Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best Damn Fans in the Land?

Something I found on ESPN...

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A former Ohio State University president who cracked down on game-day behavior during her tenure at the school lambasted Buckeyes fans in a recent job interview, saying they looked for any excuse to riot.

"When you win a game, you riot. When you lose a game, you riot. When spring comes, you riot. African-American Heritage Festival weekend, you riot," Karen Holbrook said last week during a videotaped interview for the president's job at Florida Gulf Coast University.

She told officials there that she confronted a culture of rioting when she arrived at Ohio State in 2002 and that she witnessed people doing "disgusting things, unbelievable things" on a videotape she ordered made after the Ohio State-Michigan game that year.

"They think it's fun to flip cars, to really have absolute drunken orgies. ... I don't want to be at a place that has this kind of culture as a norm," she said.

After her comments, released by the Florida university, got back to Ohio and the 52,000-student university, she softened her tone, noting that her negative remarks represented five minutes out of 10 hours of talks with officials of the Florida school, much of which focused on Ohio State's positives.

"People have ignored every other wonderful thing about a great institution that I bragged about, and that is what concerns me," Holbrook said Thursday from her Florida home.

Holbrook said she was barraged with complaints after she led a crackdown on tailgating and game-day behavior after 2002 riots made national news.

"They said, 'You're a goodie two-shoes. You don't understand what it is to be a Buckeye,'" she said. "Maybe that's true, but I didn't think this great university deserved the black eye to its reputation for this kind of behavior."
Holbrook oversaw a crackdown on tailgating and game-day behavior after 2002 riots made national news. She retired in June with a $250,000 exit bonus, then applied for the Florida Gulf Coast job this month. Holbrook later withdrew from consideration for the Florida job.


Stal Herz said...


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Right now, I'm branching out on my own and would like to invite you to drop by my blog for information and start and sit advice.

Even if you just want to talk a little fantasy football, that would be great.

Congratulations on Troy Smith making the Ravens. He might even get a shot this year.



rstiles said...

I will have to check out your blog Stal....nice for you to drop by...but 1 thing

i fucking hate Troy Smith - ok?

nurse128 said...

Wow, such strong language for Troy Smith. Would you still hate him if he would have played for Michigan?

OSU should continue to crack down on riots and fighting so that everyone can enjoy gameday at "The Shoe". OSU tends to keep things hush,hush.

Anyways....GO BUCS!!!!!

GMoney said...

I hate the Buckeyes with everything I have, but even I admit that Karen Holbrook is a dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

Stiles, you left a comment on my buckeyextra blog. I am responding anonymous only because I don't have a google account and don't need another password to remember. However, I want you to understand this.

I appreciate your comments but I believe that a majority of OSU fans are labeled ignorant jerks unfairly. I am not one of those fans. Nor, will I ever be.

Holbrook's comments are indicative of a problem. I will grant you this. However, they are indicative of a very small percentage of Ohio State fans, students, and alumni.

What happened in 2002 was a black eye and the continued poor treatment of fans of opposing teams, on any scale, is an embarassment at the least. Any Buckeye fan worth their salt will admit to the same.