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College Football at its Best - Florida State Seminoles

Today Stiles Points gets a little tag team action as Jerry (JScott) and Ralph (Nafselon) give their views about the Florida State Seminoles as part of the College Football at its Best series.....Jerry is a 24-years-old and has been blogging at various sites while Ralph is 30-years-old and been blogging for a year.....if you want the lowdown on the Noles, check out their site.....
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  • Q1. What is your opinion about Florida State using the Seminole as its mascot?
    Let me preface this answer by stating I'm a Caucasian Male so I can't really speak for Native Americans, but I think our School's use of the Mascot is done in a respectful and historical manner. If I were a Native American, I would feel proud that my heritage is being displayed in such an honorable way. I know it's only a Mascot, but when a young kid asks his father/mother where the Mascot originated from, it gives a continuing legacy to the culture that is being a
    Native American. I could understand the frustrations of protesters of the use of the Mascot if Florida State only used the "Seminole" as an athletic symbol. That clearly isn't the case when you step foot on Florida State's Campus. There are several Statue's erected to explain the
    significance of the Seminole Tribe and its connection to Florida State University students, staff, and educators.

    nafselon: I'm on the fence. The University has always had the blessing of the Seminole tribe and they have a great working relationship. At the same time, I think certain elements, whether it be the chop or something else, might be examined more closely in the future if problems arise.
    I do think the University should continue to be proactive in maintaining good relationships with the tribe and continue to pay honor to their heritage.

    Q2. What is the greatest Florida State football game that you have seen - whether it be in-person or on television? Explain the game and why it was so great.
    Admittedly the game was on Television for me (We used to eat at my grandmothers house every Thanksgiving, so FSU-UF games were always a Television Tradition for me and my father): Florida State 31 Florida 31 .... "The Choke at Doak" It was one of the greatest fourth quarter comebacks I have ever witnessed. Who am I kidding, it was hands down the GREATEST FSU game I had ever seen to date. The Gators beat the living hell out of us for the entire first three quarters and led us by 28 points at the start of the 4th quarter. However, my Seminoles scored 28 points in the final quarter to tie the game 31-31 (Back then there was NO Overtime). Me and my father just looked at each other in amazement as to what we had just witnessed. We wanted Bobby to go for the win, but we knew the team had tried to hard for gimmick plays. I will never ever forget that game. Who would have thought Danny Kanell could have led such an attack.

    nafselon: Probably the 1998 Florida-FSU game which is also known as "the Outzen game". As it turned out the winner of the game was going to go to the BCS Championship. It was probably the loudest Doak crowd in recent memory and frankly, Florida was the better team on paper, so in some ways it was an upset. I remember the FSU defense holding Florida to 0-of-11 on third downs, something that NEVER happens to a Spurrier-coached team. Peter Warrick and Travis Minor had excellent days. It was one of my favorite and most memorable days in Tallahassee.

    Q3. Who are the Seminoles most hated rival - Miami, Florida, or Virginia Tech?
    JScott: Hands DOWN it's the Florida Gators from Gainesville. It's an absolute Non-Contest. I rarely hung around arrogant Hurricane fans growing up, but boy did I grow up with some of the Rowdiest Gator fans alive. My Buddy actually got an Albert (UF's Mascot) tattooed on his lower calf (of course the artist forgot to FILL IN the EYE, hah). Aside from the Fan-to-Fan Rivalry growing up, you just knew that there was going to be a great display of passion (aka fights) on the field (before-during and after FSU-UF games). I mean, you couldn't have further extremes in terms of coaching as you did with UF and FSU growing up. You had Steve Spurrier who was a whiny SOAB, but did he ever have a game plan (and a killer instinct). Bobby on the other hand, was the good ole boy southerner who could do no wrong. I think the Stadiums being right on Campus add a little flair to the Rivalry. Most of all though, it has to be the distance between the schools. Gainesville is what, an hour away, "spitting distance" as we like to call it. Over the years, Florida players and Florida State players have gone to great lengths to prank the opposing in State University. Florida players used to put LIVE gators in the Noles Locker room (whether that's a tall tale, I'll never know, but it would be enough to piss me off, figuratively and literally). Anyway, UF is HANDS DOWN, Florida State's absolute most HATED Rival.

    nafselon: Virginia Tech? FSU's most hated rival is Florida. FSU's most intense rival is Miami. I'll explain. Florida fans suck, I mean they are just a bunch of clowns and they could win the next 20 football and basketball national titles and they'd still be a bunch of clowns. Look at how they turned on Billy Donovan when he decided (and later reneged) on going to the Magic. They weren't any "thank yous" and good lucks" for the coach that led that sullen basketball program to the promise land. Instead they insulted him, his family and his integrity (the latter is certainly questionable, but still). Spurrier left because they had the nerve to criticise him after an 11-2 season with a BCS Bowl victory! So they are a bunch of thankless jackasses. They will turn on Urban Meyer too, you watch.

