Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michigan - can the season be salvaged

The goals in Ann Arbor have definitely changed over the last two weeks....talk of a BCS title are over....however, theoretically, Michigan can still go to the Rose Bowl if they win the Big 10 title....but let’s get real, with that anemic offense and porous defense, the closest thing this team will get to a rose is if they get their girlfriend a dozen of the flowers for Sweetest Day.....

The Wolverines can still salvage the season and gain some respect if they can at least make it to the Capital City Bowl or Outback Bowl which are both played on New Year’s Day.....at this point, even an appearance in the Alamo Bowl, which is played on December 29th against a Big 12 opponent, would also be acceptable....however, that is the lowest bowl bid the Michigan athletic department should accept....it would be a disgrace to the Michigan football program to be playing in the Meineke Bowl or the Poulan Weedwhacker Bowl.....the Alamo Bowl is the lowest bowl that they should accept....

Now, to even make one of those three bowl games Michigan has to finish in the top 4 of the conference.....right now they are sitting at 0-2 overall with 10 games left including all its conference games.....hopefully they can beat Notre Dame this week which would put them at 1-2.....Penn State follows on September 22nd and I have already accepted the fact that Penn State will probably beat Michigan’s ass....the Wolverines have beaten Penn State the last eight times they have faced each other....and the last time the Nittany Lions were in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines gave them their only loss of the season on a last second touchdown pass to Mario Manningham.....Penn State will not lose this time.....I could see Michigan losing to Wisconsin too....the Badgers supposedly have a good team this year and this game is the 11th game of the season....Michigan will be focusing on Ohio State the next week....

There are two games the Wolverines must win....they cannot lose to Michigan State and Ohio State....no matter what Michigan’s record is, they must win those two games.....Michigan State is now led by a Jim Tressel disciple - Mark Dantonio.....just like his daddy down in Columbus, Dantonio has the clock ticking throughout the football offices and lockers until the Michigan game....the Wolverines need to put this Tressel wannabe in his place right from the start....the other must win is Ohio State.....and we all know why Michigan must win that game.....

In the end, no matter if Michigan beats Michigan State and Ohio State and even goes on to win their bowl game, Lloyd Carr has to go after the season.....over the last week, many names have been bantered about who is going to replace Carr.....here is a list of names that I have seen:
- Urban Meyer - Florida head coach and Ohio native
- Les Miles - LSU head coach and Michigan grad
- Bo Pellini - LSU defense coordinator and Ohio State grad
- Greg Schiano - Rutgers head coach
- Brian Kelly - Cincinnati Bearcats head coach & former C. Michigan head coach
- Josh McDaniels - New England Patriots offensive coordinator and Ohio native
- Brady Hoke - Ball State head coach and former Michigan assistant
- Norm Chow - Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator
- Chris Peterson - Boise State head coach
- Steve Sarkissian - Southern Cal offensive coordinator
- Steve Kragthorpe - Louisville head coach
- Jimbo Fisher - Florida State offensive coordinator
- Pat Hill - Fresno State head coach
- Steve Mariucci - Former Lions & 49ers head coach and Michigan native
- Corwin Brown - Notre Dame defensive coordinator and Michigan grad
- Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator
- Gary Pinkel - Missouri head coach


twins15 said...

Les Miles is the name I have heard most. He would certainly make a lot of sense.

But yeah, no question that no matter what happens the rest of the way Carr will be gone.

Mookie said...

In a word: no.