU of the evils of NCAA football profiling. The storyline of this week, however, is going to be whether the proud Texas Longhorns have learned the same.” ....

  • Gil Lebreton

  • Austin American-Statesman sports columnist Cedric Golden writes how Longhorns fans better get used to close games this year..... “Can you remember the last time the Longhorns worked an opponent like a part-time job? The last time a team left Royal-Memorial Stadium with its psyche crushed like a stray grape during rush hour on Interstate 35?” ....
  • Cedric Golden

  • North Carolina State at Boston College
    Raleigh News and Observer reporter Chip Alexander writes how new N.C. State and former Boston College head coach Tom O’Brien has a lot going on this week - especially after a season opening loss...... “O'Brien, ever the old Marine, insists he's not the sentimental type. Yet he realizes this week's game will be different. He spent the past 10 years at Boston College, building a program from the ruins, teaching players to be men, winning games, going to bowls, making so many close friends.” .....

  • Chip Alexander

  • Boston Herald reporter Steve Conroy writes about Tom O’Brien’s return to the Northeast.... “Tom O’Brien made it clear that he’s a lot more concerned with his struggling North Carolina State team than what his emotions will be like when he returns to Alumni Stadium on Saturday.” ....
  • Steve Conroy
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