    Now onto Miami. I don't hate Miami. I see Miami and FSU much like feuding brothers. I respect the Hurricanes success on the field. I respect their bravado, it's well-earned. I think when FSU and Miami get together on the field you're going to see a high-intensity, high-quality contest that drives both teams to the brink. I've been disappointed by Miami on several occasions, but usually the Hurricanes went on to win the national title afterwards so I can't hate them. The programs truly mirror each other in terms of talent they recruit, speed, etc. When Miami isn't playing FSU, I root for Miami, when Miami is good, college football is better for it. I expect Randy Shannon to do a good job there if he can get over a few hurdles.

    Q4. Since 1970, who are the five greatest players to wear a Florida State uniform?
    Warrick Dunn - he's my favorite All-Time Nole. Just the way he carried himself on the field and off the field, the way he would look tackled and then break away for a 60+ yard gain, and he just has a great (sad) life story. He should definitely write a book one day, if he hasn't already.

    Charlie Ward (photo) - One of the most spectacular Quarterbacks I have ever seen play the collegiate game. A class act in society, head strong, and a delight to watch play. Winning the Heisman also doesn't hurt. It's a shame he didn't play NFL ball.

    Peter Warrick - My goodness was he a freak-of-nature. The way he reversed fields was Barry Sanders like. I'll never forget his performance in the Sugar Bowl. I can't believe his career in the NFL was wasted by the Bengals.

    Deion "Neon Deion" Sanders - He basically gave birth to the Warrick Dunn's, Charlie Ward's and Peter Warrick's of Florida State. Those guys had to come to FSU because of Prime Time. He was/is a great performer. I remember making my mom take me to a local Barbeque Shack to get his autograph (only he left EARLY).

    Snoop Minnis - I'll let everyone clean off their computer screens .... the logical pick would have been Chris Weinke, Derrick Brooks, or Anquan Boldin, but Snoop Minnis to me (the fan) was an absolute joy to watch play the game. He was like our watered down version of Marvin Harrison. Honorable Mention for me: Greg Jones, Andre Cooper, Kendyll Pope, Sam McGrew (Wakulla Bias), Matt Friar.

    nafselon: Charlie Ward: First Heisman winner, QB of first national title team. Great leader, always been a great representative of the University.

    Chris Weinke: Second Heisman winner, QB of second national title team. An individual with great heart. He battled back from a major neck injury to win 24 of his final 26 games when he didn't have to. He had already invested his money from baseball in real estate and could've sat back and left the contact sports to someone younger.

    Ron Simmons: Probably the first great dominating defensive player in the University. He set the stage for Odell Haggins and Corey Simon and the other great nose guard/defensive tackles. He was also the first black WCW pro wrestling heavyweight champion. Can't put a price on that.

    Deion Sanders (photo): Ask 100 different people and get 100 different opinions on Deion. But he was a great showman, a great talent and he brought that swagger to the program that started the ride of 14 straight seasons in the top 5.

    Q5. Make your case why Florida State football, as a whole, is the best football program in the country?
    It's impossible for me to make that case. Mainly because FSU is not the best football program in the country. It's not even the best football program in the state of Florida (Miami owns that right with all of the Nat'l Titles and NFL Pro's they have produced and I would argue that Florida falls in right behind Miami. I have 52 reasons to support that cause). I would argue with anyone, that Florida has the BEST COLLECTIVE FOOTBALL PROGRAMS in the country. They may not always walk the "straight and narrow path", but they more than hold their own against out-of-state competition.

    nafselon: I would have to agree with JScott on this subject.

    I want to thank Jerry and is much appreciated...tomorrow the Michigan Wolverines will be the last team featured in the series...


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